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Ugh. Only six hours of sleep. I just couldn't stay in bed, so here I am on Saturday morning up unholy early. Oh well. At least I'll get my washing done.

Thursday night was the much-needed return of Gaming Club and regular board gaming for us older folks who hang out there. It was nice to play Thurn and Taxis, Winner's Circle (my favorite race game!) and San Juan again. We get even more board gaming in later today at Preston's house! Woohoo! I'm bringing Taj Mahal, Adel Verpflichtet, Shadows Over Camelot, Bohnanza, Mamma Mia, Sole Mio, TransAmerica and Werewoves of Millers Cove for some possibilities. Actually Preston requested Adel Verpflichtet and he's never played Taj Mahal (it's been years for me, too, even though I own it!) but the rest are just random pulls based on knowing how many people will be there.

After Gaming Club on Thursday, [profile] ciliandis came back to our placed and stayed over. We had a bit of chatting before bed. I also tried on my new stripey socks just to make sure they fit and they do. In the morning we had to bring [profile] painted_wolf to class. After dropping her off we went for breakfast at the Overflow and had all sorts of wonderful conversation on friends, family and life in general. I really enjoy having these sorts of breakfasts with [profile] ciliandis because we get to just sit, relax and chat.

Next we decided to do some shopping before I had to work. ciliandis was very kind to drive so I pitched in for gas and we were off. We ended up going to Home Goods and browsing there for a bit. Next we went to Payless where I could pick up a pair of shoes I've wanted for some time now and another pair for [profile] painted_wolf (and I ended up grabbing a half-size too big *sigh*). Then it was off to Fashion Bug. I am really kicking myself now for not going into one sooner. They have a lot of nice stuff in my size! [profile] ciliandis found some really nice pants and was once again very kind to get me a new turtle neck on her gift vard. Thank you! I also ended up buying a really nice yellow and blue sweater that was on sale. [profile] ciliandis has this knack for finding really good sales and they happened to be having a 70% off sale. Score! We made a quick stop for blank CDs, office supplies and odds and ends before heading back to Plymouth.

The ride down and back was quite enjoyable, too. Plenty more chatting and goofing around and listening to Rent (the musical and not the movie soundtrack). We also shared this really neat drink ciliandis made at the Blue Canoe by mixing the hot cocoa with the English toffee cappuccino. Mmmmmmm!

Okay, it's almost 8:00 am and I have to get laundry started.
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Friday night while I was working, ciliandis met up with painted_wolf and they got to hang out for a bit while I worked. At one point they grabbed a pizza so we could all eat together, which was wonderful. After I finished work, we headed back home to chat, listen to music and watch Genesis of the Daleks.

Saturday was such an awesome day. We had a leisurely start to the day with a huge breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast and sauteed onions) and more chatting. We kinda had to rush into town so I could do a couple of things for work but then went to our first thrift store shopping trip in Campton. There wasn't much interesting there but it was fun to look. [profile] painted_wolf bought some glow-in-the-dark bugs and a really old English dictionary with some fabulously antiquated words.

Next we hopped into [profile] ciliandis' car and drove all the way to Laconia to the Goodwill where we found all sorts of cool stuff. [profile] ciliandis decided to buy clothes to make a Rani outfit. [profile] painted_wolf and I bought some nice clothes. After that we went to Payless shoes and did some shoe shopping. We didn't actually buy any shoes but we did find some really cool shoes. Kathy found some neat shoes and proceeded to not only try them on but hop around in them all giddy like.

Actually, in between the Goodwill store and the shoes we briefly stopped in the Home Goods store and looked at some of the cool stuff there, including some beautiful old fashioned masquerade ball masks. [profile] painted_wolf ended up playing a game of peek-a-boo with a little girl who wandered toward us as we were checking out the masks. It was absolutely precious! We also went to WalMart in search of a sweater vest for [profile] ciliandis' Five costume. There was some tomfoolery in the shoe section that resulted in [profile] ciliandis chasing [profile] painted_wolf around in muse mode.

By then it was nearly dinner time and we realized we hadn't really eaten lunch, so it was off to find food. We opted for Pizza Hut, though we didn't get pizza. We got bread sticks and pasta dishes (Yay meaty ziti!). All through dinner we were in full muse mode and fangeeking on Doctor Who. There were a couple of moments when our maintenance of character was hedgehog'd (sorry, in-joke) due to some rather hilarious exchanges, such as:

Five ([profile] ciliandis): She has a very interesting accent.
Ten ([profile] painted_wolf): What?!
Sarah Jane Smith (me): What?!
Five: Well, it's very... *unamused look of realization followed my headpalm* ... accented.

Me (to PW): You look very thoughtful. *leans in*
PW: *silently burps* It was gas.

After dinner ciliandis drove us back to Plymouth and we then parted ways after an amazing start to the weekend.

Sunday I went to church and I already posted about the delicious irony of that experience. It really was quite amusing. Afterward we were going to hang out with [personal profile] sk_brainstorm but he was ill so we changed plans. I hope you get well soon [personal profile] sk_brainstorm! Instead PW and I went grocery shopping and then went home. We ended up watching Super Troopers and having a lovely dinner together and a relatively quiet night alone together.

This weekend was absolutely great, even in spite of the truck issues.
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It's been a wonderful and interesting and fantastic and expensive day, but it's all worth it.

