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So I guess I'll start with Friday night and go from there...

Friday was a kinda long day at work but not bad. [ profile] sk_brainstorm ended up coming in to work on his project some and I did some odds and ends while he was in. Later [ profile] painted_wolf and [ profile] ciliandis showed up with dinner so we all ate nachos and cake and drank pomegranate juice. Mmmmm. After work we all headed over to our place to watch Metalocalypse and... I'm in love. I <3 Dethklok! There was one downside to the night (aside from me falling asleep during Metalocalypse): somewhere along the way I lost my wedding bracelet. :( I'm going to look around my office for it. There are a couple of places I suspect it fell off. It might also be in [ profile] sk_brainstorm's car, so if you're reading this Joe would you mind checking for a purple, green and blue beaded bracelet with a heart clasp for me?

Saturday ended up being a most excellent day for me and PW to just be together and do not much of anything in particular. It was awesome! We originally planned to go to the lake, but then decided that we would go to the river, but also figured we would like to go to a couple of movies. When we realized when the movies were playing we decided to just go to Campton and get chocolates from the awesome candy store instead. PW got the only blueberry cream, so I instead tried a strawberry cream. It's not as delicious, but it was still good. PW got a couple of other tasty chocolates and I got these very scrumptious dark chocolate, pistachio and chipotle pyramids. Mmmmmmmm! They had a respectable burn, too!

After chocolates we rushed to see Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was supposedly in 3-D. I was all excited because I hadn't seen a 3-D movie in theaters since Captain EO at Disneyland 20 years ago. Sadly, the movie was not in 3-D. Apparently 3-D movies aren't as simple as putting on a pair of paper and cellophane glasses anymore. It involves theaters purchasing expensive equipment that only select, likely metro-area theaters can afford. Newsflash to the movie makers: we're in the middle of high fuel costs when people can't really afford to drive miles and miles to see a quaint 3-D movie because you require special equipment the average theater can't afford: I mean, it was a kinda fun movie and all, but... without 3-D? Meh. Poor planning.

Immediately after we went to see The Dark Knight. It was good. It was really good. I don't think it was the colossal or spectacularly amazing film most of the people I know are making it out to be, but it was definitely worth seeing. I would even say it's probably the best Batman movie yet. Heath Ledger was AMAZING as The Joker. I like the plot/moral, but I think there are other movies out there that presented the same angle on society and did it better. I loved watching it once, but it's not something I have an overwhelming urge to see again. And I agree with [ profile] fossilapostle: someone get The Bat a cough drop. I think he's come down with something.

Afterward we went home and watched more Metalocalypse because it is awesome.

Today was church, then work, then chores, then finish Metalocalypse, then start Red vs. Blue season three. We also did some sorting through packed boxes to try to weed out possessions in preparation for moving into what I think will be our smallest apartment since we've been together for almost twelve years now. We're even finally weeding through some boxes we had in storage.

Bad news first... one of the plastic bins we used for packing and transporting wasn't as water-tight as we had thought. Water got in as it was pouring when we moved that load and it was in the bed of the pickup with all the other plastic bins. We didn't realize water got in until we opened the box tonight a month later and found... Mold. Everywhere. Yuck. I had to throw out the Charlie Brown hook rug my godmother made for me when I was real little. I've been holding onto that rug for almost thirty years! :( PW lost some sentimental things, too, and will have to transcribe some entries from a dream journal in order to save them. :(

All was not lost, though. We discovered in what we thought was entirely a box of antique dishes we had chalked up as completely damaged that only one item was damaged. Half the box was actually my blue crystal dish set that we thought had been lost in one of our previous moves. Yay! I've had that dish set since I first moved out on my own almost 15 years ago. We're going to unpack, wash and use these dishes when we finally get to the new place. :)

And to top the night off... our wireless connection has been behaving all night so we could do the intarwebz thing! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Friday was a very odd day, since it usually tends to be busy for me but was very definitely not due to the holiday. Early in the day I kept thinking it was Saturday. By later in the day I kept thinking it was Sunday. Sheesh! I get a three-day weekend (of sorts) and my mind wants to rush through it! The early part of the day was pretty much spent just goofing off, which was nice for a change. We quickly ran some errands around town and were invited to a party at a friend's that night, so we went home and got ready for the party. My left foot - especially the big toe - was really getting sore but I wasn't going to let that stop me. We ended up showing up for the party fashionably late and went out for a bonfire before returning for drinks, snacks and pizza. I got a bit tipsy but was fine enough to walk home without incident and not so bad that I was horribly drunk and hungover the next day. We had a great time hanging out with folks we don't get to see often, which was really nice, and met a couple of new people.

