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Dec. 13th, 2008 12:19 pm
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Swiped from [livejournal.com profile] fossilapostle and [livejournal.com profile] specieszero:

Do you re-roll cocked dice?
Yes, unless they're only very slightly cocked.
Do you re-roll floor dice? Yes.
Do you roll where everyone can see it? Almost always. If playing a game in tight quarters or a crowded table, I might roll my dice in a box to prevent ruining the game board state or losing dice, but usually I roll my dice in plain site on the table.
Do you feel betrayed by your dice when they roll poorly? They're dice. I might bemoan a roll and feign betrayal or hurt, but honestly they're just dice and can't seriously betray me.
Do you have a favorite type of die? What is it? Not particularly. I mostly play board games so I use the d6 most.
Do you have different dice for different functions? Not particularly. It depends on the game, but I mostly play board games so all dice are fine.
Do you have different dice for different games? Most board games with dice use d6, but I do play some board games that use other dice. When roleplaying then yes, of course, because there are a variety of game systems out there that use a variety of dice. Do I use any particular dice specially for any particular game? No.
Do you have more of a single type of die than the others? What is it? Probably d6s or d10s.
Do you have FUDGE dice? Yes, several sets. I bought a GM pack, but most of those ended up confiscated by [livejournal.com profile] painted_wolf  because she runs FUDGE a lot and I rarely roleplay. That's okay, though, because I swiped her purple set.
Do you have scatter dice? Probably not. If I have to ask what scatter dice are then I probably don't have them. What are scatter dice?
Do you let other people touch your dice? Yes.
Do you have dice superstitions? What are they? No.
Do you buy more dice even though you don't need them? Yes. It's an addiction. I commonly refer to dice as "gamer candy" or "gamer crack."
What's your favorite die? I think my favorite would be the big doubling die I use as a d6. It is totally geektastic to use as a normal d6, especially when I roll a 2 and say 1. People look at me like "WTF?" and I explain that two is 2^1, therefore it is one. Same thing when I roll a 4 and say 2. 4 = 2^2. People get especially confused when I start rolling 8, 16, 32, or 64 on a d6.
If you were to put custom symbols on a die what would they be? I don't know. It might be cool to have a set of braille dice. I wonder if they make those? ~off to google braille dice~ Well, kinda... thought I want dice with the actual braille symbols.
Do you have dice made of anything particularly different than normal? Unfortunately no, but at one time I was considering commissioning a friend of mine to make me dice from pretty rocks. I want to get one of those really cool metal and/or glass carry cases they make for cosmetics and use that for dice. I've seen a couple of people do that, too, and it orks really well.
What do you keep your dice in? I found this really cool clear plastic paint can container at Staples and it's just barely big enough to hold all of my dice.
Do you have more than one dice container? No, I keep all of my dice not specifically associated with a board game in my dice can.
Do you keep dice in your pocket? Your glovebox? Your workplace? No. Just the paint can.
If you have a partner that games, do you have separate dice? Yes, although she frequently urges me to comingle dice with her or just give her my dice, or we swipe dice from each other (see above) or we might occasionally trade dice.
Do you have any of the first dice you bought or received? I do believe I still have my first set of translucent blue dice.
Do you play certain games just because they have you roll lots of dice? No.
Do you love your dice? How much? I don't "love" my dice but I tend to have obsessive collecting fits.
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It was a thoroughly enjoyable mini-vacation, but I'm definitely glad to be home after four days away. I'm so glad we made it down and I'm really looking forward to going back for Christmas!

We took the bus down Thursday morning and were surprised to meet up with Mel and Ben at the bus stop in Plymouth. The bus ride was pleasant enough, and it was nice to just be a passenger for a change instead of the person driving that route. The scenery always looks different when one is the passenger rather than the driver. You get to see things you otherwise have to ignore. It was also my first time that I can recall taking a trip on a bus like that. All previous bus trips were either school bus trips, short bus runs on Citybus in Nashua, or the campus shuttle. These buses were like airliners on wheels without flight attendants! Thursday we were busy making the food, then eating the food, then recovering from eating the food, then more eating the food. It was us, my parents, my sisters and their families, and the couple that lives next door to my parents and their family. We all visited and had lots of conversation.

