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I read this article in one of the local papers tonight and it has me frustrated. Good ol' "live free or die" NH might be considering legislation in the same vain as Maine soon to repeal same-sex marriage. I should hope it won't pass, but I think really when the legislation comes up it really needs to be nailed hard for the negative economic impact it will have on the state.

Some of my thoughts to Cornerstone Policy Research...

"Our state is struggling enough to keep smart, talented people within our borders to strengthen our economy. Yet when legislation was considered to allow same-sex marriage and to provide non-discrimination laws for transgender people, you spoke against them. Now you are speaking in favor of potential legislation similar to Maine that seeks to repeal same-sex marriage. Isn't our economy bad enough without you seeking to make it worse? It's unfortunate in such a difficult economy you want to give our state more reason to drive fruitful citizens away. NH citizens can easily move elsewhere and get broadband internet readily (and from more than one provider), a lower cost of living, a higher income, a fairer tax model, same-sex marriage, and transgender rights. What would those here get? No sales or income tax? Is it really worth it, especially when you have people on fixed incomes paying as much as 50+% of their fixed incomes on property tax? And for what? A state that seeks to take away rights, deny rights, ridicule its citizens (I draw special attention to the horrible, insulting, insensitive, and downright unprofessional and unethical remarks of many of the Republican legislators during the debate over transgender non-discrimination), and hand over infrastructure to inept providers (FairPoint bankruptcy comes to mind).

Drive away the youthful innovators and experienced seniors. You can stay behind and pay the high property taxes for a failing state full of not much but leaves and pretty mountains to be desired. The charm of our natural setting wears thin very swiftly once the surface is scratched."

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He states it so well that I would rather just let him do the talking. Please read and/or watch:
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We received a lovely letter and wedding gift from a wonderful woman I know through church and just being active in the community, which was very kind of her! It's been so odd thing, because we went into this thinking "hey, it's just a legal process like any other and we'll have the real wedding when we can get everyone together and celebrate proper and clear up a few things," to having so many people want to celebrate now. I think the oddest thing about it was at the Selectboard meeting last night, while I was there working not only producing the meeting but also preparing to speak on end-of-the-year equipment purchases, and the Selectboard announced our marriage on live television and the audience broke into applause. It was such a surreal experience, but very thoughtful!

Today I picked up the copy of our marriage certificate and the letter of support for my name change from my therapist. I'm going to try to find a way to get the fee for the name change and make it happen ASAP. The insurance forms have been turned in and [profile] painted_wolf has set up her first doctor's appointment. This is really exciting!

I can't believe I forgot to add our surprise gift last night! I had just finished a long day at work. PW and I went as planned to our summer apartment to drop off the load of boxes we brought into town that morning. Karen, a friend of ours that works for the laundry and property management place from whom we're renting, was in to clean that morning and left us a card from her and the family, as well as a bottle of sparkling cider. That was incredibly thoughtful of her! PW and I shared it when we got home and it was a wonderful way to wind down before bed. :D
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I dropped of the completed marriage license this morning at the Town Hall and they're entering it into the system today. We're legally married! ^_^
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We had another day of celebration today, which once again involved dinner on someone else and a movie, but let's not Tarantino this too much. We'll start from the beginning.

I went to church as is pretty much usual, except I went in early to help print and prepare the order of service. It came time during the service for candles of joy and celebration, and so I got up and lit a candle, introduced myself with my new last name and told everyone that we were married yesterday and were very happy to be finally married. I had hoped to be far more eloquent, but as usual my nerves got the best of me and I was lucky just to have been coherent and not put my foot in my mouth. :P It was wonderful that the congregation applauded for us. That was a very nice, warm gesture. I did quip as I was returning to my seat that some would say it was about time after twelve years together and that got a bunch of people laughing, which helped with the whole nerves thing.

[profile] painted_wolf and I went out for a nice brunch at her diner of choice after church, and then we went in to her work so she could check in on the crabs. I got to learn a bit more about how the experiment works, so that was cool. I am still to this day, twelve years later, absolutely amazed at how intelligent and bright she is. She makes me proud more than words can say!

