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I'm sharing this especially for [ profile] quantumswordsmn  and [ profile] ciliandis , who I know will really appreciate this. Extra especially [ profile] quantumswordsmn  as he is a juggler and he is the person who got me hooked on The Beatles all those years ago. But really I'm sure anyone watching this will be amazed because it's really just stunning. I can't even juggle, nevermind synchronize it to music like this!

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Yesterday I had a moment of free time. I saw a lol of Gary Busey on ROFL Razzi and it instantly reminded me of Angry Kid. So I made myself a TotallyLooksLike and posted it. So far it has 16 votes! :D

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Jedi Dog

Nov. 26th, 2008 07:22 am
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Here's a cute little lol to start the day. Someone had far too much fun playing with special effects!

Neat Video

Nov. 22nd, 2008 11:07 am
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Okay, I'm not huge into Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but this video is pretty flipping cool.

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Here's a clever series of ads from National Geographic for a film they did on Stonehenge. Anyone who knows me and my love for Spinal Tap can probably guess these made me giddy. :Pvideos behind a cut made of drool, peat, wood and stone but having nothing to do with UFOs )
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[ profile] quantumswordsmn  posted this and I just had to share because it is so freaking awesome.

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t would seem that centuries before he had the car wash blues, he may have had those steadily depressin', low-down, mind-messin' suckin' out your blood cell blues. And now we all know the truth about that airplane crash. It was totally to cover up the fact that he was immortal and would never age. Don't mess with Jim, bitches, cause he will suck your blood. The end.

I got the photo from You can click the photo to visit the site and see a bunch more of the funny lookalikes.

If you dig it, do it. If you dig it a lot, do it twice. - Jim Croce
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Thanks to [profile] leafygoddess for sharing this webcomic with me. For those who haven't yet discovered it, I present:

DM Of The Rings

Basically it's screen caps of LOTR but with dialogue as if it were characters being played by your average gamers in an ongoing campaign. Hilarious stuff! :D
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You'll understand when you watch the video. In the meantime, I'm once again dealing with my insomnia so I may as well post an update. I'm sure the insomnia is stress and/or anxiety related and will pass in a month or so when we have the marriage, move and name change out of the way. I'm not going to sweat it. Be like water, as Bruce said.

And speaking of water... first swim of the summer and it isn't even summer yet! ^_^

But first, the day started with me being lazy and surfing the intarwebz while [profile] painted_wolf slept in. I eventually ended up cooking some breakfast and waking PW up around 11:45 am so we could make a run to the recycling center before going to the lake. We went with a truck full of trash and recyclables and it almost felt like we were in a recreation of Alice's Restaurant, only the recycling center was open so we didn't have to worry about the 8x10 color glossy photos with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one.

After the recycling center we stopped in Campton to get cash at the ATM for the lake admission. While there we saw the chocolate shop was open. We had seen this place before but never ended up there while they were open. We went in and... just delightful! Most of their chocolates are handmade in the kitchen right there in the store. I of course had to get the giant panut butter cup and the giant mint patty. PW bought a few little chocolates, including a dark chocolate blueberry creme made with fresh, real Maine blueberries. Ohmystars was the blueberry creme delicious! We both decided that next time we're each getting our own blueberry creme because they're just too good to share.

Then it was off to Wellington State Park. It was a gorgeous day for the lake, though when we first arrived it had gotten somewhat overcast and not so sunny, but it was still rather warm. The water was a bit chilly at first but I adjusted to it quite nicely real quick. PW did not adjust so well so she stayed waist-deep whle I was ll over the place swimming and just relaxing. That is, when I wasn't clinging to her or splashing her or trying to coax her into going deeper. I'm also in much better shape than I thought. The beach has two lines of "buoys" to mark the "shallow" section and the "deep" section. I usually try to swim a lap between the two sets of lines at least once while I'm there. Usually in the past I could make a lap but I would have to stop for a bit on the return trip. This time I did four laps - three swimming normal and one swimming breast stroke - all trips non-stop, though they weren't consecutive laps. This is a great sign! It did make me very much aware, though, how much I've let my upper body strength dwindle. I really need to work on this some because in time it's only going to get worse with some of the life changes I'm making very soon. We both finished with the water around the same time and decided to just sit on the sand for a while. We did some duck watching and PW did some reading.

After that we set out to find food before going to the movies. We ate at East North, which we hadn't done in quite some time, and were reminded how much we really like their soups and crab rangoons. After dinner we went into Plymouth and got there just in time to catch Kung Fu Panda. It is such an awesome fun movie! I agree with [profile] nepenthe01 that it is cute and definitely geared toward adults. Jack Black was the perfect person to play the panda in that movie and his narration in the beginning is just incredible, and I'm not just saying this because I am a shameless JB fan. The Jaybles did rock the role. Skidoosh!