Friday we spent the morning hanging out at my parents visiting some more. We got a call back from [livejournal.com profile] flightmech73 that he was home, so we went to visit him and his family. It was great getting to see them again! We spent some time having conversation in the kitchen while they prepared food for a family gathering the next day, and then we watched some of the Mork and Mindy marathon on SciFi for a while. Their kids are so full of energy (as most kids are)! He showed me a video of his nephew, whom I haven't seen since he was a toddler. He's now 16 and plays drums like you wouldn't believe! We were supposed to go visit family with my parents on Friday but it never happened. Instead we stayed at my parents and visited some more there.

Saturday we were going to visit family we didn't visit Friday but my Dad wasn't feeling well, so we stayed around my parents. My Aunt Alex and Uncle Vern showed up just as we were going to leave to visit [livejournal.com profile] zeppelinmage and Candace, so we stayed late to visit with them for a while. It's good to have them nearby in New Hampshire now instead of all the way over in California! My mom let us take her car for the night so we went to visit our friends and stay the night. On the way we stopped at Payless so I could buy a pair of shoes for work. They were having a "buy one get one half price" sale so I ended up buying this pair of loafers for work and this pair of pumps so I would have more sensible dress shoes. I was so tempted to get the pumps in the brown but I figured the black would go with more of my clothes.

Sam was very kind to cook a delicious roasted chicken dinner for us all, so we ate pretty much as soon as we got there and then had some conversation. We played a long but great game of Settlers of Catan with the Cities & Knights expansion. It ended up being a close game most of the way, but [livejournal.com profile] painted_wolf caught us by surprise with a win that went unnoticed until it was too late! We played a quick game of TransEuropa before bed.

Sunday morning I went to the UU church in Milford with Candace. I wanted to attend a UU service in another town just to see how another congregation holds service, and Candace was curious to see if it might be the right church for her. We both enjoyed the service very much (it was themed on homecomings since it was the Thanksgiving service). We both stayed for the coffee and fellowship after service so Candace could get a feel for the church community as a whole. I had some nice conversation with some of the folks there about the church and their services, then looked around at some of their bulletin boards to get a sense of their congregational activities. The building itself was a very old and beautiful Unitarian church with beams and stained glass windows. After church we went back to her apartment where Sam made us some tasty sandwiches for lunch. After lunch Kathy and I returned to my parents to get ready for our return trip to Plymouth.

We ended up leaving with even more stuff than we arrived with, what with the Thanksgiving leftovers Mom sent home with us, the turkey pan Mom gave us, the juicer Mom gave us, the new shoes, and the new piggy bank for the baby. It's a good thing we didn't take the bus back! The weather by then had turned for the worse, but thankfully we made it home safe and sound, and my parents returned home also safe and sound. Unfortunately it meant they couldn't stay long, but it was nice to ride home with them and spend a little more time with them. Last night we went to the snack bar on campus to have food that wasn't Thanksgiving leftovers and just relaxed at home. It was so nice to be back, even as great as it was to get away. It was just the break I needed, and the Christmas break will be very welcome after I finish out my notice in Bristol.
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We just got back from Carnage, a gaming convention in Fairlee, VT, a couple of hours ago and I am plum tuckered out. It was a great day and we pimped EconoCon like crazy, so that's a good thing, too.

