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I went to the post office this morning to find that we received a card from [ profile] chenoachem , [ profile] quantumswordsmn  and Helena, which was a very pleasant surprise. It came with some wonderful artwork. Thank you all so much! Our friend Kelly also sent a gift for each of us, which was really nice of her. We need to call or email her and thank her, too. We also received a gift from my boss and his wife today when I stopped in at work, which was also very unexpected and a wonderful surprise!

Over the holiday I ended up watching the video for Beyonce's new song "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)." I like the song, though admittedly it's repetitive and there isn't a lot to it. I also ended up watching a bunch of parodies of it ranging from silly to disturbing. Among all the parodies I found a nice acoustic cover of the song by Lelia Broussard. Here are the original and the cover, which I'm sharing especially for [ profile] quantumswordsmn  because I know he likes interesting covers.

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While everything started out very humbuggy (or perhaps bumhuggy depending if you're a Beavis and Butthead fan or not), in the end it was still nice to go visit family for the holiday. I'm doing the four-day weekend again this week for New Year, but we're definitely not traveling far. Likely we're going to the bonfire and fireworks across town. That should be nice to do to celebrate a new year!

As you may have seen in my Writers' Block response, the preparations for travel were simply put hellish. Nothing seemed to be coming together at all, and it was really bringing me down and stressing me out.

Thursday, in spite of everything, we caught the bus and rode from Plymouth to Londonderry, where my parents picked us up and brought us to their place for the four day weekend. We got to visit with my sister Jess and her family, as well as Gram, until it was almost dinner time. Jess also brought us a lovely frame for our first ultrasound, so I need to print up a reduced copy of it on photo paper so we can frame it and display it at home. Cat and her family showed up and we all had a great dinner together. For the first time ever we had ham instead of turkey and I actually enjoyed it. As much as I love turkey and stuffing for the holidays, it had also been a while since I had a good ham that I didn't cook myself. We got to spend time with the nieces and nephews (except D, who was with his Dad's family for Christmas) and just in general visiting and spendiong time together as a family. We only really do it twice a year: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Friday was for the most part a very lazy, hanging around doing not much of anything day with my parents. That was really actually a lot better than it sounds. I don't often just shut down and do nothing, and being far from home and not really having the means or need to do any work while away, it really helped me calm down. painted_wolf and I also discovered my parents are Jackie Chan fans, so we need to buy them some Jackie Chan. We watched The Legend of Drunken Master and they really liked it.

Saturday we started slow and helped Mom a little around the house to get things back in order after the holiday. I also went out visiting for a bit with Mom. Part of the bad news over the holiday was that my aunt Nancy (well, good friend of the family, but she's like an Aunt to us so we call her Aunt Nancy) fell on Christmas night and hurt herself really bad. She just got out of the hospital today, but we went to visit her on Saturday which, aside from the bad situation, was nice because I hadn't seen her in years. Later in the afternoon zeppelinmage picked us up so we could go visit him, Candace and Liam for a while. We ended up having a delicious dinner together and played a few games before zeppelinmage kindly drove us back to my parents' house.

Sunday we got up, packed and headed out to visit my great-aunt Mary before leaving for home. We had a nice visit and then headed directly off for home. On the way there were the usual road-trip antics from my parents, which are very much fun, and more conversation about Jackie Chan (I really need to buy them some Jackie Chan). They dropped us off and then offered to let us use their car before they left so we could go grocery shopping while Dad watched the football game on the tele. That was awesome of them! We made the trip as quick as we could considering the very packed nature of the store, and then they hurried out and left for home.

We don't celebrate Christmas, so we didn't get or give gifts really, except my sister got us the ultrasound frame (thanks Jess!) and my Mom gave us a foot warmer/massager she had for a while and didn't want, and also gave me some clothes that didn't fit her that she thought I might like (and I do). My Dad has offered to help me by fixing the truck ofr considerably less than the garage can so we'll likely be going dow there in a couple weeks or so and I'm planning to go with some Jackie Chan for them and probably bring Rent to watch there so I can introduce my Mom to it.
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It was a thoroughly enjoyable mini-vacation, but I'm definitely glad to be home after four days away. I'm so glad we made it down and I'm really looking forward to going back for Christmas!

We took the bus down Thursday morning and were surprised to meet up with Mel and Ben at the bus stop in Plymouth. The bus ride was pleasant enough, and it was nice to just be a passenger for a change instead of the person driving that route. The scenery always looks different when one is the passenger rather than the driver. You get to see things you otherwise have to ignore. It was also my first time that I can recall taking a trip on a bus like that. All previous bus trips were either school bus trips, short bus runs on Citybus in Nashua, or the campus shuttle. These buses were like airliners on wheels without flight attendants! Thursday we were busy making the food, then eating the food, then recovering from eating the food, then more eating the food. It was us, my parents, my sisters and their families, and the couple that lives next door to my parents and their family. We all visited and had lots of conversation.