After the stop in at work we did some shopping, dropped the perishables off at a safe place to be kept cool until we could go home and then went to see The Incredible Hulk. Very awesome movie. I still enjoyed Get Smart more and still think it's the best movie I've seen this summer so far (with Kung Fu Panda a close second), but that's not to say Hulk was bad. It was great! It was leagues above the previous attempt at a Hulk movie which wasn't even worth the $5 we paid for it in the bargain bin. I don't want to spoil it, but I definitely will say it's worth seeing. Edward Norton makes a great Bruce Banner!

After the movie but before dinner, we returned to the truck and while sitting there I caught a quick glimpse of one of the University police walking down South Main Street. He was dressed in a long rain coat with day-glo orange trim and a rain cap on his dress hat, so my mind interpretted it at first as some day-glo pirate. PW and I had great fun for a while just imagining a pirate policeman:

"Arrrrrr! Ye be parked in a no parking area!"
"Avast ye! Ye be speedin' and I have to ticket ye now!"
"I have to confiscate ye rum now, because ye shouldn't drink it while drivin', arrrrrr!"
"Well shiver me timbers and assault me batteries!"

Next it was off to dinner. We went to the Italian Farmhouse since we had the Common Man gift card very generously gifted to us by my coworkers. This restaurant holds a very romantic significance for us since it was where we went for our first date and usually where we go to celebrate our anniversary. It seemed only fitting to celebrate our marriage there, too! We started by sharing the artichoke pomodoro. As usual I ordered an alfredo dish because I adore alfredo and don't have it often (pretty much only when we celebrate our anniversaries). This time it was the straw and hay, which is spinach and egg pasta with prosciutto and asparagus with alfredo sauce. PW got the farmhouse alfredo with chicken. We each enjoyed a glass of wine and then finished our meal with dessert. She got the chocolate mousse and I got the tiramisu. It was a very delicious meal!

After dinner we grabbed our perishables and headed home where we packed some boxes in the truck to start our move into the summer apartment tomorrow and then I returned my Mom's call. Mom and I had a very long but pleasant conversation. We're probably going to go down to visit them or they might come up here on the weekend of the 4th. I'm not sure if we'll be driving down or taking the bus, but likely the bus since at this point I think the cost of two bus tickets to Manch-vegas is cheaper than the cost of gas for the truck. My parents are cool with driving to pick us up in Manch-vegas from Nashua. It might be nice to take the bus. I don't think I've ever taken a bus that wasn't a school bus, Citybus or T.

We Do!

Jun. 22nd, 2008 12:56 am
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The marriage was wonderful! I was amazed with how short it really was! I'd say it was about two minutes of actual ceremony. I turned into a giddy mush by the time we got there and I was getting the quivery lip and teary eyes by the time I was supposed to say "I do." I think the conversation afterward with my minister was longer than the actual ceremony! So while it won't be completely official until the marriage license is returned to the Plymouth Town Clerk on Monday morning, we're married! ^_^

We decided to surprise Sarah and Randy with a visit and we ended up hanging out and chatting. After a while they asked us what we were doing and we said we had no definite plans but were thinking of going for dinner. They asked us if we would like to go out for dinner and a movie with them so we said yes and went home to change. We got back, we all decided what we wanted to do for dinner and a movie and then we went. They were awesome and treated us to dinner at the Lucky Dog as a wedding present! The dinner ended up being Mexican themed since Randy and [profile] painted_wolf both got quesadillas, Sarah got the chimichanga and I got the burrito.

After dinner we walked around and chatted more, then went to Meredith and walk around a bit more before going to the theater and watching Get Smart. Holy awesomeness! If you liked the show, I highly recommend the movie. Steve Carrell would have made Don Adams proud and the writers did a great job keeping the characters true to form. Even if you aren't familiar with the old television program, it's definitely a fun movie and you should go see it.
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bee-da-dee-doooooooooo bee-da-dee-da-doooo bee-da-dee-da-doooooo bee-da-dee-da-doo-dee-dooooooooooo

Egads. I'm all sorts of giddy now. In four hours time we'll be just a visit to the Town Clerk away from being legally married! ^_^

And now, as promised (and because I have to get "The Final Countdown" out of my head....