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way to get coffee and a little breakfast, though Adam got crullers at another place previously and shared them. PW and I had to split one they were so huge and even still we were stuffed from it! We rolled into Fairlee around 7:50 am after about an hour drive from Plymouth. We were pretty much just in time for the first official slot of the day. I made my way to the board gaming area, which was the back half of the enormous ballroom behind the miniatures gaming. Randy and I managed to get into the Ticket to Ride: London Underground game and play a game on a map of the Underground made for the Ticket to Ride game by some guy that's freely available online. It was a really cool map based almost directly on a 1930s map of the Underground and apparently the colors for the actual lines matched many of the car colors for Ticket to Ride, which made it even cooler. We played two games of that and I won both. It's basically like regular TtR with stations from TtR Europe and the many dead-end branches like the TtR Marklin board except without the ability to pass through the country, hence the need for the stations. Our third game was regular Ttr and Randy won that quite handsomely.

We went off in search of lunch and managed to get subs at Subway in Bradford pretty much right down the road from the resort in Fairle where the convention was held. When we got back we checked out the vendor area. I finally got myself a copy of the Fishermen of Catan expansion! You know, the expansion that was suppose to come to me over a year ago in my Games Quarterly subscription but didn't because Games Quarterly went belly up without warning between my first and second issue! I had seen a copy of Seafarers of Catan for sale for $5 (big bargain!) but by the time I returned with cash it had sold. :( We got [livejournal.com profile] painted_wolf a copy of Og, a very humorous caveman roleplaying game. We both love it and she's wanted it for a while. It was only $13, so why not? Later in the day we bought Unspeakable Words, which is basically like Scrabble in card game form but with cutesy Lovecraft mythos stuff on the letter cards and sanity checks every time a player forms a word. We love playing with the variant rule that lets you make up complete gibberish when you're down to your last sanity point.

For the midday slot I played Rock Promoters of Catan, which was basically a homebrew basic Catan themed on promoting rock concerts and building venues. It was actually pretty neat! Oh! Since it was Carnage 11, they went with a Spinal Tap theme and even handed out Carnage guitar picks to people that pre-registered, so PW and I each got picks. :) Anyhow, Rock Promoters went well and I managed to interest two families in attending EconoCon. Sweet!

During dinner break we just ran to the market to get food and then all ate as a group and had loads of fun at the tables in the vendor area. We were actually a rather rowdy crew but it was all good. At one point a guy walked through in nothing but a towel around his waist and another around his head (presumably after getting out of the pool and looking for his room). He kinda looked like Frank Zappa, so it was rather surreal and very much a WTFLOL moment. At another point a guy walked in wearing a giant minotaur mask and then another guy walking past on his way out looked toward us and started jumping up and down shouting "I'm a stupid cow! I'm a stupid cow!" We all burst out in laughter.

My first choice for the night block was full so I got scheduled for my second choice, which was Die Macher. For those that don't know, this is a classic German board game that is an incredibly intense political board game. I've played it once maybe a couple of years ago when Geeks and Gamers was still open. I was kind of looking forward to it, but at the same time it would have extended beyond the end of the block and my ride wanted to try to leave early, nevermind stay late. So I had to back out unfortunately. I'm actually kind of glad, because after getting up so incredibly early on little sleep I was feeling pretty braindead and I don't think I would have performed well playing Die Macher anyhow. It's very intense and lasts for several hours.

The ride home went much quicker. We had a lot of fun chatting and sharing our individual stories from the day. Now I'm going to bed and crashing, because I'm beat and I have church in the morning.
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28eal quick one, then back to work:

For those who remember my rant a little bit ago about the McCain blogger that disparaged D&D players, he apologized. You can read Michael Goldfarb's apology here, and please do take a moment to read the comments because they are great!

"Congrats, you've achieved the coveted Coffee Spluttered All Over My Keyboard critical hit." -  Craig Berry
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Thanks to [profile] leafygoddess for sharing this webcomic with me. For those who haven't yet discovered it, I present:

DM Of The Rings

Basically it's screen caps of LOTR but with dialogue as if it were characters being played by your average gamers in an ongoing campaign. Hilarious stuff! :D
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Tonight [personal profile] sk_brainstorm was in to work on a video project. He had a rather unsettling phone call while there so we decided to go out for dinner and take a break. It was a pleasure to have him in for Production Night and also to have his company for dinner. Now... about that... this is what happens when three gamers go out for dinner at a place where all the menu items are numbered: random meal generation! The menu items go up to 122, so...

