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Love yourself first. Love yourself most. Love yourself unconditionally. Then you can love all others fully.

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I refuse to hate my body any more. I am who I am. I am beautiful. And I deserve my own love and compassion more than anyone else. Love starts at home in my own body.
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I am a worthwhile individual. I am valuable and important exactly the way I am. And yes, I am beautiful. Don't ever forget.
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I can be uncomfortable and survive. I have been uncomfortable and survived.

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I seem to be finally learning and internalizing that an invitation to an argument does not obligate me to show up. The punch is just as sweet where I'm at. So there's that.
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This one is a visual affirmation because I was inspired in the process to do so.

The words are lyrics from three songs I love.
"i just believe in me." - John Lennon from "God"
"if you can't believe in yourself, you can't believe in anyone else." - Soul Asylum from "New World"
"if you want it you've got it, you've just got to believe - believe in yourself." - Lenny Kravitz form "Believe"

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Some mornings one just needs to have a bowl of the fruity, marshmallowy, sugary kids cereal to remember that no matter the age one has permission to have fun, embrace whimsy, and be a bit fanciful.
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My drive can't always keep stride with my ambition, and vice versa. Some days I have to take solace in knowing that I did something toward an end and something is enough. I mustn't shame myself for not accomplishing everything I want or need at once. Rome wasn't built in a day.
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I think at this point I'm going to take a break from posting daily affirmations. They served a purpose. I had a need for them. At this point I feel I've built up my resilience and self-confidence to not need them as much. They may come back. They may not.
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Love is abundant in the universe and in me. I have the capacity to give more love than I take. I should endeavor to do so.
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I know my limits. I know my boundaries. I can assert them, defend them, push them, stretch them, and rest comfortably within them. I make those decisions for myself and assume responsibility for my choices.
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I have permission to fail. Failure is part of life. Some days it's okay to have just tried my hardest even though I didn't succeed. I can't always get what I want. I can't always not get what I don't want.
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At therapy I get healing/self-care cards to take away for the week. This week's card is my daily affirmation for today because it's so fitting.

Today's affirmation:
Rest and relax. Release guilt and make your needs a top priority.

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Celebrate the little things! If that doesn't work, go outside. Preferably barefoot. And lay in the grass.
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I love you. Now make a bucket list, damnit!
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Don't overthink. All of those thoughts are just assumptions until tested and proven or disproven. Ask clarifying questions. Don't stitch a thread of thought until it's the right one to stitch.
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I am a gorgeous, talented, intelligent, sensual, strong, romantic, erotic, and resilient woman. I should celebrate that more and doubt that less.
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I know what calm and peaceful feels like. I know what it feels like to be resilient. I can find balance. I can restore my balance when I've lost it. Being out of balance doesn't make me a bad person, just unsettled.
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I'm feeling resilient and affirmed enough today to not need a daily affirmation, which I suppose is an affirmation in and of itself.


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