Friday we spent the morning hanging out at my parents visiting some more. We got a call back from [ profile] flightmech73 that he was home, so we went to visit him and his family. It was great getting to see them again! We spent some time having conversation in the kitchen while they prepared food for a family gathering the next day, and then we watched some of the Mork and Mindy marathon on SciFi for a while. Their kids are so full of energy (as most kids are)! He showed me a video of his nephew, whom I haven't seen since he was a toddler. He's now 16 and plays drums like you wouldn't believe! We were supposed to go visit family with my parents on Friday but it never happened. Instead we stayed at my parents and visited some more there.

Saturday we were going to visit family we didn't visit Friday but my Dad wasn't feeling well, so we stayed around my parents. My Aunt Alex and Uncle Vern showed up just as we were going to leave to visit [ profile] zeppelinmage and Candace, so we stayed late to visit with them for a while. It's good to have them nearby in New Hampshire now instead of all the way over in California! My mom let us take her car for the night so we went to visit our friends and stay the night. On the way we stopped at Payless so I could buy a pair of shoes for work. They were having a "buy one get one half price" sale so I ended up buying this pair of loafers for work and this pair of pumps so I would have more sensible dress shoes. I was so tempted to get the pumps in the brown but I figured the black would go with more of my clothes.

Sam was very kind to cook a delicious roasted chicken dinner for us all, so we ate pretty much as soon as we got there and then had some conversation. We played a long but great game of Settlers of Catan with the Cities & Knights expansion. It ended up being a close game most of the way, but [ profile] painted_wolf caught us by surprise with a win that went unnoticed until it was too late! We played a quick game of TransEuropa before bed.

Sunday morning I went to the UU church in Milford with Candace. I wanted to attend a UU service in another town just to see how another congregation holds service, and Candace was curious to see if it might be the right church for her. We both enjoyed the service very much (it was themed on homecomings since it was the Thanksgiving service). We both stayed for the coffee and fellowship after service so Candace could get a feel for the church community as a whole. I had some nice conversation with some of the folks there about the church and their services, then looked around at some of their bulletin boards to get a sense of their congregational activities. The building itself was a very old and beautiful Unitarian church with beams and stained glass windows. After church we went back to her apartment where Sam made us some tasty sandwiches for lunch. After lunch Kathy and I returned to my parents to get ready for our return trip to Plymouth.

We ended up leaving with even more stuff than we arrived with, what with the Thanksgiving leftovers Mom sent home with us, the turkey pan Mom gave us, the juicer Mom gave us, the new shoes, and the new piggy bank for the baby. It's a good thing we didn't take the bus back! The weather by then had turned for the worse, but thankfully we made it home safe and sound, and my parents returned home also safe and sound. Unfortunately it meant they couldn't stay long, but it was nice to ride home with them and spend a little more time with them. Last night we went to the snack bar on campus to have food that wasn't Thanksgiving leftovers and just relaxed at home. It was so nice to be back, even as great as it was to get away. It was just the break I needed, and the Christmas break will be very welcome after I finish out my notice in Bristol.


Nov. 29th, 2008 09:51 am
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On the agenda for the day: visit Aunt Terri and Uncle Bob, possibly visit Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Tom, possibly visit with Aunt Alex and Uncle Vern when they come visit my parents (Uncle Vern is my Godfather), then off to spend the night visiting Candace and [ profile] zeppelinmage and playing games! I'm also going to stop in at Payless today in hopes of finding some nice new shoes for work that have a fairly low heel and of course black so they'll go with most everything I have that I wear to work.

I was planning to attend church at the UU church in Nashua, the same church where [ profile] quantumswordsmn and [ profile] chenoachem brought me twice before and where I first started considering becoming a UU. Since we're visiting Candace and [ profile] zeppelinmage tonight, and since they have a UU church down the street from them, I've decided that it might be nice to visit a UU church to which I've never been, and perhaps introduce friends to Unitarian Universalism. And it's a Welcoming Congregation and seemingly still has an active Welcoming Congregation Committee.

On Holiday

Nov. 26th, 2008 10:35 pm
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The bus tickets are purchased. The laundry is drying now. The rest of our clothes that were already clean are already packed. I have my makeup, jewelery and shoes for the next few days set aside and ready to go and my clothes for tomorrow are set out. Everything at work is set to run on autopilot or with minimal assistance from a volunteer while I'm away.

Four days spent with family and friends I haven't seen in a while is going to be a very welcome break from an otherwise extremely hectic schedule as of late. Then when I get back I have about two weeks until my notice is up for my part-time job and then I have some free time again to enjoy before we get very busy with our baby.

It also struck me tonight that the end of the calendar year is only a month away. It's so odd for me to think of it as the end of the year. After working in municipal government for a few years and doing all of the planning and budgeting based around a July 1 fiscal year, it just seems so odd to think of December 31st as the last day of the year. My mind now thinks of June 31st as the end of the year.
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We just got back from Carnage, a gaming convention in Fairlee, VT, a couple of hours ago and I am plum tuckered out. It was a great day and we pimped EconoCon like crazy, so that's a good thing, too.