  • Roll percentile dice and a FUDGE die.
    • Is the result < 100 on the percentile dice?
      • Choose the item corresponding to that number.
    • Is the result = 100 on the percentile dice?
      • Is the result of the FUDGE die blank?
        • Choose item 100 on the menu.
      • Is the result of the FUDGE die minus?
        • Roll a d20 and subtract it from 100. Choose the corresponding item.
      • Is the result of the FUDGE die plus?
        • Roll a d20 and the FUDGE die.
          • Is the result of the d20 roll < 20?
            • Add this to 100 and choose the corresponding item.
          • Is the result of the d20 roll = 20?
            • Is the result of the FUDGE die minus?
              • Choose item 120.
            • Is the result of the FUDGE die blank?
              • Choose item 121.
            • Is the result of the FUDGE die plus?
              • Choose item 122.
  • Repeat this entire process as desired until you have completed your meal.
Wow, That looks almost like something FASA would have designed, except it needs lots of tables to consult and, if it were Shadowrun related, lots of d6 rolling involved somehow. That's not how we ordered, by the way. We thought of this on the walk back to the office.
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This weekend was just as busy as the rest of the week, and admittedly it has left me feeling as though I've not had a day off at all this past week and will not have one for a few more days. That's not a complaint at all, mind you. It's just the truth on how I'm feeling. The weekend, in spite of being busy, was simply marvelous. I had a wonderful time!

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Ugh. Only six hours of sleep. I just couldn't stay in bed, so here I am on Saturday morning up unholy early. Oh well. At least I'll get my washing done.

Thursday night was the much-needed return of Gaming Club and regular board gaming for us older folks who hang out there. It was nice to play Thurn and Taxis, Winner's Circle (my favorite race game!) and San Juan again. We get even more board gaming in later today at Preston's house! Woohoo! I'm bringing Taj Mahal, Adel Verpflichtet, Shadows Over Camelot, Bohnanza, Mamma Mia, Sole Mio, TransAmerica and Werewoves of Millers Cove for some possibilities. Actually Preston requested Adel Verpflichtet and he's never played Taj Mahal (it's been years for me, too, even though I own it!) but the rest are just random pulls based on knowing how many people will be there.

After Gaming Club on Thursday, [profile] ciliandis came back to our placed and stayed over. We had a bit of chatting before bed. I also tried on my new stripey socks just to make sure they fit and they do. In the morning we had to bring [profile] painted_wolf to class. After dropping her off we went for breakfast at the Overflow and had all sorts of wonderful conversation on friends, family and life in general. I really enjoy having these sorts of breakfasts with [profile] ciliandis because we get to just sit, relax and chat.

Next we decided to do some shopping before I had to work. ciliandis was very kind to drive so I pitched in for gas and we were off. We ended up going to Home Goods and browsing there for a bit. Next we went to Payless where I could pick up a pair of shoes I've wanted for some time now and another pair for [profile] painted_wolf (and I ended up grabbing a half-size too big *sigh*). Then it was off to Fashion Bug. I am really kicking myself now for not going into one sooner. They have a lot of nice stuff in my size! [profile] ciliandis found some really nice pants and was once again very kind to get me a new turtle neck on her gift vard. Thank you! I also ended up buying a really nice yellow and blue sweater that was on sale. [profile] ciliandis has this knack for finding really good sales and they happened to be having a 70% off sale. Score! We made a quick stop for blank CDs, office supplies and odds and ends before heading back to Plymouth.

