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s promised, here's the rest of what we did on our summer vacation!

Friday we spent more time with [ profile] quantumswordsmn, [ profile] chenoachem and Helena, which was very awesome. We decided to make it a day at the lake since the weather was finally nice. Yay! We went to Hannaford to grab food for a cookout and then headed to [ profile] chenoachem's family camp on the lake for eating and swimming. At some point [ profile] quantumswordsmn took to assigning roles for Kathy and me, and we did improv lake theater. We acted out all sorts of groovy things, but I think the favorite of the day was me acting out an undersea volcano forming an island chain. I had sand in my hair the rest of the night for that one, but it was so worth it. The clown fish and sea anemony bit was pretty funny, too. We sat around in the camper for a while and just chatted and listened to music. After the lake we decided to go hang out for a little while and then go out for dinner at the Italian Farmhouse. As always the food was delicious. The folks at the table next to us were amazed at how well-behaved Helena is. Our waiter is someone was actually the former Executive Director for one of the local non-profits, so it was a little weird being served dinner by someone who not too long ago I worked with in a completely different context. There's nothing wrong with being a waiter, mind you. It was just a different interaction than I was used to with this person. We ended up hanging out in the parking lot for a bit but then the three of them had to leave, so we headed home.

Saturday was a sleep-in, do chores kind of day. We slept late. That part is pretty self explanatory. The chores included laundry, shopping and some cleaning. Nothing really spectacular, but definitely needed to get done.

Sunday we got to visit with Candace and [ profile] zeppelinmage. It had been quite some time since we had seen them (though admittedly not quite as long since we had seen [ profile] quantumswordsmn and [ profile] chenoachem), so it was great to spend time with them, too! That was really kind of the theme to the week: visiting with friends we hadn't seen in a while. It was actually a nice vacation. Liam didn't come because he was spending time with his grandfather. First we walked to Chase Street Market to get sandwiches for lunch. We walked down to the new amphitheater at Riverside Park and sat on the concrete steps/benches and chatted while we ate. It was a beautiful day for it, too! Then we walked back to our place and played some games. Candace and [ profile] zeppelinmage brought a few games and we fetched Ticket To Ride out of storage to play. [ profile] painted_wolf won Ticket To Ride by one point! After Ticket to Ride we played a game of Puerto Rico, which is one of my most favorite board games. I thought I was doing horrible, but it turns out I won! Next we played Scattergories because it was quick and it was nearing time for the two of them to go. Candace won the game and there were a lot of instances where two or three of us matched responses. Not very clever on our part, I know. Candace managed for the most part to stay out of the common words bit, which is probably why she won. [ profile] zeppelinmage hadn't won any games, but we decided to play Mamma Mia since we still had some time. He won by a considerable amount! It was nice to get some gaming in again, especially with them, and even better that by chance we each managed to win a game. And we got to introduce them to Tim Minchin. Have I mentioned [ profile] quantumswordsmn got us hooked?! Totally did!

Monday it was back to work. Holy crap the busy! It's amazing how much work can pile up the week before and after vacation. I actually spaced a public hearing that was supposed to be cablecast live that night (and they also may have spaced telling me they wanted it cablecast, but we all aren't sure how it happened). Regardless, I got a call five minutes before it was scheduled to start and managed to get there, get set up and go live only ten minutes late, so everyone was happy and even apparently suitably impressed. I've never been given a public ovation for screwing up before! It think it was one of those mutual screw-ups anyhow, but I digress... [ profile] quantumswordsmn and [ profile] chenoachem had planned to visit that night one last time before leaving. They called while I was producing the meeting and I felt bad that I had to hang up on them and shut off the phone, but it was one of those awkward "in the middle of a meeting and forgot to turn off the phone" moments. Fortunately I was almost done, called them immediately after and found out they were already at our place with PW and visiting, but not for much longer. I rushed over and got to spend a little more time with them before they left. There were lots of bubbles and it was so wonderful to see the joy Helena had chasing them around. We took a quick walk over to Rite-Aid and on the way back I got to give her a ride on my shoulders which was precious. Have I mentioned I love kids?! Totally do! Sadly they had to leave, but it was so much fun to spend so much time with them while they were up. We missed them so much! It was really great of them to set aside so much of their week to visit with us. We both appreciated it so much!
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s it turned out, Tuesday night we had [ profile] quantumswordsmn all to ourselves because [ profile] chenoachem had to stay behind with Helena. The two of them were missed, but we still had a lot of fun staying up far too late (something we haven't been able to do with him in a very long time) having some great conversation and being introduced to the wonderfully talented Tim Minchin.