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Yesterday was actually a good day all things considered. By all things considered, I mean the damned stomach bug. At its worst I ended up running to the potty every few minutes, had stomach cramps and nausea, couldn't eat a thing, was shivering like I was freezing (even though I had no fever), and felt light-headed. I finally was able to force myself to eat something around 6:30pm so I had a six-inch turkey sub at Subway but it was weird. I knew I had to eat because I had been up since 6:30 in the morning and hadn't eaten a thing, which was most likely why I was light-headed (though I'm sure the borderline low systolic blood pressure didn't help matters), but I didn't feel hungry. In fact I felt full like I had eaten too much in spite of not eating for something like 20 hours. It eventually helped with the light-headedness but caused the potty issues to resurge.

So yeah. Illness sucks. I didn't let it stop me, though. I took advantage of being up so early to listen to a bunch of new music that I had grabbed from giveaway bins and such. I found some stuff in the pile that I really like, so I'm glad I have this compulsion to grab free music whenever I get the chance! After a while I was struggling to stay awake and that won out over my fear of falling asleep and making another mess. I went back to bed and PW woke up to cuddle me for a bit. Then we decided to take advantage of the next installment of The Avengers coming in on Friday and the wonders of laptop computers to watch the four episodes in bed. Wow, John Steed was a real prick when Venus Smith and Cathy Gale first showed up. I like him better when paired up with Mrs. Peel! Then again, I'm biased. ;) We ended up staying in bed until 4:00pm and I have to watch a couple of the episodes again because I fell asleep through two of them.

Around 6:00pm I had to go into Plymouth to take care of a problem at work. I wasn't thrilled with going into work so ill but it needed to be done. I figured since we were going to be making the half-hour trek into town, we may as well bring the laundry and get something done while we were there. We started the laundry, went to Rite Aid so I could check my blood pressure, went to get a bite to eat, finished the laundry and then went to WalMart to take advantage of their jewelry department to size our fingers for wedding rings. We also discussed what we want for rings. We're not really absolutely set on the idea of rings, but I like the idea of having something to show that I'm spoken for. We talked about a necklace with a nice pendant or something but I think in the end it will be rings, though nothing expensive. I just hope we're able ton find a ring I like in a size 12!

We returned home and had dinner, which seemed to settle well enough in my tummy. I ended up eating two veggie burgers, each on a slice of toast. I went to bed around 10:30pm and actually fell asleep briefly while trying to put new sheets on the bed. PW had to come in and wake me up and finish making the bed for me, bless her heart. She tucked me in and I slept until just about half an hour ago.

I'm feeling much better already this morning. There are still some lingering symptoms but I actually woke up mildly hungry and decided to try my usual two eggs and a slice of toast for breakfast. We'll see how it settles. I may get brave and go for a walk since it's such a lovely day. I obviously skipped fellowship this morning and didn't go hang out with Sarah and Randy, and most likely we'll be home all day. And as for the weight loss: I lost six pounds in one day. I'm not sure if I should be thrilled or frightened because that is a tremendous amount of weight loss for one day, but I'm just going to be happy about it. That's 80 pounds lost in total so far! :D
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Thank you [info]jamaesi for posting about your opportunity to meet Bill Clinton and hear him speak!