The ride down and back was quite enjoyable, too. Plenty more chatting and goofing around and listening to Rent (the musical and not the movie soundtrack). We also shared this really neat drink ciliandis made at the Blue Canoe by mixing the hot cocoa with the English toffee cappuccino. Mmmmmmm!

Okay, it's almost 8:00 am and I have to get laundry started.
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Hey [profile] fossilapostle! [profile] ciliandis and I saw this and immediately thought of you. I know it's video games, but...

Gamer Uses Virtual Training to Save Lives
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Yesterday was simply marvelous. It was certainly very much needed considering some of the current ongoing stress. Our friend P. (who is an avid board gamer and minister) invited us to his house to enjoy food, company and a day of board gaming for Thanksgiving weekend. Also joining us were R. and S. who live around the corner from the UU church so we were able to carpool with them once we got out of service. Ray and his family showed up, as did the UU minister S2. and her family, so we had a very big group and lots of fun!
left over gaming recap )
So yeah, fun left over gaming and company of friends.

So after all that, I'm just going to add that painted_wolf and I finally signed up for Netflix and we've arranged for the entire collection of the Emma Peel era, to be followed by the Cathy Gale era. Yay Avengers! ^_^
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Today after work we scurried home to get ready for Lonewolf's and Seeker's Halloween get-together. It started with just the six of us (Lonewolf, Seeker, Danny, Di, [profile] painted_wolf and me) and we were all in costume. We had fun chatting for a bit before we decided to play a six-player game of Monster Hunters. I was the first to die after getting Hero-ed. Then the Hero and Dark Arts started getting passed around until Lonewolf (who by then had left for pizzas and was being played by Dan and then Kathy) won by being the last hunter standing.

After that we had a lot of fun playing Halloween Charades with a horror/b-movie theme. Halfway through [profile] hippypirateking joined us. There were some rather clever charades to guess, too! After a while of that more folks showed up and we had enough to play Werewolves of Millers Hollow. I moderated all three times and loved every moment! The first game we only used the fortune teller. The second and third time through we added the little girl and the hunter. It was only the third game that the hunter came into play and not until the very end. It was down to the lone surviving werewolf (Lonewolf), the lone surviving villager (Danny) and the hunter ([profile] painted_wolf). Lonewolf convinced Danny to go along with lynching PW, who then decided on her deathbed to shoot... the villager. Poor Danny! The werewolves won the first and third games.

Finally we ended up playing two games of Taboo. Everyone seemed to enjoy it until the party broke up due to the late hour.

There was so much food that I probably shouldn't have eaten but did anyway, so I'll have to go on a big hike Saturday or something to make up for it. For now I'm going to sit and relax before I scrub the makeup off my face and head to bed. I spent the entire night in heels and my feet are aching! :P
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Last night [profile] ciliandis and [personal profile] risingfire joined us for dinner at PHOP and assorted mayhem and chaos. It was a splendid time!

First we went to dinner. I used my open meal for the week so I wouldn't have to worry about counting exchanges, et cetera, and so we could just have a good time without worrying if I could eat something or not. Lots of fun discussions and fangeeking and general polite jackassery ensued. It was brilliant!

After dinner we headed to watch Doctor Who at our place. The whole drive there we had a sing along to Abbey Road, which was just awesome.  When we got home we ended up looking through artwork and having more fun chatting first and then settled on watching The Five Doctors. Oh my dear stars was it an interesting experienced. We realized very quick (and [profile] painted_wolf and I should have remembered this) that everything in the damned episode was "of Rassilon." We started referring to everything we saw around us as "The ______ of Rassilon." There was The Comfy Chair of Rassilon, The Guitar Stand of Rassilon, The Alien in Disguise as a Hat of Rassilon, et cetera. We figure if we took a shot of some liquor for every time something in the episode was "of Rassilon" then we'd all be pretty well pissed before too long. If there isn't a Five Doctors drinking game already I shall have to write one because it is so doable.