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way to get coffee and a little breakfast, though Adam got crullers at another place previously and shared them. PW and I had to split one they were so huge and even still we were stuffed from it! We rolled into Fairlee around 7:50 am after about an hour drive from Plymouth. We were pretty much just in time for the first official slot of the day. I made my way to the board gaming area, which was the back half of the enormous ballroom behind the miniatures gaming. Randy and I managed to get into the Ticket to Ride: London Underground game and play a game on a map of the Underground made for the Ticket to Ride game by some guy that's freely available online. It was a really cool map based almost directly on a 1930s map of the Underground and apparently the colors for the actual lines matched many of the car colors for Ticket to Ride, which made it even cooler. We played two games of that and I won both. It's basically like regular TtR with stations from TtR Europe and the many dead-end branches like the TtR Marklin board except without the ability to pass through the country, hence the need for the stations. Our third game was regular Ttr and Randy won that quite handsomely.

We went off in search of lunch and managed to get subs at Subway in Bradford pretty much right down the road from the resort in Fairle where the convention was held. When we got back we checked out the vendor area. I finally got myself a copy of the Fishermen of Catan expansion! You know, the expansion that was suppose to come to me over a year ago in my Games Quarterly subscription but didn't because Games Quarterly went belly up without warning between my first and second issue! I had seen a copy of Seafarers of Catan for sale for $5 (big bargain!) but by the time I returned with cash it had sold. :( We got [ profile] painted_wolf a copy of Og, a very humorous caveman roleplaying game. We both love it and she's wanted it for a while. It was only $13, so why not? Later in the day we bought Unspeakable Words, which is basically like Scrabble in card game form but with cutesy Lovecraft mythos stuff on the letter cards and sanity checks every time a player forms a word. We love playing with the variant rule that lets you make up complete gibberish when you're down to your last sanity point.

For the midday slot I played Rock Promoters of Catan, which was basically a homebrew basic Catan themed on promoting rock concerts and building venues. It was actually pretty neat! Oh! Since it was Carnage 11, they went with a Spinal Tap theme and even handed out Carnage guitar picks to people that pre-registered, so PW and I each got picks. :) Anyhow, Rock Promoters went well and I managed to interest two families in attending EconoCon. Sweet!

During dinner break we just ran to the market to get food and then all ate as a group and had loads of fun at the tables in the vendor area. We were actually a rather rowdy crew but it was all good. At one point a guy walked through in nothing but a towel around his waist and another around his head (presumably after getting out of the pool and looking for his room). He kinda looked like Frank Zappa, so it was rather surreal and very much a WTFLOL moment. At another point a guy walked in wearing a giant minotaur mask and then another guy walking past on his way out looked toward us and started jumping up and down shouting "I'm a stupid cow! I'm a stupid cow!" We all burst out in laughter.

My first choice for the night block was full so I got scheduled for my second choice, which was Die Macher. For those that don't know, this is a classic German board game that is an incredibly intense political board game. I've played it once maybe a couple of years ago when Geeks and Gamers was still open. I was kind of looking forward to it, but at the same time it would have extended beyond the end of the block and my ride wanted to try to leave early, nevermind stay late. So I had to back out unfortunately. I'm actually kind of glad, because after getting up so incredibly early on little sleep I was feeling pretty braindead and I don't think I would have performed well playing Die Macher anyhow. It's very intense and lasts for several hours.

The ride home went much quicker. We had a lot of fun chatting and sharing our individual stories from the day. Now I'm going to bed and crashing, because I'm beat and I have church in the morning.
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s it turned out, Tuesday night we had [ profile] quantumswordsmn all to ourselves because [ profile] chenoachem had to stay behind with Helena. The two of them were missed, but we still had a lot of fun staying up far too late (something we haven't been able to do with him in a very long time) having some great conversation and being introduced to the wonderfully talented Tim Minchin.

First we went out to eat at Mandarin Taste. We got there and Alan immediately came over to us with my baseball cap that I was looking for earlier in the week. It seems the last time we were there [ profile] painted_wolf was wearing it and left it behind. Yay for getting my cap back! [ profile] quantumswordsmn got to have chicken fingers and spring rolls. Apparently Chinese food in New Mexico is very different from Chinese food in New England and ours just rocks so much more. This has been confirmed by PW's family, too.

After dinner was when he showed us all the Tim Minchin on YouTube. Holy the crap. The man is a great pianist and singer, hilarious comedian, very clever and witty and still at times very deep, and manages to do all of this at once. His delivery and expression are amazing!
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o far so awesome! I've had to do a little tiny bit of work but otherwise it's nice. It'll be even nicer when the realization sinks in that this isn't just a long weekend and that I still have six more days off after today.