While I don't know the context in which the discussion happened or what exactly was said, apparently at Waynesburg University Bill Clinton spoke about not giving different rules for different people and asked why GLBT people should have different rules than straight people. Now, I would hope that this would perhaps be prodding to encourage same-sex marriage and equal rights, but I suspect given Hilary's stance that she supports civil unions and not same-sex marriage (you know, different rules, separate and unequal) that this was more a condemnation of same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is not about giving GLBT people different rules or special dispensation. If anything it's quite the contrary: it's seeking to make the same rule apply to all. Straight people can freely marry the person they love. They don't have to worry about whether their state has laws against it or the federal government has laws against it or whether even if it's permitted that some group of people will successfully lobby to have their ability to marry taken away. GLBT people, on the other hand, have to deal with all of this. And beyond the legal right to do it or not, the ability to get married is the gatekeeper to an assortment of basic needs for any couple: the need to be part of medical and/or financial decisions when one's partner is in poor health, just being able to be with one's partner in the hospital, being able to have children and start a family together, having all tax options available, et cetera. Civil unions don't accomplish this, even in the case of New Hampshire that gives on a state level the "full" benefits and responsibilities of marriage. That's nice, but the federal government doesn't recognize that for their purposes.

I've even heard or read the argument that GLBT people have the same legal right to marriage as anyone else, just so long as they marry someone of the opposite sex. That's ludicrous. Gays and lesbians, and even some bisexual people, can't marry the people they love in that case. Straight people can. That doesn't seem at all equal to me. If we take that logic and extend it to same-sex marriage, then there would be nothing stopping a straight person from entering into same-sex marriage, either, so how would same-sex marriage be unequal?

Same-sex marriage and other GLBT rights are not about giving GLBT people different rules. The current laws exclude GLBT people so it's currently a state of different rules for different people. This needs to be rectified. Clinton won't do that. McCain won't do that. I'm not even confident that Obama will do that. Regardless of which candidates will or won't, we need to keep pushing for it and letting them know that we won't tolerate separate and unequal any longer.
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This weekend was yet another excellent weekend!

Friday night [profile] ciliandis once again joined us for a sleepover (sorry again for the cot mishap!) After hanging out while [profile] painted_wolf played in Dan's Abberant game, we went back to our place and just did the hanging out thing. [profile] ciliandis shared some awesome music with us, including The Best of James Bond and Shivaree. While the two of them played played spider solitaire in character (OMGA was that hilarious) and painted_wolf nearly injured herself in the wonky chair, I worked on creating the Mrs. Peel Mix (probably one of two or more since I really need to make one with some Shivaree).

Saturday [profile] ciliandis and I went for a great morning walk and just talked about childhood and how some of those weird quirks we had as kids tend to resurface and we notice them and think "hey, I thought I was over that!" When we got back, I taught her how to play Milles Bornes and she completely whomped me. After that [profile] painted_wolf taught her how to play poker while I cooked everyone breakfast. Then all three of us ate and played poker (the two of them in character) and had a great time.

We eventually got ourselves ready to go out and went to return PW's overpriced Vertebrates text (which they promptly insisted we had to refund on the card with which we purchased it and wouldn't see the money for days, gee thanks). Afterward we went to the dollar store and found all kinds of groovy things, then to WalMart to goof off and get a couple of things and finally to Hannaford to buy food for dinner.

We had a wonderful meal of tacos and nachos. Okay, sure it wasn't the healthiest of meals, but it had been soooo long since I had either and we mentioned it while shopping and immediately we all realized how tasty it seemed. We ate our tacos and nachos and watched Rent which was amazing. I loved it! And I wept like mad, especially toward the end. Angel is awesome! Joanne was really cool, too. :) Afterward we drove [profile] ciliandis back to Plymouth to get her car and go home.

Today was a very fruitful day. I went to church, participated in the discussion and vote on the capital campaign and then returned home for my walk. PW was upwhen I got back so we went for a walk together in the falling snow, which was actually quite nice. When we returned home I had lunch and we got right to task making our lists of what we each wanted in a wedding, compared our notes, listed what we agreed on and what we still needed to decide and started drafting a potential guest list.

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My I am so full of meme today. :P I know [profile] painted_wolf and I are not legally married yet, but we've been together for eleven years, living together for ten years, and planning to marry soon. I yoinked this from [profile] nepenthe01:

1. How did you meet your life-partner and how old were you?
We first met through a mutual friend at the time. Actually it was her college roommate. Yes, I'm rather embarrassed to admit I was smitten with her then roommate and was there to puppy-dog her. At the time I was just about to turn 21. I remember because four days after my 21st birthday we started "dating," as it were.