After The Five Doctors we decided to play a game of Carcassonne. Unfortunately us other three left [personal profile] risingfire way behind in score (sorry!) but we all had fun. [profile] painted_wolf took the game with ciliandis a close second. We only used the 24 extra tiles from the Games Quarterly expansion and the River, but no other expansions.

Then it was time for [profile] ciliandis and [personal profile] risingfire to go, so I drove them back to Plymouth. On the way we listened to the mix CD that ciliandis made for me. It's a fantastic assortment! It starts with "Chick Habit" by April March (which some of you may remember from Death Proof) which is just an awesome song. It only got better from there. Sadly I had to leave them in Plymouth (no can has [profile] ciliandis and [personal profile] risingfire 4evar) and started the drive home.

On the way home I ended up rocking out to "Grace Kelly" by Mika all by my lonesome. I really must get that album. I've had a chance to hear most of Mika's album and it is simply wonderful. I must have, but I digress. Some Pepe Deluxe came on and I realized why I enjoyed them so much: they managed to capture the sound of early prog/art/psychadelic rock that I enjoy so much in early Yes (especially reminiscent of pre-Howe Yes), early Pink Floyd (especially Piper- and Saucer- era stuff) and just stuff like that in general. I love it. Thanks so much for the mix CD [profile] ciliandis! ^_^
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I posted about yard saling on Saturday, which was pretty much the whole day, so here's Sunday!

The morning was pretty slow and uneventful. We did some stuff around the house and just kinda slept in and were lazy. We met up with Ray at the HUB in the afternoon, which was really cool. Ray and I haven't had a chance to hang out in quite some time! We played Legend of the Burning Sands, a CCG based on Arabian Nights and built on a modified version of the Legend of the Five Rings mechanics. As with most CCGs I had trouble getting my mind around the game mechanics but it played fairly well. I brought home a copy of the rules to read at some point to see if we missed something. My biggest problem with CCGs is that there's too much to keep trasck of what with every card changing the rules in some complicated manner. I'm only good with multitasking to a point and don't handle a constant flux of rules very well. After the game we grabbed some lunch and chatted for a while, which was awesome. Ray left to spend time with the family and I waited for [profile] painted_wolf to finish her meeting for work.

After PW finished we went to meet up with [profile] ciliandis. Her mom cooked us a delicious meal of chicken cacciatore, salad and garlic bread. We got to meet Pablo Stitch, their new dog (though he may not be sticking around sadly) who is cute and extremely energetic (OMGYAYIMAPUPPY!!!1!). We went bowling for a couple of strings at Funspot where PW and [profile] ciliandis proceeded to trash-talk eah other in character (very amusing to watch!) and we had a blast. After that we returned to [profile] ciliandis' place to watch Bubba Ho-tep.

We had a great time on Sunday! Hopefully it helps ease the grueling week ahead. I have meetings galore this week (four today alone!) and all kinds of appointments and work and stuff. Today is going to be a 12.5 hour day with about 200 miles of driving! Seriously. Four meetings in two towns about 100 miles apart. Gotta love it.
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If you want LOL Cheese, Hannaford in Hudson has it on special for $3.49 per pound, though you can get it for only $2.99 per pound at the White Hen Pantry. I love a good cheese that can make me laugh out loud.

The day started with a visit from Gram and us going over genealogy. We still haven't made much progress on the McCarthy side of her family, but she found a bunch on her mother's side (Pichette). There's still a puzzle, though, since the parents listed on her marriage certificate aren't the parents listed on her birth certificate, although the fathers were related. We know her mother was in an orphanage for a while and we suspect her father on her marriage certificate may have either been her uncle or her real father, though her mother on the marriage certificate did tell one of my Gram's sisters that she wasn't really Gram's mother's mother. Did that make sense? So that was interesting and I think I'm going to look into obituaries in the Union Leader between 1896 (Gram's mother's birth year) and 1908 (the year the father on the marriage certificate died). I suspect that perhaps both of her birth parents may have died at the same time or nearly the same time and that's why she ended up with relatives and eventually in the orphange and the Notre Dame convent school.