After the movie we went to my office so I could do some program swaps for tomorrow's cablecast schedule. Then we watched the video I referenced at the beginning of this post (Ha! Totally Tarantino'd you!). I saw this thanks to [profile] nepenthe01. It is hilarious! Essentially someone heard this song written and performed in Hindi and decided to write lyrics as if they thought the song were in English and tried to make sense of the words as they sound. I don't know if that explains it right, so just watch and be prepared to be amused:

Then it was off to go shopping for groceries, home to put them away, a little surfing of the intarwebz again and then bedtime. I at least managed to get about three hours of sleep. I may try going back before I have to get up in 2.5 hours to get ready for church and bring PW to work.
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Tonight [personal profile] sk_brainstorm was in to work on a video project. He had a rather unsettling phone call while there so we decided to go out for dinner and take a break. It was a pleasure to have him in for Production Night and also to have his company for dinner. Now... about that... this is what happens when three gamers go out for dinner at a place where all the menu items are numbered: random meal generation! The menu items go up to 122, so...

  • Roll percentile dice and a FUDGE die.
    • Is the result < 100 on the percentile dice?
      • Choose the item corresponding to that number.
    • Is the result = 100 on the percentile dice?
      • Is the result of the FUDGE die blank?
        • Choose item 100 on the menu.
      • Is the result of the FUDGE die minus?
        • Roll a d20 and subtract it from 100. Choose the corresponding item.
      • Is the result of the FUDGE die plus?
        • Roll a d20 and the FUDGE die.
          • Is the result of the d20 roll < 20?
            • Add this to 100 and choose the corresponding item.
          • Is the result of the d20 roll = 20?
            • Is the result of the FUDGE die minus?
              • Choose item 120.
            • Is the result of the FUDGE die blank?
              • Choose item 121.
            • Is the result of the FUDGE die plus?
              • Choose item 122.
  • Repeat this entire process as desired until you have completed your meal.
Wow, That looks almost like something FASA would have designed, except it needs lots of tables to consult and, if it were Shadowrun related, lots of d6 rolling involved somehow. That's not how we ordered, by the way. We thought of this on the walk back to the office.
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I saw these and knew at least a couple of my friends might enjoy them, so here they are. They're pretty freaky, Bowie.

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So a long time ago I caught this episode (and a few more) of Kung Faux on cable. It was hilarious! It's basically old 60s kung fu flicks reduced to 30-minute episodes and overdubbed with hip-hop music and hip-hop style dialog. Check it out! :)
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I forgot to post this. On the way to visit my aunt and uncle on Easter, we passed the Wilton town hall, which is also where the Wilton Town Hall Theater (as in movie theater) is located. The theater posts their movies on an unlabeled sandwich board sign on the sidewalk. It has for as long as I can remember. If you're a resident or a regular, you just know it's the movies showing in the theater. As we passed I saw the two movies playing and thought, "Well, considering it's also town hall, that's just wonderfully ironic!" The sign read:


One might get the impression that local politics in Wilton are quite... animated.
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Many thanks to [profile] fossilapostle for sharing this:

It's Beatles! It's LOLcats! It's totally going on my MySpace profile! *giggle*
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Many, many, many thanks to the amazing [info]wizardru for posting about this. Basically someone bleeped out select words in this clip from Sesame Street and it completely implies a different meaning. Oh. My. Stars. And there are a bunch of them, too, so once you finish with these you should check out the others, too. [profile] painted_wolf and I couldn't contain our laughter watching this. Word of advice: do not watch in a public library. You'll become a nuisance real quick.

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Swiped from [profile] ciliandis :

Ho Ho Ho, Green Turtle.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator, for all your slogan needs. Get more turtle slogans.

I Want!

Feb. 1st, 2008 03:40 pm
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Later when I have more time I will definitely post an awesome recap of hanging out with [profile] ciliandis. In the meantime, I saw this shirt and have decided I must have it when I get the spare moneys to buy it.

It's Okay Pluto, I'm Not A Planet Either

Also, [profile] painted_wolf will probably get a chuckle out of this one:

Payback is a...
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Thanks to [profile] ciliandis for sharing! I had to share this right now...

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Just a quick break during a late night at work...

I swiped this from [profile] itsabigmike.

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.
Set your Music to what you think your favorite track would be from the album made by the person you stole the meme from.

Yassine Chikhaoui
Jack the Giant Killer

01 Ironclad Warship
03 KV1
04 The Grange, Edinburgh
05 Transmetropolitan
06 Modality (semiotics)
07 National Women's Service
08 Sissinghurst Castle Garden
09 Fort Rosalie
10 Marcel Proust
11 Bentlawnt
12 de Güemes
13 Cool Hand Luke
14 Karen Walker
15 Välkommen till folkhemmet

Wow. It sounds so... alternative or something. I dare say almost Sonic Youth-ish or Land of the Loops-ish. If I were properly motivated I could see me making this album for the Album A Day project. :P


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