Saturday was spent doing some chores like laundry and sorting through boxes of books. We'll be moving again in a month and a half, so we wanted to go through everything now while we had the chance and really make sure we wanted it bad enough to lug it again and to try fitting it in a smaller apartment. We ended up setting aside four boxes full of books we'll be either trading in at the used book store or leaving at the book share at the recycling center. That's awesome! I love books and all, but we have far too many that we've read and don't necessarily want to read again or just never will read so we may as well let someone else enjoy the books.

Sunday I went to fellowship for a very casual service (summer services tend to be informal and lay-lead). It was a rather interesting service focused on science and spirituality, with a good measure of physics and astronomy brought up. It seems physics and astronomy have been coming up a lot lately! After the service I went home and did a little cleaning up before [profile] vireo_blues stopped in for a visit. It was great to see her again! We ended up walking over to Boyd so [profile] painted_wolf could check in on the animals and we also got to see one of the ambassador crabs and handle him. It feels kinda weird but kinda cool letting a horseshoe crab wander around your hands and arms. They're really cute for armored little critters. After that I stopped in at my office to pick up the new camcorder for learning later and then we returned to the apartment for lunch and conversation before [profile] vireo_blues had to leave. Thanks again for visiting! Hopefully we weren't too much of a bore. ;) I ended up working for a few hours, then we had dinner and played some cribbage before bed.
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Once upon a time there were two people living together in an apartment that needed cleaning desperately. They were anticipating a move and also needed to work on more packing. And thus they did both and saw that it was good. On the seventh day of last week, one did bring forth the laundry detergent, the fabric softener, the waters of various temperatures, and the soiled laundry of various colors and gentleness. She did combine them in the Great Box of Cleanliness. After a great ordeal of whirring and vibrating and swishing and whooshing, the laundry was clean but was heavy with the weight of the waters and not at all suitable for wear. She placed the wet clothes in the Formidable Box of Drying, leaving aside only the most delicate of items to be lightened of their watery burden by the soft air of the apartment, and added sheets that reduce static cling and make the linens smell of mountain springs. Later in the day she gathered the mountain fresh, soft, static-free, dried clothing, folded it neatly, placed it in the drawers or in the closet and the two were provided clean laundry in great surplus. Later the two did seek food and found it, stocking it in the cabinets and ice box of their dwelling. Later still on the seventh day, the two rested while watching The IT Crowd. Yet again later, one did work for she had work to do.

On the eighth day, no rock and roll was created, though covered heartily unplugged. The godless scientist heathen was delivered to her rightful punishment of tending to crabs shaped like horseshoes whilst the devout one suffered the scorching heat in far-too-thick makeup to have her spirit tested and found full. As was her bladder by the end of the service, but you probably didn't want to know that. Having been tested, she made her way back to the godless scientist heathen and the two returned to their dwelling and sought a change of clothes and washing off of the makeup. They tasted of the fruit that was yellow in color and flavored of mango and they knew that it was good. Their hungers satiated and their hearts renewed, they trekked down the Great Hill and traveled many miles more than outrageous gas prices dictate is reasonable to take the long way to the wrong location of the birthday party for the young one. They found their way to the celebration of another year of life and ate of the fresh vegetables, potato crisps, flavored dips, deviled eggs (how dare they!), cake and ice cream and gained several pounds, only to be lost simultaneously by playing with young children. Later on the eight day, still no rock and roll had been created, but one did more work because there is no day of rest for her no matter how devout she may be. The two trekked back up the Great Hill and rested while watching Black Books.