After Gram left we decided to head to Londonderry early to check out The Game Castle. It was nice to get to a gaming store, especially one we had never visited before, but I must admit we were a bit disappointed. For such a large store they really didn't have much to offer. It looked like they focused mostly on miniature games and tournaments around them. The whole back half of the store was filled with tables, battle dioramas and whiteboards with tourney results. They had a wall devoted to Euro board games and was pleasantly surprised to see some good ones. They had two copies of Viktory II! We ended up buying Bohnaparte, an expansion for Bohnanza. It looks interesting and was very inexpensive. It completely changes the game because instead of focusing on gathering money from planting fields and winning by being the richest player at the end, you plant fields, gather money and use the money to attack and control provinces worth victory points. The winner is the person with the most victory points at the end.

We ended up eating lunch at TJ's Eatery in Londonderry, which is this little take-out/diner in the Crossroads Mall. I got a grilled chicken spinach salad which was much larger than I expected. [profile] painted_wolf  got the Rachael sandwich (kinda like a Reuben but not) and some onion rings. It was nothing exciting but the prices were reasonable and the food was good, so it was worth eating there.

I went off to my meeting and [profile] painted_wolf  went over to the public library to wait for me. It was a rough two-hour meeting and I was thrilled to be out of there when it was over. After that we headed straight back to my parents to visit for a while and to finally see my Dad while he was awake. Mom cooked a nice dinner for the four of us and then my sister Cat and brother-in-law Eduardo (Jess's husband) showed up with all the kids. I had a delightful time playing with the kids (translation: I got trampled and sat upon a lot, which is absolutely fine by me).

We watched television for a bit, which wasn't really exciting but it's what my family does for entertainment, until everyone left. My Mom decided to go visit a friend so we tagged along. We got to see B. and M. for the first time in months and they seem to be well. B. was excited about sports (baseball and football) and I just smiled and nodded because I am clueless about that stuff. Red Sox? Yankees? Patriots? Meh. *shrug*

I slept better that night, mostly because I was so exhausted from such little sleep the night before. Today the plan is to leave in a couple hours, stop in to visit Mom at work and meet her co-workers, stop in Borders and use our coupons for a new book and a DVD, go to Plymouth to get my pay check and then who knows what else from there. We'll likely do some grocery shopping and then go home and cook dinner and just enjoy some home time. I am certainly going to enjoy sleeping in our own bed tonight.

I'm conflicted about the weekend. I want to go to the lake once more before vacation is over, but it's Labor Day weekend. I'm sure the lake will be packed with seasonals and tourists, which is not all that fun, but I really want to go swimming. We'll see...
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Special thanks to [profile] ciliandis for sharing this link. Good stuff! :D

I really like INT!

"War is idiocy. We live on a small, small planet, and what we do to others is what we do to ourselves." - Rosanne Cash
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Kathy and I are both rather fond of Age of Empires III, so we were both very pleased when we saw The War Chiefs. One of my only reservations (pardon the pun) with AoE III was that it takes place in Colonial America, a time when most wars involved Native Americans or were against Native Americans, yet in AoE III... where are all the Native Americans?! They make a cameo. Ummm, something is amiss here...

So now with The War Chiefs you can play the Aztecs, the Iroquois or the Sioux (I don't generally like using that term but that's what they use in the game so reluctantly I use it here). Yay! I can't wait to play it! The downside is that we still haven't upgraded our graphics adapter after the original in this PC had malfunctioned, so AoE III bogs down after a short while due to lack of VRAM. No problem. Guess that will be the big splurg next week. ;)

They also added a few things to the game in general, such as a couple extra scenarios, pirates and, mind you this is quirky but so geeky, ninjas. WTF?! Ninjas in Colonial America? I guess the pirates need to fight someone, right?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I have a tendency of startling people like that. It's probably from training with Batman. I'm Dr. McNinja." - Dr. McNinja
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Almost all of this weekend was good. Just a slightly soured ending, but in the context of the whole weekend it was minor. Just really, really frustrating-to-tears work stuff.