First we went out to eat at Mandarin Taste. We got there and Alan immediately came over to us with my baseball cap that I was looking for earlier in the week. It seems the last time we were there [ profile] painted_wolf was wearing it and left it behind. Yay for getting my cap back! [ profile] quantumswordsmn got to have chicken fingers and spring rolls. Apparently Chinese food in New Mexico is very different from Chinese food in New England and ours just rocks so much more. This has been confirmed by PW's family, too.

After dinner was when he showed us all the Tim Minchin on YouTube. Holy the crap. The man is a great pianist and singer, hilarious comedian, very clever and witty and still at times very deep, and manages to do all of this at once. His delivery and expression are amazing!
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o far so awesome! I've had to do a little tiny bit of work but otherwise it's nice. It'll be even nicer when the realization sinks in that this isn't just a long weekend and that I still have six more days off after today.

Saturday we got to hang out with [ profile] ciliandis for a while and decided to go to The Basin. The weather was actually nice for that portion of the day! Afterward we did some chores and such but it was nice to not have to get everything done before Monday. We ran into Ben while getting ready to do laundry and found he needed someone to help him move. We offered to help, which was nice to be able to do. We stayed up far too late that night just goofing off.

Sunday morning I slept in and skipped church again. We did eventually go there before going to help Ben move because we needed to drop off the two boxes of games for the yard sale. Then we went to help Ben move and managed to get everything in the truck in one load, which was cool. One hour later he had everything at his temporary digs and we parted ways so he could go run errands and we could go get ready for company. [ profile] quantumswordsmn, [ profile] chenoachem and Helena showed up later in the evening and we had a nice time just hanging out chatting, listening to music and going for a walk. Once again we stayed up far too late.

Today so far has been interesting but definitely good! I ran my payroll in to work, then went to the post office to check the mail for a possible hearing date on my name change and to mail something out to [ profile] ciliandis. I did a little work for Bristol and called about the equipment on order. I also called Grafton Probate Court about my name change and found out that they had to review to see if there was any conflict and that everything checked out, so now it's just a matter of scheduling the hearing. That's the sticky wicket. They're apparently really booked for hearings right now and likely won't get to mine until September. *sigh* Oh well. At least now I know what's going on, so that's better than being in limbo for over three weeks. It'll hopefully be in time for my birthday so I can celebrate both together. As soon as I got home I received a call from [ profile] chenoachem. Their plans had changed due to the lovely weather we're not having here and so they wanted to come over for a visit, which was certainly a most welcomed surprise! They brought breakfast with them so we had fun sitting on the kitchen floor eating breakfast and playing with Helena. After breakfast we went for a walk and [ profile] painted_wolf took us for a tour of Boyd Science Center. Then we returned home for a little more visiting time and fun with the bubble gun (Helena loved the bubbles) before they had to leave.

The rest of the day is completely wide open. I'm not sure what we're going to do, except that grocery shopping should probably be involved somehow at some point. Otherwise I suspect there will be a lot of chilling out and not much of anything. We may watch one of the many movies that friends have loaned to us so we can start returning them.

Tomorrow we'll be having dinner with [ profile] quantumswordsmn and [ profile] chenoachem. Wednesday is a day with [ profile] quantumswordsmn and the Dead-A-Thon (yay for consecutive Evil Dead movies!) at Sarah and Randy's place. Thursday morning is therapy but nothing else is scheduled that day.Beyond that there are no real plans beyond planning to not plan at all, which is still planning. It's kinda like that Rush song, only instead of choice substitute the word plan. I would like to get at least one day of swimming in, but it seems the weather is going to be difficult about that.
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Today was a rather rough ending to the wonderful nine-day vacation I've had thus far, but I'm just fine with that. It wasn't horrible, but it could have been better.