Saturday we got to hang out with [ profile] ciliandis for a while and decided to go to The Basin. The weather was actually nice for that portion of the day! Afterward we did some chores and such but it was nice to not have to get everything done before Monday. We ran into Ben while getting ready to do laundry and found he needed someone to help him move. We offered to help, which was nice to be able to do. We stayed up far too late that night just goofing off.

Sunday morning I slept in and skipped church again. We did eventually go there before going to help Ben move because we needed to drop off the two boxes of games for the yard sale. Then we went to help Ben move and managed to get everything in the truck in one load, which was cool. One hour later he had everything at his temporary digs and we parted ways so he could go run errands and we could go get ready for company. [ profile] quantumswordsmn, [ profile] chenoachem and Helena showed up later in the evening and we had a nice time just hanging out chatting, listening to music and going for a walk. Once again we stayed up far too late.

Today so far has been interesting but definitely good! I ran my payroll in to work, then went to the post office to check the mail for a possible hearing date on my name change and to mail something out to [ profile] ciliandis. I did a little work for Bristol and called about the equipment on order. I also called Grafton Probate Court about my name change and found out that they had to review to see if there was any conflict and that everything checked out, so now it's just a matter of scheduling the hearing. That's the sticky wicket. They're apparently really booked for hearings right now and likely won't get to mine until September. *sigh* Oh well. At least now I know what's going on, so that's better than being in limbo for over three weeks. It'll hopefully be in time for my birthday so I can celebrate both together. As soon as I got home I received a call from [ profile] chenoachem. Their plans had changed due to the lovely weather we're not having here and so they wanted to come over for a visit, which was certainly a most welcomed surprise! They brought breakfast with them so we had fun sitting on the kitchen floor eating breakfast and playing with Helena. After breakfast we went for a walk and [ profile] painted_wolf took us for a tour of Boyd Science Center. Then we returned home for a little more visiting time and fun with the bubble gun (Helena loved the bubbles) before they had to leave.

The rest of the day is completely wide open. I'm not sure what we're going to do, except that grocery shopping should probably be involved somehow at some point. Otherwise I suspect there will be a lot of chilling out and not much of anything. We may watch one of the many movies that friends have loaned to us so we can start returning them.

Tomorrow we'll be having dinner with [ profile] quantumswordsmn and [ profile] chenoachem. Wednesday is a day with [ profile] quantumswordsmn and the Dead-A-Thon (yay for consecutive Evil Dead movies!) at Sarah and Randy's place. Thursday morning is therapy but nothing else is scheduled that day.Beyond that there are no real plans beyond planning to not plan at all, which is still planning. It's kinda like that Rush song, only instead of choice substitute the word plan. I would like to get at least one day of swimming in, but it seems the weather is going to be difficult about that.
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So I guess I'll start with Friday night and go from there...

Friday was a kinda long day at work but not bad. [ profile] sk_brainstorm ended up coming in to work on his project some and I did some odds and ends while he was in. Later [ profile] painted_wolf and [ profile] ciliandis showed up with dinner so we all ate nachos and cake and drank pomegranate juice. Mmmmm. After work we all headed over to our place to watch Metalocalypse and... I'm in love. I <3 Dethklok! There was one downside to the night (aside from me falling asleep during Metalocalypse): somewhere along the way I lost my wedding bracelet. :( I'm going to look around my office for it. There are a couple of places I suspect it fell off. It might also be in [ profile] sk_brainstorm's car, so if you're reading this Joe would you mind checking for a purple, green and blue beaded bracelet with a heart clasp for me?

Saturday ended up being a most excellent day for me and PW to just be together and do not much of anything in particular. It was awesome! We originally planned to go to the lake, but then decided that we would go to the river, but also figured we would like to go to a couple of movies. When we realized when the movies were playing we decided to just go to Campton and get chocolates from the awesome candy store instead. PW got the only blueberry cream, so I instead tried a strawberry cream. It's not as delicious, but it was still good. PW got a couple of other tasty chocolates and I got these very scrumptious dark chocolate, pistachio and chipotle pyramids. Mmmmmmmm! They had a respectable burn, too!

After chocolates we rushed to see Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was supposedly in 3-D. I was all excited because I hadn't seen a 3-D movie in theaters since Captain EO at Disneyland 20 years ago. Sadly, the movie was not in 3-D. Apparently 3-D movies aren't as simple as putting on a pair of paper and cellophane glasses anymore. It involves theaters purchasing expensive equipment that only select, likely metro-area theaters can afford. Newsflash to the movie makers: we're in the middle of high fuel costs when people can't really afford to drive miles and miles to see a quaint 3-D movie because you require special equipment the average theater can't afford: I mean, it was a kinda fun movie and all, but... without 3-D? Meh. Poor planning.