Both did work today on the ninth day... or really it should be considered the second day... well, unless you go by a work week that starts on Monday and ends on Sunday as the devout one's employer does... and they saw that it was necessary to pay the bills.
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It was by far a very interesting weekend, but I need sleep so here's the Cliff notes version:
  • Did laundry on Saturday. Not my idea of excitement, but necessary. Got it done. Yay clean clothes!
  • Went for yet another four-mile walk by myself and it was glorious.
  • Did some packing for the upcoming move. Still haven't found a place yet but we have a couple of prospects. There's a possibility of a house we might be able to rent from someone I know but it won't be available until September, which means we might end up renting a summer place. We'll see.
  • Helped [profile] painted_wolf proofread her paper.
  • Listened to some awesome new music, but you already read about that. ;)
  • Went to fellowship this morning for servie and the annual meeting. I got the "You Put Your Whole Self In" award for being extremely active and helpful. Very unexpected!
  • We spent most of the afternoon hanging out with Sarah and Randy, watching a bunch of those real-life forensic science shows and playing Zombie Fluxx.
  • Watched the first five episodes of Doctor Who season four (new series) and oh holy crap. I love Donna! I love the return of a classic species!
Very busy week ahead. Lots of meetings and traveling and presenting. Life is going to be crazy busy for a while with two jobs and all. I hope I have the energy I had when I did this sort of thing thirteen years ago (except I have one less job this time).
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This weekend was just as busy as the rest of the week, and admittedly it has left me feeling as though I've not had a day off at all this past week and will not have one for a few more days. That's not a complaint at all, mind you. It's just the truth on how I'm feeling. The weekend, in spite of being busy, was simply marvelous. I had a wonderful time!

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Yesterday I walked a mile in her shoes. The weather wasn't so great for it, but it started to clear up. I don't mind a little drizzle anyway. I got there early with a pair of heels prepared to walk in them in spite of my hesitation due to the weather and there still being a lot of snow on the ground (not knowing of course that the walk was actually to take place in the streets). I saw almost everyone else there was wearing walking shoes, so after registration I walked back to the truck and left my heels there. I got to chat with some folks I knew there until the walk started. Then we all lined up behind the police escort and proceeded to march down the middle of High Street, down Main Street, up Highland Street, up Emerson Street and then down High Street to return to the HUB on campus where we started. The police sirens drew a lot of people out to see what was going on. The good side of this march was that a lot of people showed up to march in protest of violence against women and a lot of people took notice of the march. The bad side is that I didn't really see any signs or anything really saying what it was we were marching for or why it was so significant. Also I was a bit disappointed that none of the men bothered to wear heels, but that's minor. I think they should have gotten into it more, but just being there for the cause was a good thing.

After the walk I met up with [profile] painted_wolf at the university library. We both decided we needed caffiene to wake us up so we headed to Cafe Monte Alto. She got a big cup of coffee with a shot of banana flavoring because they were out of coconut. Banana + coffee = fail. It doesn't work well with coffee at all, which is in contrast to how great it tastes with hot chocolate. I got a small spice chai with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. Mmmmmm. I really needed a good cup of chai after that past two dreadful chai experiences at other local establishments. We also shared a bar of German dark chocolate and it was the really amazingly delicious stuff.

We walked around downtown for a bit, stopping in the book store and then the art gallery. After a while of walking around we decided we were hungry enough to have lunch and went to Junkyard Dawgs. PW just had a soup. I ended up having far more than I really should have, but it was very tasty. We took advantage of the WiFi and hopped online to make plans to hang out with [profile] ciliandis.

We got right in the truck from there and headed down to visit with her. The drive was nice and the weather had really cleared up by then, so we had the windows partially down. We got to her place and Lucy (the dog) went all hyperspaz-happy to see us, although at first she was cautious after her recent bear-chasing experience. We went inside, gave Lucy some attention and then played with Jupe (the bird) for a while. Deciding it was too nice outside to stay inside, we went out to do stuff.

First we stopped at Lowe's because we wanted to dream over the kitchen displays and just in general look around at all the stuff. We found this kitchen display that could only be described as the Venture kitchen because it was filled with gadget factor. It was actually quite neat with all of its modern gadgetry, yet still having a bit of a retro feel to it. We eventually wandered out into the gardening section and had lots of conversation and commentary on the suburbia mindset and building fences.