2. Was it love at first sight?
I can't say it was love at first sight, but there was definitely a mutual admiration and awe. She had heard my "Funk You And The Horse You Rode In On" experiment-album and was very intrigued. She's since admitted she's always had a soft spot for musicians. I had the pleasure of hearing her talk for a very long time about all sorts of prehistoric critters the first day I met her and was absolutely enthralled. It still blows my mind to this day that she can be such a wealth of paleontological information. She amazes me and did so even then. I remember that day because we later had a laugh when I admitted I thought her brother was her father (they're about 20 years apart).

3. How did you know you were supposed to marry him?
I don't know. It just felt right. Mom always used to tell me that I would know when it was right and I didn't believe her. Go figure. It actually happened!

4. What was the first date like?
The first actual date was a nice dinner at the Italian Farmhouse. Ever since it has become a favorite stop for our anniversary dinner, though we haven't done it every year.

5. Where did your first kiss take place?
In her dorm room while sitting on her bed. I believe we were watching an episode of Doctor Who at the time. :P

6. Dating... local or long distance?
Mostly local, but there was a stretch when she was in college in Plymouth and I was housesitting for her mom in Lisbon. Since the car was dead for a few months I kept in touch with her by calling and sending cards a lot. I actually composed a guitar piece for her, recorded it to tape and sent it to her. We still have the tape! :D

7. Do you know everything there is to know about your life-partner?
I doubt it. I learn something new every day, as does she. That's part of spending a life together.

8. Were your parents supportive of you when you started dating?
Yes and no. My parents were very accepting and I think glad to know that I liked girls (umm... yeah... about that... lol). Her father was great about it and very welcoming. Her then step-mother was very old-fashioned about it. Her mother was very polite and accepting, though a little uneasy with us moving in together unmarried.

9. Did you wait till marriage to have sex?
No, but we were together for several months before we did have sex.

10. How long was it till you got engaged after you started dating?
Exactly one year and one month. I had planned to propose on our one-year anniversary but the ring I ordered came in late. I remember the night very well. She had just got out of work at the college cafeteria (she worked in catering) and we were going back to her room so she could get changed for Gaming Club. On the way I asked her aside to this little cove on the green in front of the HUB. It was the perfect spot surrounded by shrubbery and with a little stone bench. I sat her down, got down to one knee, presented the ring and asked. We both got a bit weepy and she said yes. It was a full moon that night. We're still working on actually following through, but we think we're just about there. ;)

11. Long or short engagement?
VERY long, but well worth the wait. By the time we actually get married (unless something happens between now and then) it will be almost eleven years.

12. Did you write your own vows?
This has yet to be determined.

13. What was one of the things that attracted you to your life-partner?
Her intelligence and humor. She also has the biggest mysterious brown eyes and the cutest button nose.

14. Do you believe she is your soul mate?
Most assuredly. We have both been through some very rough times together and still have each other. She has been incredibly supportive, more than I could have dreamed or hoped, and I love her madly for it.

15. Are you happy that you married him?
I feel it's the best part of my past, present and future yet to come. All else good that happens is just icing on the cake.

16. Place your life-partner was born and date?
West Lebanon, NH, February 22, 1977

17. Favorite movie?
She has a lot of those! Too many to list, but most are horror movies, especially of the zombie variety.

18. Occupation?
Full-time biology student, with hopes of going on to study and practice either paleontology, comparative biology or evolutionary biology.

19. What is one of her favorite things to do on the weekends?
Stay home and relax. Sleep in.

21. Does she snore at night while sleeping?
Yes, she most certainly does!

22. What about farting in her sleep?
I don't think so.

23. If you could go one place with her anywhere in the world where would that be?
We'd like to go to Britain at some point, but also out to the midwest where all the old dinosaur bones can be found.

24. How often do you have sex?
As often as we feel and at our discretion.

25. Is she the best thing that ever happened to you?
Indubitably. She saved my life. I was in a very rough state of mind back then.


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