Kathy and I decided to have a day for ourselves since our plans for mini-golf fell through.I really didn't want to leave home since we're almost never there, but Kathy wanted to go out and do stuff. I had to go into town to do a couple quick things for work and we needed groceries, too, so we went out anyway. Not until we slept in late, that is. This means I slept until around 10am and Kathy slept until about noon. Then we did some stuff around home and we got all proper for going into town. Mostly this meant bathing and getting dressed. We first stopped into Chesley's for brunch. We both had the chicken fingers dinner (they make excellent barely-breaded chicken fingers!) and we ended up seeing Karen and the two girls, Katy and Alli. The girls were adorable and were running around in the grass. Oh, to be that full of energy again! :P We had some nice conversation and then we all parted company.

Kathy and I went to my office for a couple minutes and then decided we wanted ice cream. We went to the new place run by high school students (a youth in enterprise program started by a local non-profit and local chain of restaurants). The ice cream was all homemade by the local restaurant chain and we decided on a rather unique flavor called Monkey in the Middle. It is peanut butter ice cream with swirls of chocolate and chunks of banana. The texture was a bit odd but the flavor was very yummy! Kathy had a sundae and I had a waffle cone with two scoops. Mmmmmmm. We also stopped into the new shoe store and much to Kathy's disappointment they didn't carry shoes in her size. She has short feet that are very wide. She usually has to get mens' wide sizes that are too long for her.

Then we bought our groceries for the week and finally stopped in at the farmstand on the way home. Their prices were actually not much higher than the local supermarket and grown without pesticides or chemicals and, most importantly, locally grown and not shippped across country using up fossil fuels. There was a decent variety of vegetables and a little fruit so we hope to stop in some time later this week and buy our produce there.

The rest of the night was very relaxing. I finished The Wide Window, Book the Third in "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Also I noticed at that time that the series of thirteen books has each book written in thirteen chapters. Very clever. I am really, really enjoying these books and it's nice to finally be interested in reading regularly again!

We woke up just in time for me to cook breakfast, for us to bathe and then we were off to play games with Ray, Randy and Sarah. We had a great time! The first game was a three-player game of Phoenicia with Randy, Ray and me. It's an excellent game of resource and hand management with a fair amount of bidding, bluffing and trying to guess your opponents' next moves. I didn't do so well, mostly because I became to fixated with Public Works about halfway through the game and overexpended my resources.

Next Randy, Ray, Kathy and I played Prophecy, which is very much like Talisman only far better. It was better in that it had much simpler rules and mechanics and shorter play time. It played very smooth and I managed to find a great strategy right away that led to my victory without having to fight others over artifacts (the components needed to win). Kathy got really frustrated because she was having horrible luck, which was ironic since she had the one item in the game that is useless and merely a "good luck token" (it had no actual game function). Having played both Talisman and Runebound, I would say this is by far my favorite fantasy board game. The rules are simple and mechanics are easily grasped but the game play can be as heavy as one might like. It fits that nice balance between system and play that I really enjoy. This definitely made it to the wishlist.

To end the day of games, Kathy, Sarah, Randy, Ray and I played a couple really hilarious games of Unspeakable Words. We all had a great time and wackiness ensued. Ray even got down to one sanity point left and started doing a fabulous rendition of Renfield. Well played my friend! :D

After games, Kathy and I went for some dinner and headed to WalMart for ice cream and a journal (my therapist asked me to start keeping a written journal). Then we came home and hit a bit of a sour patch with work stuff, but we've resolved it. We're both really frustrated and aren't going through that again, but it hasn't ruined my weekend. I still had a lot of fun.

"Games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping intimacy away." - Eric Berne


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