Next we went to the outlets in Tilton and wandered the shop there. We realized we were hitting the same side as we usually hit so we made a point before the shops closed to head across to the other side. Before that we went into the toy store and played with all kinds of stuff. We also discovered the dancing turtles, including the one that dances the Macarena. O.o DO NOT WANT! The first stop on the other end was the chocolate shop. *drool* We each ended up getting chocolate truffles and sampled them as we wandered about the remaining shops (thank you [profile] ciliandis!). Our last stop was Old Navy, where we bought little toys from the giant bubble vending machine in the kids section just before we were disturbed by the VERY skimpy clothing they were selling for young girls. Seriously. Little girls do not need to be dressing provocatively like they should flaunt what they've got. I'm all for teaching children they shouldn't be ashamed of their bodies, but we should also teach children modesty. I just don't get why people would think that's fine for little girls. Grown women? Sure. Fine. Go for it.

To end the night we went in search of dinner. We arrived at the Chinese buffet in Laconia just as they were closing up, so instead we went to Friendly's. We each ordered a different burger and started with an order of loaded waffle fries. The food was actually quite good! Afterward we each got our free sundaes that came with the meals. I hadn't had black raspberry ice cream in years (my mom and I share that as our favorite flavor) so I got that with blueberry sauce topping. PW got forbidden chocolate topped with swiss chocolate. [profile] ciliandis got the most interesting sundae of the night. We noticed in the dessert menu a PBJ sundae, which was just black raspberry ice cream topped with peanut butter sauce. So she basically ordered that. We each sampled a taste and it did taste amazingly like PBJ without bread! There was much texting of [personal profile] risingfire to taunt her for not having ice cream and extolling the simultaneous delectability and wonderment of the PBJ sundae.

Today is a rather lazy day, though I still intend to go for a walk. I skipped church this morning because I absolutely needed the sleep. It looked like a really interesting sermon on how as a society we need to slow down and not rush about so much (and the dangers of rushing around so much), so I think in fact my momentary apathy is a bit ironic, if not apropos. PW has a meeting for work tonight so I'll probably do the grocery shopping while she's there. Otherwise we'll be watching more of The Avengers this afternoon and just in general lazing on a Sunday afternoon. Freddie Mercury eat your heart out.
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Saturday was splendid in all its slothfulness (eat your heart out, Stan Lee, for I have leet alliteration skills, too!). I spent the day in my pajamas and did absolutely nothing. It was everything I was too lazy to hope it would be. I did call my parents and got to speak with both briefly, which is nice because it seems far too often I call and just speak with Mom. I'm hoping maybe next weekend I can get down there for a visit. I'm not sure if I'll chance driving with the truck as craptarded as it is or if we'll take the bus to Manchvegas and call my parents for a pick-up. Round trip tickets from Plymouth to Manch are about $23 each.

Sunday was somewhat busy and somewhat mixed. I went to church and sat in on a discussion afterward on setting up a sort of public transportation system especially designed to help get people to medical appointments. Afterward I visited Sarah and Randy, which was very nice. I went home to pick Kathy up for her meeting and headed back into Plymouth, where I proceeded to go for a walk and then sit around for a while on campus. After that we did our grocery shopping and headed home. I ended up chatting and boring/annoying people and in general being incoherent. I think I'm going to take a break from IMing for a while.

This week should be the last of the busy budget season but could very well mark the beginning of working two jobs. I still need to make time to find an apartment and start packing, but this will probably be easier after this week.
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This weekend was yet another excellent weekend!

Friday night [profile] ciliandis once again joined us for a sleepover (sorry again for the cot mishap!) After hanging out while [profile] painted_wolf played in Dan's Abberant game, we went back to our place and just did the hanging out thing. [profile] ciliandis shared some awesome music with us, including The Best of James Bond and Shivaree. While the two of them played played spider solitaire in character (OMGA was that hilarious) and painted_wolf nearly injured herself in the wonky chair, I worked on creating the Mrs. Peel Mix (probably one of two or more since I really need to make one with some Shivaree).