First we slept in (and by that I mean we woke up at 9:30 am which is sleeping in these days). We realized we had forgotten that today was the Town Wide Yard Sales in Plymouth so we immediately got dressed and scurried off without showers or breakfast. We limited ourselves to $100 and spent nearly all of it. We got a bunch of cool stuff like a couple games (one unopened and still in the shrink-wrap!), a scanner an artistic photo of a squirrel from one of [profile] painted_wolf's former art professors, a photo frame, a wooden sword (PW insisted she needed it *sigh*), wooden display shelves for PW's fossils and rocks, music (Cyndi Lauper and Sarah Brightman, yay!), movies and a couple other random things. We also bought some homemade pickles and salsa from a local farm at one of the yard sales held by a church. I ended up spending $10 buying a bunch of microphone cables, mic stand, camera bag and printer/scanner/copier for work.

Toward the end it started raining, then more rain, then more and within minutes it was a downpour, so it brought our yard sale spree to a halt very quick. So we went to WalMart to buy new shelves for our massive CD and DVD collection so we could get rid of the ugly old white cabinet. We also picked up a couple movies there that we've been wanting and got PW a backpack/bag-on-wheels so she can either carry her heavy books on her back or wheel them around like luggage (the more likely option).

Then we went grocery shopping, but first stopped at Radio Shack to check prices on laptops and the great deal presented itself and, even though I cringe at it being a Compaq, it was a great price and brand new with a warranty and didn't involve replacing parts or software on a used laptop so... we bought it. So PW has a new laptop for school which is wonderful. It's something we were planning to do but now it's done and she can start using it.

So we bought groceries for the week with some extra to store away in the freezer. We also stopped at our favorite farm stand for all our produce. Tonight will likely involve PW playing with her new lappy and us installing OpenOffice. And a shower. I definitely need a shower. Oh wordywordword do I need a shower.
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The vertigo has made a slight return, so I'll definitely be scheduling an appointment when we get back home on Friday. In the meantime, vacation continues and goes mostly well. The biggest downside to the day was forgetting my CPAP when packing to stay at my parents, hence my typing this at 2:41 a.m. I can't really sleep very well without it and between the vertigo and the headache from oxygen deprivation...

I digress.

We started the day very casually by sleeping in and having a very light breakfast. We left for Nashua around noon and made our first stop at the pet store in Plymouth. We browsed around for a bit looking at the reptiles, birds and amphibians, especially the turtles. After that we went to the bank and then bought a snack an eye drops at Hannaford.

We then drove down I-93. Our next stop was for gas in New Hampton. From there we decided to follow Route 132 into Tilton and passed our previous apartment. It had been almost a year since our last trip down Route 132. In Tilton we stopped for lunch at the Tilt'n Diner. We both decided we weren't very hungry so [profile] painted_wolf got a rueben sandwich with fries and a chocolate frappe and I got a cup of seafood chowder and the Philly cheese steak omelette without homefries and toast. It was a good quick lunch but I think it was still too heavy for me.

We drove down Route 3 from there and the truck decided to stall twice between Tilton and Concord. We finally made our next stop at Borders in Concord. We had some fun browsing for books. We each bought a book: one for my parents and one for [profile] painted_wolf. We also saw a book titled Punk Science and we mused for a couple minutes on the idea of scientists wearing Black Flag, Anarchy, Dead Kennedys and various other black cloth patches on their lab coats, spiking the shoulders, wearing various bodypiercings and spacers in their ear lobes and donning various wild hairstyles like mohawks and footlong spikes. [profile] painted_wolfdecided she wanted to be a punk scientist. I can't help but be amused by the thought of her on a dig site brushing out the remains of some prehistoric critter while "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" or "MTV Get Off The Air" blast from a nearby boombox. It's fine by me so long as it isn't half eleven. There will be no dry humping trees in the park, thankyouverylittle (see Day 2).

We took to the road again and followed Route 3 to Route 3A until it joined up with I-293. At that point I just decided to stay on I-293 to the Everett Turnpike and follow that all the way to Nashua since we didn't have any other planned stops along the way. We finally arrived in Nashua around 6:00 p.m. It was actually fun turning a one-hour trip into a six-hour trip.

When we arrived my nephew L. and niece A. met and greeted us, which was very nice. Mom pulled out my old Young Authors books from grade school. [profile] painted_wolfand I had a laugh looking at them. They were cute but horribly written. Still the trip down memory lane was amusing. One was a true story about me helping my Dad fix up the new house. Another was about a very nice man who was a police officer. There was a random robbery in the middle, which involved a car chase until the very nice man was distracted by his race car driving friend and they both lived happily ever after. The third was about a guy who dreamed he was put under an alien curse by aliens who spoke backward English. He woke up to find it was just a dream and was then visited by a real alien with the weirdest, longestname I've ever seen or heard. The alien was in some army and went to war and died. Years later the man died and was reincarnated as an alien. [profile] painted_wolfand I both agreed that I was a messed up kid. My mom also gave me one of my Young Authors certificates and some award certificate for Spanish from 8th grade for apparently being very studious and proficient. I didn't even remember it!

We sat and watched television (mostly kids shows and cartoons) and L. and A. had fun playing and hanging out with us. A. was much less shy this time and she loved sitting on my lap and playing with the large Lego blocks. It was so adorable! She grabbed a wooden birdhouse at one point, stuffed the blocks into it and handed it to me to get the blocks out for her. For each one pulled out she thanked me and I said "You're welcome!" When I got them all out, she'd stuff them back in and hand it back to me. L. was just having fun following me around, which was also adorable. It just made me want children even more.

Eventually my sister Cat and her fiance Johnny showed up to pick up the kids. We talked very briefly but she was tired and sore (she's pregnant again) so they went home and will come back tomorrow to visit. My Gram is coming to visit tomorrow morning (oh, wait, that's actually today at this point).

Day 5 involves visiting with family, going to the meeting for a couple hours and not much else. Oh, my Mom wants me to show up at her office and meet all her co-workers, too. That should be fun. In the meantime, I'm going to catch up on a little more intarwebby stuff and then attempt another nap.


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