Immediately after we went to see The Dark Knight. It was good. It was really good. I don't think it was the colossal or spectacularly amazing film most of the people I know are making it out to be, but it was definitely worth seeing. I would even say it's probably the best Batman movie yet. Heath Ledger was AMAZING as The Joker. I like the plot/moral, but I think there are other movies out there that presented the same angle on society and did it better. I loved watching it once, but it's not something I have an overwhelming urge to see again. And I agree with [ profile] fossilapostle: someone get The Bat a cough drop. I think he's come down with something.

Afterward we went home and watched more Metalocalypse because it is awesome.

Today was church, then work, then chores, then finish Metalocalypse, then start Red vs. Blue season three. We also did some sorting through packed boxes to try to weed out possessions in preparation for moving into what I think will be our smallest apartment since we've been together for almost twelve years now. We're even finally weeding through some boxes we had in storage.

Bad news first... one of the plastic bins we used for packing and transporting wasn't as water-tight as we had thought. Water got in as it was pouring when we moved that load and it was in the bed of the pickup with all the other plastic bins. We didn't realize water got in until we opened the box tonight a month later and found... Mold. Everywhere. Yuck. I had to throw out the Charlie Brown hook rug my godmother made for me when I was real little. I've been holding onto that rug for almost thirty years! :( PW lost some sentimental things, too, and will have to transcribe some entries from a dream journal in order to save them. :(

All was not lost, though. We discovered in what we thought was entirely a box of antique dishes we had chalked up as completely damaged that only one item was damaged. Half the box was actually my blue crystal dish set that we thought had been lost in one of our previous moves. Yay! I've had that dish set since I first moved out on my own almost 15 years ago. We're going to unpack, wash and use these dishes when we finally get to the new place. :)

And to top the night off... our wireless connection has been behaving all night so we could do the intarwebz thing! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Friday was a very odd day, since it usually tends to be busy for me but was very definitely not due to the holiday. Early in the day I kept thinking it was Saturday. By later in the day I kept thinking it was Sunday. Sheesh! I get a three-day weekend (of sorts) and my mind wants to rush through it! The early part of the day was pretty much spent just goofing off, which was nice for a change. We quickly ran some errands around town and were invited to a party at a friend's that night, so we went home and got ready for the party. My left foot - especially the big toe - was really getting sore but I wasn't going to let that stop me. We ended up showing up for the party fashionably late and went out for a bonfire before returning for drinks, snacks and pizza. I got a bit tipsy but was fine enough to walk home without incident and not so bad that I was horribly drunk and hungover the next day. We had a great time hanging out with folks we don't get to see often, which was really nice, and met a couple of new people.

Saturday was spent doing some chores like laundry and sorting through boxes of books. We'll be moving again in a month and a half, so we wanted to go through everything now while we had the chance and really make sure we wanted it bad enough to lug it again and to try fitting it in a smaller apartment. We ended up setting aside four boxes full of books we'll be either trading in at the used book store or leaving at the book share at the recycling center. That's awesome! I love books and all, but we have far too many that we've read and don't necessarily want to read again or just never will read so we may as well let someone else enjoy the books.

Sunday I went to fellowship for a very casual service (summer services tend to be informal and lay-lead). It was a rather interesting service focused on science and spirituality, with a good measure of physics and astronomy brought up. It seems physics and astronomy have been coming up a lot lately! After the service I went home and did a little cleaning up before [profile] vireo_blues stopped in for a visit. It was great to see her again! We ended up walking over to Boyd so [profile] painted_wolf could check in on the animals and we also got to see one of the ambassador crabs and handle him. It feels kinda weird but kinda cool letting a horseshoe crab wander around your hands and arms. They're really cute for armored little critters. After that I stopped in at my office to pick up the new camcorder for learning later and then we returned to the apartment for lunch and conversation before [profile] vireo_blues had to leave. Thanks again for visiting! Hopefully we weren't too much of a bore. ;) I ended up working for a few hours, then we had dinner and played some cribbage before bed.

We Do!

Jun. 22nd, 2008 12:56 am
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The marriage was wonderful! I was amazed with how short it really was! I'd say it was about two minutes of actual ceremony. I turned into a giddy mush by the time we got there and I was getting the quivery lip and teary eyes by the time I was supposed to say "I do." I think the conversation afterward with my minister was longer than the actual ceremony! So while it won't be completely official until the marriage license is returned to the Plymouth Town Clerk on Monday morning, we're married! ^_^

We decided to surprise Sarah and Randy with a visit and we ended up hanging out and chatting. After a while they asked us what we were doing and we said we had no definite plans but were thinking of going for dinner. They asked us if we would like to go out for dinner and a movie with them so we said yes and went home to change. We got back, we all decided what we wanted to do for dinner and a movie and then we went. They were awesome and treated us to dinner at the Lucky Dog as a wedding present! The dinner ended up being Mexican themed since Randy and [profile] painted_wolf both got quesadillas, Sarah got the chimichanga and I got the burrito.