Saturday [profile] ciliandis and I went for a great morning walk and just talked about childhood and how some of those weird quirks we had as kids tend to resurface and we notice them and think "hey, I thought I was over that!" When we got back, I taught her how to play Milles Bornes and she completely whomped me. After that [profile] painted_wolf taught her how to play poker while I cooked everyone breakfast. Then all three of us ate and played poker (the two of them in character) and had a great time.

We eventually got ourselves ready to go out and went to return PW's overpriced Vertebrates text (which they promptly insisted we had to refund on the card with which we purchased it and wouldn't see the money for days, gee thanks). Afterward we went to the dollar store and found all kinds of groovy things, then to WalMart to goof off and get a couple of things and finally to Hannaford to buy food for dinner.

We had a wonderful meal of tacos and nachos. Okay, sure it wasn't the healthiest of meals, but it had been soooo long since I had either and we mentioned it while shopping and immediately we all realized how tasty it seemed. We ate our tacos and nachos and watched Rent which was amazing. I loved it! And I wept like mad, especially toward the end. Angel is awesome! Joanne was really cool, too. :) Afterward we drove [profile] ciliandis back to Plymouth to get her car and go home.

Today was a very fruitful day. I went to church, participated in the discussion and vote on the capital campaign and then returned home for my walk. PW was upwhen I got back so we went for a walk together in the falling snow, which was actually quite nice. When we returned home I had lunch and we got right to task making our lists of what we each wanted in a wedding, compared our notes, listed what we agreed on and what we still needed to decide and started drafting a potential guest list.

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Friday night while I was working, ciliandis met up with painted_wolf and they got to hang out for a bit while I worked. At one point they grabbed a pizza so we could all eat together, which was wonderful. After I finished work, we headed back home to chat, listen to music and watch Genesis of the Daleks.

Saturday was such an awesome day. We had a leisurely start to the day with a huge breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast and sauteed onions) and more chatting. We kinda had to rush into town so I could do a couple of things for work but then went to our first thrift store shopping trip in Campton. There wasn't much interesting there but it was fun to look. [profile] painted_wolf bought some glow-in-the-dark bugs and a really old English dictionary with some fabulously antiquated words.

Next we hopped into [profile] ciliandis' car and drove all the way to Laconia to the Goodwill where we found all sorts of cool stuff. [profile] ciliandis decided to buy clothes to make a Rani outfit. [profile] painted_wolf and I bought some nice clothes. After that we went to Payless shoes and did some shoe shopping. We didn't actually buy any shoes but we did find some really cool shoes. Kathy found some neat shoes and proceeded to not only try them on but hop around in them all giddy like.

Actually, in between the Goodwill store and the shoes we briefly stopped in the Home Goods store and looked at some of the cool stuff there, including some beautiful old fashioned masquerade ball masks. [profile] painted_wolf ended up playing a game of peek-a-boo with a little girl who wandered toward us as we were checking out the masks. It was absolutely precious! We also went to WalMart in search of a sweater vest for [profile] ciliandis' Five costume. There was some tomfoolery in the shoe section that resulted in [profile] ciliandis chasing [profile] painted_wolf around in muse mode.

By then it was nearly dinner time and we realized we hadn't really eaten lunch, so it was off to find food. We opted for Pizza Hut, though we didn't get pizza. We got bread sticks and pasta dishes (Yay meaty ziti!). All through dinner we were in full muse mode and fangeeking on Doctor Who. There were a couple of moments when our maintenance of character was hedgehog'd (sorry, in-joke) due to some rather hilarious exchanges, such as:

Five ([profile] ciliandis): She has a very interesting accent.
Ten ([profile] painted_wolf): What?!
Sarah Jane Smith (me): What?!
Five: Well, it's very... *unamused look of realization followed my headpalm* ... accented.

Me (to PW): You look very thoughtful. *leans in*
PW: *silently burps* It was gas.

After dinner ciliandis drove us back to Plymouth and we then parted ways after an amazing start to the weekend.

Sunday I went to church and I already posted about the delicious irony of that experience. It really was quite amusing. Afterward we were going to hang out with [personal profile] sk_brainstorm but he was ill so we changed plans. I hope you get well soon [personal profile] sk_brainstorm! Instead PW and I went grocery shopping and then went home. We ended up watching Super Troopers and having a lovely dinner together and a relatively quiet night alone together.