The morning started with me driving [profile] painted_wolf into town for work since she was told she was going to be scheduled. I dropped her off and that was when she told me she hadn't eaten anything that morning and would like some money. I told her I didn't have cash on me, left her for work and went to get money for her. When I returned she was nowhere to be found and no one could tell me where she was. I left frustrated, grabbed some brunch on the go and headed home to help Lonewolf start installing the drop ceilings in our apartment. On the way home the truck stalled twice. The second time I had to wait for ten minutes before the truck would start again.

I got home and Lonewolf informed me that PW called because she didn't have to work after all and would need a ride home. I was so frustrated at that point that I just continued helping Lonewolf as I had promised I would and figured I would go get her when there was a convenient stopping point. That point arrived and Lonewolf offered to drive in his truck since my truck was acting funny. On the way to campus he and I figured out that the trouble may be the voltage regulator, which is easy enough to replace and affordable, so I'm going to figure out how to test it and if it's faulty (which likely it is judging by all the symptoms of the trouble) I can replace it myself.

We picked PW up and stopped for gas for the truck and food for her. We got home and Lonewolf and I finished installing the ceiling in the bedroom while PW started cleaning the shower (it needed cleaning anyway but had gotten really bad after the work on the ceiling in there). I cooked dinner once again and we listened to Evil Dead: the Musical while we ate. It is hilarious!

PW is upstairs right now watching Seeker play our Evil Dead PS game. I've been browsing the intarwebs and blogging and then likely will go to bed early so I can be nice and refreshed for my first day back at work.

Maybe now that vacation is over I'll resurrect the quotes. I haven't added a quote to a post in a long time.
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I'm not going to let myself get bored today. I'm going to go play some mini golf and who knows what else, but something.

[profile] painted_wolf gets done at 5:00 this afternoon and Balls of Fury is playing at the Plymouth Theater at 6:55. Anyone interested in seeing this with us? It looks to be a hilarious movie by two of the geniuses behind The State (only the best sketch comedy show ever and canceled far too soon by MTV, home of crap television and no music videos). And it has Christopher Walken. Anyone interested? If you can't afford it, let me know. We might be able to help with that.

And on the topic of The State, I read a recent interview with the members of The State. It was expressed by them in the interview that the group is feeling a The State movie might be in order in the near future. I am hoping so much that there will be a movie! That would be made of awesome. I miss The State.
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It was a pretty uneventful day. I slept in, did some housework, listened to some music, went to the hardware store, went in to work to do a couple minor things, then went to pick [profile] painted_wolf up from her first day of work at her new job.

As a result of the trip to the hardware store, our headboard and footboard are now firmly attached to our bed. Finally! Sadly they did not have horse hobbles in stock this time so we'll have to wait until the new order comes in. Hehehe.

After picking [profile] painted_wolf up we went to an art gallery in Ashland to look around and then had dinner at Lucky Dragon. They have really good food there but we don't get to go as often since we hardly ever have reason to go to Ashland. We used to go more often when we lived in New Hampton because we passed through Ashland to get home from Plymouth or to get to work from New Hampton.

After that we did a little shopping where we saw Randy and Sarah. Then we went home where I fixed the bed and we had some conversation with Lonewolf.

I also started reading Talking From 9 To 5. It's an excellent book! I can see already that it will help me get a better understanding of how others interact at work and hopefully help me interact better with others. I have such a horrible time with interacting and sensing the feelings of others.
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Although I ended up sleeping better, I was still up far too early. It was a good thing, though, because I shared breakfast with Mom before she left for work. [profile] painted_wolf woke up just as my Mom was leaving the driveway so we got ready for the day, she ate breakfast and we started our trip home a couple hours after Mom had left.