After dinner we walked around and chatted more, then went to Meredith and walk around a bit more before going to the theater and watching Get Smart. Holy awesomeness! If you liked the show, I highly recommend the movie. Steve Carrell would have made Don Adams proud and the writers did a great job keeping the characters true to form. Even if you aren't familiar with the old television program, it's definitely a fun movie and you should go see it.
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It was by far a very interesting weekend, but I need sleep so here's the Cliff notes version:
  • Did laundry on Saturday. Not my idea of excitement, but necessary. Got it done. Yay clean clothes!
  • Went for yet another four-mile walk by myself and it was glorious.
  • Did some packing for the upcoming move. Still haven't found a place yet but we have a couple of prospects. There's a possibility of a house we might be able to rent from someone I know but it won't be available until September, which means we might end up renting a summer place. We'll see.
  • Helped [profile] painted_wolf proofread her paper.
  • Listened to some awesome new music, but you already read about that. ;)
  • Went to fellowship this morning for servie and the annual meeting. I got the "You Put Your Whole Self In" award for being extremely active and helpful. Very unexpected!
  • We spent most of the afternoon hanging out with Sarah and Randy, watching a bunch of those real-life forensic science shows and playing Zombie Fluxx.
  • Watched the first five episodes of Doctor Who season four (new series) and oh holy crap. I love Donna! I love the return of a classic species!
Very busy week ahead. Lots of meetings and traveling and presenting. Life is going to be crazy busy for a while with two jobs and all. I hope I have the energy I had when I did this sort of thing thirteen years ago (except I have one less job this time).
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First, a very happy birthday to my Dad! I love you! *hugs* I don't know if Dad actually reads my LJ, but I figure it can't hurt to post this. I'll be calling him tomorrow, but I couldn't really call him today because he leaves for work before we broke the silence.

I woke up and my morning and through the afternoon was silent (with the exception of giving a prospective student and parent directions to admissions and ordering [profile] painted_wolf's lunch). It's incredibly challenging to maintain silence! We drove into town where I dropped PW off at class and then went to do laundry. Laundry was as it usually was. I didn't go out for breakfast as I usually do on Fridays because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of trying to order food without speaking, so I ended up eating a rather groty gas station breakfast sandwich and a stick of string cheese. It was food. *shrugs*

After laundry I parked the truck and walked over to help with Day of Silence. I was rather timid at first about handing out the cards about Day of Silence, but after a while I was handing them out left and right. For the most part people either accepted them and actually read them or just ignored me or said no thanks. It's amazing how many people still just don't want to think about or deal with GLBTQ. I actually had one person accept the card, look at it and immediately groaned, crumpled the card and threw it in the garbage. Well, at least he didn't litter. *sigh*

It was a gorgeous day! It felt nice to spend so much time outside. I got a bit too much sun so I have red forearms and a red face. Some days (like today) I wish I actually could tan instead of going from white to red. I ended up handing out most of the cards, which is quite impressive considering the stack was very large. Afterward I bought a t-shirt and also got one of the t-shirts from last year. Way cool! I'm not sure how much I'll be wearing the shirt from last year since it's chock full of really naughty words, but I'll definitely wear it. :)

I met up with PW, [profile] ciliandis, [personal profile] pyrbennu and Randy up in the Print Shop and bugged PW for her lunch order. I grabbed the food, ate lunch real quick and then off I went to work. Unfortunately I had to break the silence at 2:30 for work, an hour-and-a-half before the time to break the silence. Here I've been the rest of the night, working on a project so I can get used to some of the more advanced features of the portable studio. Since things are rendering right now, I get a quick moment to blog. Yay!

This weekend should be nice. Tomorrow I'm working four hours but otherwise just shopping and relaxing. Sunday I have church and then I get to hang out with Sarah for a while!
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This weekend was just as busy as the rest of the week, and admittedly it has left me feeling as though I've not had a day off at all this past week and will not have one for a few more days. That's not a complaint at all, mind you. It's just the truth on how I'm feeling. The weekend, in spite of being busy, was simply marvelous. I had a wonderful time!

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Yesterday I walked a mile in her shoes. The weather wasn't so great for it, but it started to clear up. I don't mind a little drizzle anyway. I got there early with a pair of heels prepared to walk in them in spite of my hesitation due to the weather and there still being a lot of snow on the ground (not knowing of course that the walk was actually to take place in the streets). I saw almost everyone else there was wearing walking shoes, so after registration I walked back to the truck and left my heels there. I got to chat with some folks I knew there until the walk started. Then we all lined up behind the police escort and proceeded to march down the middle of High Street, down Main Street, up Highland Street, up Emerson Street and then down High Street to return to the HUB on campus where we started. The police sirens drew a lot of people out to see what was going on. The good side of this march was that a lot of people showed up to march in protest of violence against women and a lot of people took notice of the march. The bad side is that I didn't really see any signs or anything really saying what it was we were marching for or why it was so significant. Also I was a bit disappointed that none of the men bothered to wear heels, but that's minor. I think they should have gotten into it more, but just being there for the cause was a good thing.

