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Yesterday I got so caught up in writing to legislators that I completely neglected to wish a Happy Birthday to [ profile] quantumswordsmn. Happy Belated Birthday, Steve! I hope you had a wonderful day! :)
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Please join me in wishing [ profile] ciliandis a very happy birthday!
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Please joining me in wishing [personal profile] sk_brainstorm a very wonderful and restful happy birthday! If you're still up for a movie later Joe we would love to do that! :)
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A very happy belated birthday to [profile] itsabigmike, and thank you to [profile] ciliandis for reminding me!
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First, please join me in wishing a very happy birthday to [ profile] fossilapostle! Several years ago (I shudder to think it wals almost ten years ago, actually!), I had started reading The Escapist and thought, "Hey, I'm coordinating this convention and we need Guests of Honor. This guy so needs to be here!" It was actually his BeQuest program that had inspired me to include a raffle to benefit the youth center that year, too.

I sent the invite. I remember his response was along the lines of "You want me to be a Guest of Honor at your convention? And you're paying my way? And I get to meet *name omitted out of respect*?" Yes, Mr. Walton. Because you rock. He and [ profile] amazonblonde made the trek and we all had a wonderful time gaming and getting to know each other. We've been in contact with each other ever since and I'm happy and proud to call him a friend. Happy birthday [ profile] fossilapostle, and may you have many more still!

Today is also National Nurses Day and marks the beginning of National Nurses week on the birthday of Florence Nightengale. If you know a nurse, please thank her or him for all they do. Treat them to something special. Nursing is the heartbeat and backbone of the medical field and they work incredibly hard to keep people well.

As a child I was inspired by my grandmother, who started, worked her whole adult life and retired as a nurse. She was my motivation and inspiration to consider a career in medicine and to work as a nurses aide. Even though I didn't continue in nursing or medicine, I am grateful for all that I learned while working as a nurses aide and how much more appreciation I gained for what nurses have to do in their daily work routine. Many thanks to all the nurses of the world!
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Please join me in wishing [profile] cyberbomber a very happy birthday!
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Please everyone join me in wishing a happy birthday to my favorite April Fool (though not as much a fool as me) and friend of 24 years, [profile] quantumswordsmn !

Tewnty-four years. Egads we're getting old. :P

Steve and I have been friends for what seems like an eternity. We've had many exploits together. I now have a college degree that I feel I can confidently attribute to him. He pushed me to realize that college was the right thing for me to do and that I could do it. He saw that, even though I had a tendency not to think things through and to lack motivation, I was still a smart person or at least had the potential. So thank you, Steve!

I know it's not much but it's the best I can do. My gift is my blog and this post's for you. And you can tell everybody this is your post. It may be quite simple but, now that it's done, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you're in the world.
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Yesterday I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off and never had a chance to post this, so...

Happy Birthday to the lovely [profile] leafygoddess! I didn't forget you! *hugs*
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Please join me in wishing a very happy birthday to [profile] quyden!
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Please join me in wishing [profile] canongrrl a very happy birthday!
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Please join me in wishing a happy birthday to [profile] coil_kitten! ^_^
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Today was a marvelous day!

It started very lazy. We lounged around. We did very little. We did have a tickle fight. Then we watched some Torchwood. I <3 Ianto!

Tosh: "... we could feed the world!"
Ianto: "We could make a single."


I had to get into town to do a couple of things for work real quick and then we watched another episode of Torchwood real quick before heading to dinner.

Dinner was amazing. We ordered everything we ate off the specials list because quite frankly the items were far too tempting. We shared the mussels in cream sauce with tomatoes as an appetizer and I had the onion potato cream soup, as well. Both were absolutely delicious. [profile] painted_wolf ordered a dish that had pan-seared duck in a cranberry walnut glazed with garlic oregano mashed potatoes. I had the chicken and portabella alfredo and it was to die for. Huge chunks of portabella mushroom! PW also ordered the special pinot grigio to go with her dinner and it was very tasty. It was a very mild wine that suited the duck quite well. The Italian Farmhouse does a scrumptious duck, by the way. We've had it twice and both times it was absolutely perfect. For dessert PW got the chocolate cannolis and I ordered a marbled cheesecake topped with creme brulee. It was most assuredly decadent.

We did our grocery shopping on the way home and then watched more Torchwood so now we're finally caught up. If you haven't seen it yet or perhaps missed it, pay attention to the door that opens in the beginning of "Reset." Does the new mayor of Cardiff look familiar? She should for Doctor Who fans. ;)

All in all it has been wonderful. I may try to convince PW to play a game or two of Blink. We'll see.
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Please, everyone join me in wishing [profile] painted_wolf, the love of my life, a very happy birthday today. Happy Birthday dear! *hugs*
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A very Happy Birthday to Candace!


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