Our first stop was at Mom's office where she brought us on a quick tour and introduced us to all of her co-workers. That was kinda nice. She also showed us this really neat piece of art in the lobby. It was a train engine car in a frame that was made from various disssembled mechanical devices like analog and digital watches, old rotary dial phones, a box wrench and all kinds of other stuff. It was really neat looking!

From there we drove up to Concord where we were going to stop in Borders and buy another book and DVD. First we decided to stop in Hannaford to use the ATM. As we were entering, I heard someone ahout my name. I turned to see Paul walking toward us carrying his daughter G. who is one year old By the way, I'm Paul's Mom (long story from our college days), so he told G. I was her grandmamom and we had a little chuckle. We wandered around the store with him and he invited us over for lunch. We weren't in any rush to get home so we figured it would be a great opportunity to catch up and give the truck a rest, too.

We ended up having grilled hot dogs and chourizo for lunch. I got to cook on Paul's nice new grill while he took care of feeding G. While lunch was cooking and while we were eating we discussed the wacky days of TX70 and working for ITS, politics and religion and which is always fun with Paul. He's a conservative Democrat and he loves to give me a little ribbing once in a while for being a Naderite. We took the discussion to the living room and sat on hif very comfy new couch and that's when the lack of sleep started to take its toll.

Paul noticed his Mom was having a hard time staying awake so he very graciously started some espresso while we talked more about politics. That's when Jennie called to let him know she was on her way home. She got home from work and while Paul and [profile] painted_wolf had more political and religious chat over coffee, Jennie and I had some nice discussion about various random life stuff, which was nice. Then we all chatted together and G. joined us after her nap while we looked at some of her baby photos. Paul and Jennie are so fortunate to have such a beautiful child! She's always smiling and loves to chat, even if she can't say much more than yes and no and baby chatter.

We left Paul and Jennie and headed right to Plymouth since I wanted to get my paycheck before Town Hall closed for the long weekend. We got there with half an hour to spare and headed right to the bank when the truck stalled right in the middle of the end of Court Street. Fortunately it's not a very busy street and it's a dead end, so we sat there with the hazard lights on for a few minutes while we waited for the truck to decide it would start again. We went to the bank, then to the movie rental store, then to Hannaford for dinner and stopped at the farm stand to get our produce for dinner and breakfast.

We got home and had dinner while watching Casino Royale. Oh. My. Stars. I loved Casino Royale! I think it's the best James Bond movie in a long time and it felt like the classic Bond movies. It was amazing! It was a bit odd to see a Bond prequel with more advanced technology than the first James Bond movie produced, but it's forgivable. I won't spoil the movie for anyone who still may not have seen it, but it was awesome and I have a new favorite Bond.

Daniel Craig as James Bond = hot sex on toast with a side of yes please!

And as usual this James Bond movie had the same effect on us as the others so we won't discuss the rest of the night.

Today and tomorrow I will have little time to spend with [profile] painted_wolf because she's training for her new campus job. I'm definitely going to fix the bed and go for a walk today. I may also go for a swim but I'm not sure where yet. I may brave Wellington State Park even though I know it's going to be packed during Labor Day weekend. It's funny. Usually I treasure the time I have to stay home alone, but today I just don't feel like being alone. I think I'm just having [profile] painted_wolf withdrawals. It's been absolutely wonderful to have an entire week off to spend with her.
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If you want LOL Cheese, Hannaford in Hudson has it on special for $3.49 per pound, though you can get it for only $2.99 per pound at the White Hen Pantry. I love a good cheese that can make me laugh out loud.

The day started with a visit from Gram and us going over genealogy. We still haven't made much progress on the McCarthy side of her family, but she found a bunch on her mother's side (Pichette). There's still a puzzle, though, since the parents listed on her marriage certificate aren't the parents listed on her birth certificate, although the fathers were related. We know her mother was in an orphanage for a while and we suspect her father on her marriage certificate may have either been her uncle or her real father, though her mother on the marriage certificate did tell one of my Gram's sisters that she wasn't really Gram's mother's mother. Did that make sense? So that was interesting and I think I'm going to look into obituaries in the Union Leader between 1896 (Gram's mother's birth year) and 1908 (the year the father on the marriage certificate died). I suspect that perhaps both of her birth parents may have died at the same time or nearly the same time and that's why she ended up with relatives and eventually in the orphange and the Notre Dame convent school.