After the walk I met up with [profile] painted_wolf at the university library. We both decided we needed caffiene to wake us up so we headed to Cafe Monte Alto. She got a big cup of coffee with a shot of banana flavoring because they were out of coconut. Banana + coffee = fail. It doesn't work well with coffee at all, which is in contrast to how great it tastes with hot chocolate. I got a small spice chai with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. Mmmmmm. I really needed a good cup of chai after that past two dreadful chai experiences at other local establishments. We also shared a bar of German dark chocolate and it was the really amazingly delicious stuff.

We walked around downtown for a bit, stopping in the book store and then the art gallery. After a while of walking around we decided we were hungry enough to have lunch and went to Junkyard Dawgs. PW just had a soup. I ended up having far more than I really should have, but it was very tasty. We took advantage of the WiFi and hopped online to make plans to hang out with [profile] ciliandis.

We got right in the truck from there and headed down to visit with her. The drive was nice and the weather had really cleared up by then, so we had the windows partially down. We got to her place and Lucy (the dog) went all hyperspaz-happy to see us, although at first she was cautious after her recent bear-chasing experience. We went inside, gave Lucy some attention and then played with Jupe (the bird) for a while. Deciding it was too nice outside to stay inside, we went out to do stuff.

First we stopped at Lowe's because we wanted to dream over the kitchen displays and just in general look around at all the stuff. We found this kitchen display that could only be described as the Venture kitchen because it was filled with gadget factor. It was actually quite neat with all of its modern gadgetry, yet still having a bit of a retro feel to it. We eventually wandered out into the gardening section and had lots of conversation and commentary on the suburbia mindset and building fences.

Next we went to the outlets in Tilton and wandered the shop there. We realized we were hitting the same side as we usually hit so we made a point before the shops closed to head across to the other side. Before that we went into the toy store and played with all kinds of stuff. We also discovered the dancing turtles, including the one that dances the Macarena. O.o DO NOT WANT! The first stop on the other end was the chocolate shop. *drool* We each ended up getting chocolate truffles and sampled them as we wandered about the remaining shops (thank you [profile] ciliandis!). Our last stop was Old Navy, where we bought little toys from the giant bubble vending machine in the kids section just before we were disturbed by the VERY skimpy clothing they were selling for young girls. Seriously. Little girls do not need to be dressing provocatively like they should flaunt what they've got. I'm all for teaching children they shouldn't be ashamed of their bodies, but we should also teach children modesty. I just don't get why people would think that's fine for little girls. Grown women? Sure. Fine. Go for it.

To end the night we went in search of dinner. We arrived at the Chinese buffet in Laconia just as they were closing up, so instead we went to Friendly's. We each ordered a different burger and started with an order of loaded waffle fries. The food was actually quite good! Afterward we each got our free sundaes that came with the meals. I hadn't had black raspberry ice cream in years (my mom and I share that as our favorite flavor) so I got that with blueberry sauce topping. PW got forbidden chocolate topped with swiss chocolate. [profile] ciliandis got the most interesting sundae of the night. We noticed in the dessert menu a PBJ sundae, which was just black raspberry ice cream topped with peanut butter sauce. So she basically ordered that. We each sampled a taste and it did taste amazingly like PBJ without bread! There was much texting of [personal profile] risingfire to taunt her for not having ice cream and extolling the simultaneous delectability and wonderment of the PBJ sundae.

Today is a rather lazy day, though I still intend to go for a walk. I skipped church this morning because I absolutely needed the sleep. It looked like a really interesting sermon on how as a society we need to slow down and not rush about so much (and the dangers of rushing around so much), so I think in fact my momentary apathy is a bit ironic, if not apropos. PW has a meeting for work tonight so I'll probably do the grocery shopping while she's there. Otherwise we'll be watching more of The Avengers this afternoon and just in general lazing on a Sunday afternoon. Freddie Mercury eat your heart out.

Fun Night!

Apr. 2nd, 2008 10:00 am
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Yesterday was a better day than Monday, which was certainly a welcome change. The weather was gorgeous, the work situation was calming down and I managed to get some earnest work done. My work day was pretty much spent either in meetings or being a tech monkey doing all kinds of pulling cables, soldering, testing and replacing cables.

After work [profile] painted_wolf and I grabbed a small bite to eat. Portion control has worked wonders because on Monday night I had a footlong sub and a bottle of water at Subway and I felt so bloated beyond full. There was a time only a few years ago when I would regularly go in and order two footlong subs, a bag of chips, a large soda and maybe a cookie and/or soup to eat in one sitting. Yesterday I had a hot dog and a soup at Junkyard Dawgs and it was more than enough to fill me up. :)

After eating we walked around a bit and bumped into [personal profile] pyrbennu, so we chatted for a bit. [profile] ciliandis showed up. We chatted with her, too, until we parted ways with them so they could do some shopping and we could go see Jim Tyrrell at Cicero's.