This weekend was absolutely great, even in spite of the truck issues.
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What an amazing weekend! I have to say that this past weekend almost brought me to the point of having a lust for life, something I rarely ever experience. It was a rather euphoric sensation, to be sure. :)

Saturday was a stay-at-home day but not at all lazy. It started with me cooking us a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. We spent a lot of time cleaning and getting the place ready for company for New Years. In between fits of cleaning and chores, we watched more of The Avengers. It's been interesting to see how Mrs. Peel's character developed quickly over time. It's been a bit of a challenge because the episodes on the collection discs aren't arranged in chronological order, so we have to look it up and put things in context, but it's starting to become fairly obvious. It's also interesting to watch the dynamic between Steed and Mrs. Peel. I can truly appreciate how the two became the most loved team in the spy-fi genre. We did run out at one point on Saturday because we needed to bring our trash and recyclables to the dump and go grocery shopping. Whle out we got to see Karen and chat for a bit.

Yesterday was the kind of day that just leaves a very satisfied feeling and reminds me how happy and fortunate I can be. I think yesterday was the happiest I've been in a long time, which was nice. Hopefully it was a good day for everyone else, too! Now I must get ready for work and go so I can get the day done and spend time with aunrea, [profile] zeppelinmage and their son tonight! :D
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Today was a wonderful day. Church was canceled so I got more time to visit with Sarah and Randy, which was a very unexpected but welcome surprise! We watched some Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. It was actually pretty good! We had some wonderful conversation. Sarah shared some peanut butter fudge her friend gave her and Randy cooked a delicious cheese ravioli for lunch. We ended up watching some Henry Rollins and Randy loaned us a couple more discs to watch on our own. I forgot how much I really enjoy Henry Rollins. He and Jello Biafra are two amazing people to hear speak. They are both very intelligent and eloquent. More people should pay attention to their spoken word material.

After our visit with Sarah and Randy we went to Karen's birthday party. We had a wonderful time hanging out and chatting and playing with the girls. It ended up shortly before we left with [profile] painted_wolf and me playing frisbee with both of them using paper plates. I so love children. Someday...

Yesterday was a very relaxed day at home for the most part, though we did go out to run some errands. We ended up watching a bunch of stuff. Mostly it was The Avengers and The Life of Mammals. And we sat around listening to music and chatting. I like days like that. They're good for the soul.
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This "three day weekend" was a bit hectic and mixed, but last night was totally made of win.

Saturday we stayed home and did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I lounged around the apartment all day in my nightwear and a sweater it was such a lazy day and I didn't care one bit. I haven't had such a lazy day in so long that it felt wonderful. The only downside to the day was the fact that, as usual, if we're home and the guys are home and awake, Lonewolf has to come down and be social. The complete lack of privacy bothers me but otherwise it was a gloriously slothful day and I enjoyed every tamely decadent moment of it.

Sunday I went to church and sat through a very thought-provoking sermon and follow-up discussion on suicide. I felt our minister did an excellent job of presenting a very sensitive topic in a way that challenged us all to think about it and either empathize or question what we could do to help if we know someone in that situation. After church I was supposed to help set computers back up in two of the offices at work but the carpet installers still hadn't finished, even though they were supposed to be done by then. While it was nice to not have to worry about work after all, it meant I was going to have to do this after the parade on Monday, which in turn meant a delay in getting to visit [info]ciliandis. I went on to do the grocery shopping for the week and went home. painted_wolf and I went for a lovely walk together and enjoyed the cool, crisp autumn weather on such a gorgeous sunny day. After the walk we returned home and once again were interrupted several times by Lonewolf doing laundry and wanting to be social.

Monday I had to work producing the cablecast of the Veterans Day Parade. It was supposed to go out live and record to tape, but the live feed cable failed so no live parade, only taped. Oh well. At least it was preserved on tape and people will still be able to catch the repeats. I'm actually really happy with the production as it was the first parade produced with the new portable studio and professional graphics and titling. After the parade ended and the gear was all put away I still had to wait an hour for the carpet crew to finish in the offices where the computers were going, as well as waiting for my boss to get back. We ended up getting the furniture in place and the computers hooked up in little time so we were able to get t visit [profile] ciliandis with only an hour delay.

