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I've managed to cut out more meat from my diet, but only in parts. I'm not turning entirely vegetarian, but I'm down to only having actual meat once a day, provided my latest plan works. The basic rule is that whenever one consumes carbohydrates, one should have one serving of protein or one serving of fat to slow down the conversion of that carbohydrate into sugars that trigger insulin production, which then becomes fat.

For morning I have two eggs and one serving of fruit or vegetable for breakfast. Eggs are actually a good source of protein. Sometimes I add cheese if I make an omelet.

For a snack I usually have a serving of nuts, cheese, or cottage cheese with one serving of fruit.

For lunch it's usually a salad with some sort of protein (in the past meat), shredded cheese and salad dressing for fat.

I occasionally have a snack between lunch and dinner, as well. It might usually be either more fruit and protein or three cups of popcorn (hold the butter) and a protein.

For dinner it's usually 6 oz. of meat with steamed veggies.

For lunch now I'm going to try avocado in place of meat so I get good fats instead of the meat. I may also add sliced raw almonds to add some protein and calcium and get rid of the shredded cheese. We'll see how it goes. I don't care for avocado alone, but I'm hoping I might like it more in salad.

EDIT: Avocado in the salad is a go! It didn't gross me out like plain avocado does and blended in nicely.
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Last night at the weight loss support group I found out we're having a weight loss contest betwen 3/24 and 6/2. Whoever loses the biggest percentage of their weight in that time wins a rather big prize package. I'm not so much concerned with the package (though it would certainly be nice!) as I am in having the extra motivation to keep losing. I signed up for the contest. I'm already getting motivated. This week I've walked two days: Sunday and today. My goal that I set with my health coach was to walk three or four days a week and I have yet to keep that promise. This week will be the first week. I can do it!

It's time to end the stagnation and start losing weight again.
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Because of work, I haven't been able to attend the weight loss support group for over a month. Last time I attended it was an intimate group of around a dozen people. I attended the group tonight for the first time in over a month and it's grown in size to over forty people! O.o

Not to self: never to stay away from a support group for over a month again, and never feed a support group after midnight. Or is that never get a support group wet? Either one works, I suppose.
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I currently have a partially eaten pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the freezer at home. This is awesome. Why is it awesome?

In the past when I would buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's it would be gone as soon as I opened it. I would eat it all in one sitting without hesitation and before you could blink an eye. Last night [profile] painted_wolf and I each bought a pint. We arrived at home and each had around one serving of our respective ice creams and put them away. I've learned at least to some degree to keep track of my portions! :D

On the flip side, I've discovered a weakness for raw, unsalted cashews. I need to control my portions with them. I've had two or three handfuls so far today already. *tsktsk*
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The appointment was very brief but wonderful. I weighed in and we compared against the previous appointment a month ago and realized...

I've lost 18 pounds in the last month! ^_^ This makes me very happy.
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Here's another quick update while I wait for files to upload.
  • In the past week I lost another eight pounds and have tightened my belt another notch. Three more notches to go before I have to buy a new belt! ^_^
  • The new diet is working out well, if only a bit confusing. Some of the materials the dietitian gave me seem to contradict each other and what we discussed.
  • The morning walk is also working out well. I still enjoy it! :)
  • Our portions are A LOT smaller now so we're saving money on groceries. That's always a big plus.
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I haven't weighed in yet, but when I put on my belt this morning I got to move up two notches. Yay! This is the same belt that when I bought it was a little tight at the loosest notch. Now I'm at the third in! ^_^


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