Holy crap was Jim's show a blast! We had a lot of fun hanging out with [profile] lordpagus and listening to Jim play an incredible assortment of originals and covers on guitar.

I think highlights from the night included the running joke that after each Beatles song he would say "I just wrote that," his song "God Hates Penguins," and a very inventive cover where he sang the lyrics to The Beastie Boys’ "Paul Revere" over the tune "A Horse With No Name" by America. Very cool!

If you are in the Plymouth, NH, area on April 15th, stop in at Cicero’s between 7 - 9 pm (the little coffee shop that just opened between Tom’s Brothers and Plymouth Book Exchange) and stay for a night of great music. He takes requests and has a VERY impressive repertoire listed from which you can choose songs. Hopefully we’ll see some of you there on the 15th. If you can’t make it, he’ll be there every first and third Tuesday of every month and he also has a list of upcoming gigs on his MySpace profile.

After Cicero's we went back to meet up with [personal profile] pyrbennu and [profile] ciliandis for some food, conversation and Venture Brothers. Much fun was had! That is, until I fell asleep. Ugh. I've been sleeping like crap lately, waking up frequently throughout the night and getting up well before the alarm sounds. [personal profile] pyrbennu was very kind and gave me some tea in hopes it would help. Sadly it didn't, but it was a very nice gesture and the tea was delicious! I will certainly try it again tonight in the hopes I just need to give it an opportunity to work its way into my system.
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Please everyone join me in wishing a happy birthday to my favorite April Fool (though not as much a fool as me) and friend of 24 years, [profile] quantumswordsmn !

Tewnty-four years. Egads we're getting old. :P

Steve and I have been friends for what seems like an eternity. We've had many exploits together. I now have a college degree that I feel I can confidently attribute to him. He pushed me to realize that college was the right thing for me to do and that I could do it. He saw that, even though I had a tendency not to think things through and to lack motivation, I was still a smart person or at least had the potential. So thank you, Steve!

I know it's not much but it's the best I can do. My gift is my blog and this post's for you. And you can tell everybody this is your post. It may be quite simple but, now that it's done, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you're in the world.
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The song "Purple Rain" just came up at random and it reminded me of how obsessed I was with this album when it came out. My friend Jeff had it and we used to listen to it while we'd hang out in his room and play Nintendo. Our game of choice then was this 3-d game where you run around and jump things and dodge dragon-like worm thingies. My stars I absolutely adored Prince when I was younger. Good memories.
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Ugh. Only six hours of sleep. I just couldn't stay in bed, so here I am on Saturday morning up unholy early. Oh well. At least I'll get my washing done.

Thursday night was the much-needed return of Gaming Club and regular board gaming for us older folks who hang out there. It was nice to play Thurn and Taxis, Winner's Circle (my favorite race game!) and San Juan again. We get even more board gaming in later today at Preston's house! Woohoo! I'm bringing Taj Mahal, Adel Verpflichtet, Shadows Over Camelot, Bohnanza, Mamma Mia, Sole Mio, TransAmerica and Werewoves of Millers Cove for some possibilities. Actually Preston requested Adel Verpflichtet and he's never played Taj Mahal (it's been years for me, too, even though I own it!) but the rest are just random pulls based on knowing how many people will be there.

After Gaming Club on Thursday, [profile] ciliandis came back to our placed and stayed over. We had a bit of chatting before bed. I also tried on my new stripey socks just to make sure they fit and they do. In the morning we had to bring [profile] painted_wolf to class. After dropping her off we went for breakfast at the Overflow and had all sorts of wonderful conversation on friends, family and life in general. I really enjoy having these sorts of breakfasts with [profile] ciliandis because we get to just sit, relax and chat.

Next we decided to do some shopping before I had to work. ciliandis was very kind to drive so I pitched in for gas and we were off. We ended up going to Home Goods and browsing there for a bit. Next we went to Payless where I could pick up a pair of shoes I've wanted for some time now and another pair for [profile] painted_wolf (and I ended up grabbing a half-size too big *sigh*). Then it was off to Fashion Bug. I am really kicking myself now for not going into one sooner. They have a lot of nice stuff in my size! [profile] ciliandis found some really nice pants and was once again very kind to get me a new turtle neck on her gift vard. Thank you! I also ended up buying a really nice yellow and blue sweater that was on sale. [profile] ciliandis has this knack for finding really good sales and they happened to be having a 70% off sale. Score! We made a quick stop for blank CDs, office supplies and odds and ends before heading back to Plymouth.

The ride down and back was quite enjoyable, too. Plenty more chatting and goofing around and listening to Rent (the musical and not the movie soundtrack). We also shared this really neat drink ciliandis made at the Blue Canoe by mixing the hot cocoa with the English toffee cappuccino. Mmmmmmm!

Okay, it's almost 8:00 am and I have to get laundry started.


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