The visit was totally wonderful and made up for the crappy bits the rest of the weekend and then some. First we got to meet Lucy, her incredibly energetic puppy. Oh my stars she is soooooooo adorable! ^_^ We had fun playing with her for a while, including tossing the squeaky hedgehog and me surprising her from behind and getting pounced frantically for like 15 minutes as I lay on the floor. After that we watched Reservoir Dogs, which I had never seen, and it was a great movie.I really enjoy how Quentin Tarantino played with the sequence of events in that and Pulp Fiction. It really is a neat effect to start at the end and go back and piece things together until it comes full circle and you get that "Aha!" moment. Then we watched Noises Off, which was absolutely hilarious. That movies is to theater as This is Spinal Tap is to rock music. We finished that just in time for a delicious pot roast meal prepared by [profile] ciliandis' parents and ate very well. After dinner we showed ciliandis "Survival," the very last episode of the classic Doctor Who series. It's an excellent episode with the seventh Doctor, Ace and the Master. Then we watched a couple episodes of Scrubs, made and read Secret Messages of Rassilon with improv sonic screwdriver markers and had an enormous pillow fight in which [profile] ciliandis and I teamed up against [profile] painted_wolf. It was a very relaxing end to a hectic weekend and a nice reprieve before a rather stressful week full of meetings and stuff.

As an aside, if you're in the Plymouth area Wednesday night, there is going to be a presentation for Transgender Day of Remembrance (the campus GSA is doing it early since they'll be on break on the actual day). At 8:00 PM in the MPR at the HUB, Mikayla Howden from TS Haven House will be speaking. I would encourage you to attend this free event. It should be very informative and interesting!
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For the most part it was a relaxed weekend even though I did some running around. We got some stuff done, which was very good.

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We had a great extended weekend visiting with shivakat and akeashar!
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I had a wonderful weekend! A lot happened and I feel very happy about what I accomplished.

Saturday we ate out for breakfast and then went to the book sale at the library. We picked up some Avengers on VHS (the original British TV show, that is), as well as Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, The Doors Live in Europe 1968 and YesYears. Kathy also grabbed a few books, including a guide for freezing and canning.

After the book sale we walked around the Chamber of Commerce's annual fall art show on the common and saw some beautiful art. The first booth at which we stopped was that of Tom Sears, an extraordinary nature photographer. He had some incredible photos of animals including one of a very busy momma bear with five cubs! I was thoroughly impressed with his snapshots of water. He managed to capture it so stunningly! There were also a couple of abstract painters there with whom I was very pleased, including one whose signature is the use of purple and yellow in all of his pieces. Another artist did some amazing watercolors of rocks that looked amazingly realistic. I bought a small fabric painting that I liked at one of the last booths at which we stopped.

After that we went shoppoing for groceries and headed home, where I proceeded to rearrange and clean. Our dressers are now in the closet room with our hanging clothes, as is my sheet music, guitar effects and amplifier. All of the books, save for the spiritual and Native American books, are out in the living room and hallway. The aforementioned exceptions are in our bedroom. The living room is a bit more open now and it's nice to have the books readily accessible. Also, this time upon moving the remainder of the National Georgraphic collection, no injuries were sustained. It was a big plus.

Today was a wonderful day. [profile] painted_wolf stayed home to study (I'm so proud of her and how hard she's working for her degree!) and to do some cleaning so we can have the place ready for [profile] shivakat and [profile] akeashar to visit next weekend. I went to church and actually really enjoyed it. I will admit it felt awkward at first, especially getting used to the rituals of church again such as hymns and response readings and such, but it was refreshing to be actively participating in the community and sharing a fairly open and accepting spiritual environment. I did experience my usual discomfort with large groups of people and I think I was the only of the handful of new people that did not stand and introduce myself, but I wasn't ready. Besides, I truly am disquieted by drawing attention to myself like that. I'd rather just be a silent participant and get to know everyone else on more personal terms and, admittedly selfish as this is, on my terms. The head librarian, with whom I regularly work in a sense, was there and was thrilled to see me. She introduced me to a few people before I had to run to make the hike on time.