After Gram left we decided to head to Londonderry early to check out The Game Castle. It was nice to get to a gaming store, especially one we had never visited before, but I must admit we were a bit disappointed. For such a large store they really didn't have much to offer. It looked like they focused mostly on miniature games and tournaments around them. The whole back half of the store was filled with tables, battle dioramas and whiteboards with tourney results. They had a wall devoted to Euro board games and was pleasantly surprised to see some good ones. They had two copies of Viktory II! We ended up buying Bohnaparte, an expansion for Bohnanza. It looks interesting and was very inexpensive. It completely changes the game because instead of focusing on gathering money from planting fields and winning by being the richest player at the end, you plant fields, gather money and use the money to attack and control provinces worth victory points. The winner is the person with the most victory points at the end.

We ended up eating lunch at TJ's Eatery in Londonderry, which is this little take-out/diner in the Crossroads Mall. I got a grilled chicken spinach salad which was much larger than I expected. [profile] painted_wolf  got the Rachael sandwich (kinda like a Reuben but not) and some onion rings. It was nothing exciting but the prices were reasonable and the food was good, so it was worth eating there.

I went off to my meeting and [profile] painted_wolf  went over to the public library to wait for me. It was a rough two-hour meeting and I was thrilled to be out of there when it was over. After that we headed straight back to my parents to visit for a while and to finally see my Dad while he was awake. Mom cooked a nice dinner for the four of us and then my sister Cat and brother-in-law Eduardo (Jess's husband) showed up with all the kids. I had a delightful time playing with the kids (translation: I got trampled and sat upon a lot, which is absolutely fine by me).

We watched television for a bit, which wasn't really exciting but it's what my family does for entertainment, until everyone left. My Mom decided to go visit a friend so we tagged along. We got to see B. and M. for the first time in months and they seem to be well. B. was excited about sports (baseball and football) and I just smiled and nodded because I am clueless about that stuff. Red Sox? Yankees? Patriots? Meh. *shrug*

I slept better that night, mostly because I was so exhausted from such little sleep the night before. Today the plan is to leave in a couple hours, stop in to visit Mom at work and meet her co-workers, stop in Borders and use our coupons for a new book and a DVD, go to Plymouth to get my pay check and then who knows what else from there. We'll likely do some grocery shopping and then go home and cook dinner and just enjoy some home time. I am certainly going to enjoy sleeping in our own bed tonight.

I'm conflicted about the weekend. I want to go to the lake once more before vacation is over, but it's Labor Day weekend. I'm sure the lake will be packed with seasonals and tourists, which is not all that fun, but I really want to go swimming. We'll see...
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The vertigo has made a slight return, so I'll definitely be scheduling an appointment when we get back home on Friday. In the meantime, vacation continues and goes mostly well. The biggest downside to the day was forgetting my CPAP when packing to stay at my parents, hence my typing this at 2:41 a.m. I can't really sleep very well without it and between the vertigo and the headache from oxygen deprivation...

I digress.

We started the day very casually by sleeping in and having a very light breakfast. We left for Nashua around noon and made our first stop at the pet store in Plymouth. We browsed around for a bit looking at the reptiles, birds and amphibians, especially the turtles. After that we went to the bank and then bought a snack an eye drops at Hannaford.

We then drove down I-93. Our next stop was for gas in New Hampton. From there we decided to follow Route 132 into Tilton and passed our previous apartment. It had been almost a year since our last trip down Route 132. In Tilton we stopped for lunch at the Tilt'n Diner. We both decided we weren't very hungry so [profile] painted_wolf got a rueben sandwich with fries and a chocolate frappe and I got a cup of seafood chowder and the Philly cheese steak omelette without homefries and toast. It was a good quick lunch but I think it was still too heavy for me.

We drove down Route 3 from there and the truck decided to stall twice between Tilton and Concord. We finally made our next stop at Borders in Concord. We had some fun browsing for books. We each bought a book: one for my parents and one for [profile] painted_wolf. We also saw a book titled Punk Science and we mused for a couple minutes on the idea of scientists wearing Black Flag, Anarchy, Dead Kennedys and various other black cloth patches on their lab coats, spiking the shoulders, wearing various bodypiercings and spacers in their ear lobes and donning various wild hairstyles like mohawks and footlong spikes. [profile] painted_wolfdecided she wanted to be a punk scientist. I can't help but be amused by the thought of her on a dig site brushing out the remains of some prehistoric critter while "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" or "MTV Get Off The Air" blast from a nearby boombox. It's fine by me so long as it isn't half eleven. There will be no dry humping trees in the park, thankyouverylittle (see Day 2).

We took to the road again and followed Route 3 to Route 3A until it joined up with I-293. At that point I just decided to stay on I-293 to the Everett Turnpike and follow that all the way to Nashua since we didn't have any other planned stops along the way. We finally arrived in Nashua around 6:00 p.m. It was actually fun turning a one-hour trip into a six-hour trip.

When we arrived my nephew L. and niece A. met and greeted us, which was very nice. Mom pulled out my old Young Authors books from grade school. [profile] painted_wolfand I had a laugh looking at them. They were cute but horribly written. Still the trip down memory lane was amusing. One was a true story about me helping my Dad fix up the new house. Another was about a very nice man who was a police officer. There was a random robbery in the middle, which involved a car chase until the very nice man was distracted by his race car driving friend and they both lived happily ever after. The third was about a guy who dreamed he was put under an alien curse by aliens who spoke backward English. He woke up to find it was just a dream and was then visited by a real alien with the weirdest, longestname I've ever seen or heard. The alien was in some army and went to war and died. Years later the man died and was reincarnated as an alien. [profile] painted_wolfand I both agreed that I was a messed up kid. My mom also gave me one of my Young Authors certificates and some award certificate for Spanish from 8th grade for apparently being very studious and proficient. I didn't even remember it!

We sat and watched television (mostly kids shows and cartoons) and L. and A. had fun playing and hanging out with us. A. was much less shy this time and she loved sitting on my lap and playing with the large Lego blocks. It was so adorable! She grabbed a wooden birdhouse at one point, stuffed the blocks into it and handed it to me to get the blocks out for her. For each one pulled out she thanked me and I said "You're welcome!" When I got them all out, she'd stuff them back in and hand it back to me. L. was just having fun following me around, which was also adorable. It just made me want children even more.

Eventually my sister Cat and her fiance Johnny showed up to pick up the kids. We talked very briefly but she was tired and sore (she's pregnant again) so they went home and will come back tomorrow to visit. My Gram is coming to visit tomorrow morning (oh, wait, that's actually today at this point).

Day 5 involves visiting with family, going to the meeting for a couple hours and not much else. Oh, my Mom wants me to show up at her office and meet all her co-workers, too. That should be fun. In the meantime, I'm going to catch up on a little more intarwebby stuff and then attempt another nap.
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Today started with an unorthodox breakfast and a change in plans. Having not eaten the tortilla crusted tilapia with lime for dinner last night, I cooked it for breakfast, as well as sauteeing the summer squash, onion, red pepper and tomato in butter with Bell's seasoning. It was a very tasty breakfast, but not usual. I did it because I assumed we would be gone for a couple days and did not want the fish to go bad.

As it turned out, I called to verify the meeting time and found out I had mixed it up. The meeting is actually Thursday. Since we didn't have to drive all the way to Londonderry and then to Nashua, we decided it was such a lovely day that we would go to the beach. Around noon we got to Wellington State Park and enjoyed a nice swim for a couple of hours. We actually did quite a bit of swimming for exercise. We swam at a slow pace but went from the middle of the beach to one end and back, non-stop.