From church I went to campus to meet up with folks from one of the student organizations I actively attend. We left there and hiked West Rattlesnake. It was a beautiful day for a hike and we played a game of questions and answers to get to know each other. Three or four of them had never hiked Rattlesnake so it was a joy to witness their reaction when we arrived at the top and could see over the lakes and mountains for miles ahead! We shared lunch, chatted and just soaked in the beauty before hiking back down and parting our ways back on campus.

Afterward at home I took a nap and then we had dinner and a movie with the guys upstairs. We watched From Hell which is one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies. I had forgotten it was based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. It's really no surprise I like it so much. There's just something about Alan Moore's work that I do so enjoy.

Cool! Here's a photo of the artist that does all the purple and yellow paintings I posted about, with a couple of his paintings in the background.
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What a great weekend! I feel so rested and refreshed. :)

Saturday was a completely lazy day. We slept in and it was glorious. The most active thing we did was drive to the thrift shop and do a little shopping. We didn't get much. [profile] painted_wolf, being the geek she is, bought a few text books on various science subjects and an Answers in Genesis video on dinosaurs so she could have a good chuckle. :P I found a CD of some indie band in Chicago and... there was a reason it was in a thrift shop for $1. The rest of the day was lounging around, surfing the web and PW found a site full of British slang so we had fun with that.

Sunday we slept in again but not too much. We stopped on the way into Plymouth to buy some snacks and beverage, stopped into my office so I could do a couple of quick tasks and then we went over to visit Sarah and Randy in their new apartment. It's a very cute place! Sarah did a great job of decorating and making the apartment look very charming. I also finally got to see her art and it was wonderful! We chatted while Randy and a friend finished a game of Thurn & Taxis. Then we played a fairly large game of Citadels with the Dark City expansion and for the first time I got to see the Ball Room district in play. It adds a fun element to the game! Fortunately I was sitting next to two people who were obviously going for the King frequently so I played the Queen role multiple times and made a great deal of money from it. After that we chatted more until a bunch more people showed up for the WWE pay-per-view, including [personal profile] sk_brainstorm. We had more snacks and I cooked up the fresh corn we brought and everyone had fun watching wrestling and mocking the wrestlers and such.

We ended up leaving early so we could be home for a call from [profile] shivakat, which we thought we were going to miss because someone upstairs decided to go online (we have dial-up). Joy. Fortunately he disconnected not too long after the arranged time and [profile] shivakat was still able to call and everything worked out, so yay!
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I posted about yard saling on Saturday, which was pretty much the whole day, so here's Sunday!

The morning was pretty slow and uneventful. We did some stuff around the house and just kinda slept in and were lazy. We met up with Ray at the HUB in the afternoon, which was really cool. Ray and I haven't had a chance to hang out in quite some time! We played Legend of the Burning Sands, a CCG based on Arabian Nights and built on a modified version of the Legend of the Five Rings mechanics. As with most CCGs I had trouble getting my mind around the game mechanics but it played fairly well. I brought home a copy of the rules to read at some point to see if we missed something. My biggest problem with CCGs is that there's too much to keep trasck of what with every card changing the rules in some complicated manner. I'm only good with multitasking to a point and don't handle a constant flux of rules very well. After the game we grabbed some lunch and chatted for a while, which was awesome. Ray left to spend time with the family and I waited for [profile] painted_wolf to finish her meeting for work.

After PW finished we went to meet up with [profile] ciliandis. Her mom cooked us a delicious meal of chicken cacciatore, salad and garlic bread. We got to meet Pablo Stitch, their new dog (though he may not be sticking around sadly) who is cute and extremely energetic (OMGYAYIMAPUPPY!!!1!). We went bowling for a couple of strings at Funspot where PW and [profile] ciliandis proceeded to trash-talk eah other in character (very amusing to watch!) and we had a blast. After that we returned to [profile] ciliandis' place to watch Bubba Ho-tep.

We had a great time on Sunday! Hopefully it helps ease the grueling week ahead. I have meetings galore this week (four today alone!) and all kinds of appointments and work and stuff. Today is going to be a 12.5 hour day with about 200 miles of driving! Seriously. Four meetings in two towns about 100 miles apart. Gotta love it.


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