After swimming we went back to Plymouth to get [profile] painted_wolf's paycheck, then went to the bank, then to my office briefly to swap a tape and then from there to lunch/dinner. We went to see if by chance the Purple Armadillo in Ashland was still open, but sadly it has long since gone and been replaced by another restaurant in that doomed location. We chose instead to eat at Village Pizza, where we both ordered the fetuccini carbonara. It was very yummy!

From there we went home and sat outside for a bit with Seeker. Lonewolf came home so we all headed indoors. Lonewolf fed his pet snake Puddin so we all watched that. It's very interesting to watch an Albino Burmese Python strike and strangle a live mouse to death and swallow it whole. I felt sorry for the poor mouse, though, because it went right up to the snake like "Oh, hi! Who are you? My name is..." CHOMP! It never even knew what was coming.

After that we played a game of Settlers of Catan. It was Lonewolf's first time and he did very well. [profile] painted_wolfended up winning without even realizing. We pointed out she only needed one more point to win and she just perked up and said"Oh! Wait! You mean like this?" and flipped over a development card worth one victory point.

Our plans have changed a bit so instead of visiting my parents tonight we're actually going down tomorrow, spending the night and maybe Thursday night, too, and then coming back for [profile] painted_wolf's new job orientation. Because of Labor Day I actually have the rest of the week off and through next Monday, too!

This vacation seems to be going at just the right pace: not too fast that I wonder where it went and not so slow that I just wish it would end. I think I shall be very refreshed and ready to work when I return next Tuesday.
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In spite of some work that needed doing, today was a most exellent day!

After taking care of a couple small things in the office, [profile] painted_wolf and I first went to Riverside Park to enjoy some quiet outdoors time. When we arrived we discovered that half eleven is the time when adolescent boys play loud metal on their boomboxes and dry hump trees in Riverside Park. This discovery led us to the conclusion that downtown lunch traffic was a more appealing sensory stimulus than half eleven at the park.

We had a wonderful time sitting in the common and eating lemon pepper unsalted potato chips and wheat-free raspberry fig bars. [profile] painted_wolf did some reading and I did some sitting and then a stick fight broke out. She started it by throwing bits of twig at me. I threw them back. It ended in flailing and exclamations like "Not in the face!"

After an hour or so of that we went to Subway and split a footlong sub for lunch. Then it was off to therapy and after that another short visit to my office for a program swap.

Next we visited the used book store where I picked up two books and a new bookmark. The books were Male/Female Roles: Opposing Viewpoints and Talking From 9 to 5: Women and Men in the Workplace by Deborah Tannen. I'm hoping the latter will help me pick up some pointers on how to communicate more effectively at work, among other things. The bookmark has this beautiful text on it:
"... and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin
It also had a drawing of a butterfly. I really felt this was appropriate to my life as it is now and as it will be in the near future. It was meant to be.

Next we decided to go shopping for dinner at the supermarket and the farm stand. When we got to the plaza, we decided to shop around Marshalls first. We ended up getting two blouses for [profile] painted_wolf and I bought this splendid metal picture frame with the word "love" engraved on the lower third. I have the perfect picture of [profile] painted_wolf and me to put in it. I just need to make a reduced copy that will fit the 4"x6" picture window. After that we boutght food and went home.

We started counting out our change since the jar was full and wrapping it in rollers for deposit in the morning. All told it was just over $60 when we stopped. We couldn't wrap it all since we ran out of penny wrappers and the rest of the change didn't make complete rolls. Sadly in the process I put the glass change jar down too hard and it shattered. It was an old green wine bottle that had macramé and wooden beads around it in decoration. My grandmother gave it to me years ago and she had it for years before giving it to me.

We also spent some time visiting with Seeker and Lonewolf. We watched Police Academy 5 together and it was decent. I think the first two were the best. I had stopped watching the series of movies after 4.

Tomorrow we drive to Londonderry so I can go to a brief meeting and then we're visiting my parents in Nashua and spending the night. We may even go for a walk in Mine Falls Park, depending on what happens with our Wednesday plans.


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