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I'm so excited that my eyes are welling up with tears of joy! HB 415 (adds gender identity and expression to the NH state anti-discrimination laws) not only passed a motion to reconsider this morning after failing a House vote by 15 votes a week ago, but also survived a vote to mark it Inexpedient to Legislate and passed the new vote in the NH House by one vote, 188 - 187! I am so grateful to everyone who worked hard to make this happen, especially Gerri Cannon and all of my friends and family that contacted their state representatives.

It's not over. Now it goes on to the State Senate, and assuming it passes there it has to get through the Governor...
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This morning, very first thing, the NH House is voting to reconsider HB 415. HB 415 is the bill that would add "gender identity and expression" to the state's anti-discrimination laws, giving us transgender citizens equal protection most importantly when seeking employment, housing, and health care. It was portrayed by some people as the "Bathroom Bill," though really that's just a smoke screen because HB 415 doesn't change the status of bathrooms in NH. The vote on this bill failed by 15 votes out of over 300, which is encouraging for the first time this issue was considered by the state legislature. There were 53 Democrats absent from the vote, so the hope is that by having this motion for reconsideration put to vote first thing this morning before the House reviews the state budget, along with some very heavy education efforts that Gerri Cannon in particular has been doing, these 53 votes could bring HB 415 back to vote. If it doesn't get voted Inexpedient to Legislate, there's the potential that it could also pass this time around and move on to the state Senate. I'm remaining hopeful that it passes.

So here's the question: if HB 415 fails again, could a case be made that discrimination on the basis of gender identity and/or expression is a case of discrimination on the basis of gender? I don't believe any such case has succeeded in NH state courts, but I know such a case has succeeded on the federal level, but only just recently. In NH, I believe usually when there has been success, the case law used relies on state disability laws. One question in particular that I have is whether or not statements legislators themselves have made, whether during public discussion on HB 415 or in private communications with constituents writing in response to HB 415, indicating their belief that current anti-discrimination laws already protect transgender people (of course providing no specifics as to how, just that they do). If enough legislators indicate their interpretation of existing legislation is that it protects transgender people from discrimination, could a transgender person fired or refused employment on the basis of gender identity and/or expression then file a suit for discrimination on the basis of gender and use these legislators' statements to support the case? What bearing do statements, especially public statements during the course of deliberation, made by legislators have on case law? Does anyone have any insight on using legislators' statements interpreting law to support a court case, or even better examples where this has been done successfully?
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The NH House of Representatives Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on Thursday, February 5 at 2:00 pm on HB 415. From the Analysis portion of the bill: "This bill defines gender identity and expression and adds it to the list of classes of people protected from discrimination."

If you live in New Hampshire, or know someone who lives in New Hampshire, please contact your state Representative (especially if they are on the Judiciary Committee!) and urge them to support this bill. If you Representative is Rep. Ed Butler, please contact him to thank him for introducing this bill.

This bill is extremely important because currently transgender people in the state of New Hampshire have only case law based around state disability laws to try to defend ourselves in the case of wrongful firing for being transgender. There is no explicit protection for transgender people written into state or federal law. This means that employers in New Hampshire can fire someone simply because we are transgender. Not only is gender identity and expression non-discrimination a transgender concern, it is a concern for all GLBT or really all people. Often times when people are fired for being gay or lesbian, it is on the basis of perceived gender expression, when gay men (or even straight men suspected of being gay) are fired for not being masculine enough and lesbian women (or even straight women suspected of being lesbian) are fired for not being feminine enough. While discrimination against sexual orientation is illegal in New Hampshire, discrimination against gender identity and expression is not explicitly forbidden.

Please support this bill. One of the biggest challenges transgender people face is unemployment due to discrimination. A person should not be denied employment simply because of their gender, whether that gender fits into a perceived binary or a broader gender spectrum.
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Don't ask me how, but I ended up going to the Focus on the Family website and found their positions on transgender people. I figured not only would I share a link to it, but also take a minute to point out some thoughts on their arguments and positions.

First, a logical fallacy:

"We also learn that His creation and ordering of the world involved a series of "separations." These separations include heaven and earth, light and dark, day and night, morning and evening, clouds and seas, water and dry land, and sun and moon."

refutation of the claim of sex/gender dichotomy by way of logical fallacy )
Having gone through the fallacy above in detail, I think it sets up some points to tackle their positions. I'll handle some of their points one by one.
arguments against selected positions against transgender people )
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Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. I was really touched by [ profile] jesshartley's post about this day so I would like to encourage you all to visit her LJ and read. Thank you, Jess!

I like what she said about hope. I got so caught up in my excitement over pregnancy that I didn't stop to realize what day it is, but I would like to think that the good news this morning is a sign of hope. On such a solemn day when we remember the many who died simply because there are people in this world moved to violence simply because they can't accept transgender people, my wife and I are looking forward to having a child while I transition. We've had so much support from so many of our family and friends. We're very fortunate, and I am especially grateful for all of the support and love, as I know [ profile] painted_wolf is, too. Thank you all!

So many other transgender people have not been so fortunate, so please remember those who have suffered. Please help to spread the message of hope and let those who would feel moved to violence know that violence against transgender people is not to be tolerated. The life of a transgender person is just as sacred as any other person's life!

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couldn't get the embed code to work with LJ, so click here to watch Keith Olbermann express his opinion on Diane Schroer and the Library of Congress.
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nd surprise, it's Fox News! Not at all surprised or impressed. I read about this at en|Gender and, while I can understand why Helen Boyd didn't want to link to it, I think it's important for people to see ignorance and recognize it for what it is. GLAAD has demanded an apology from Fox News and Us Weekly. Only Us Weekly responded with a rather wishy-washy "we didn't mean it" sort of apology. Weak. Again not surprisingly, Fox News has not responded.

Now, beyond this crap... I think it's pretty awesome that there's going to be a transgender contestant on America's Next Top Model! I wish Isis all the best and hope she does well.
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Voice 101

May. 23rd, 2008 09:54 pm
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I just had to share this because... wow. It's really kind of cool and also she's very fun to watch (as in she has a great sense of humor) as she explains how she transitioned her voice.

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I signed the petition "Objection to DSM-V Committee Members on Gender Identity Disorders" and ask that you help me by doing the same. This is an issue that is very important to me. The DSM-IV currently includes Gender Identity Disorders. These diagnoses are important for transgender people, especially transsexuals, to get medical treatment and legal relief. From the petition overview:

"On the Task Force, named as Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
Chair, we find Dr. Kenneth Zucker, from Toronto infamous Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH, formerly the Clarke Institute). Dr. Zucker is infamous for utilizing reparative therapy to Ccure gender-variant children. Named to his work group, we find Zuckers mentor, Dr. Ray Blanchard, Head of Clinical Sexology Services at CAMH and creator of the theory of autogynephilia, categorized as a paraphilia and defined as  man paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman. Also Dr Ann Lawrence, a supporter of his JUNK SCIENCE, is understood to be in consideration as an alternate member.

We, the undersigned hereby object to their inclusion on this committee, and object to the hurtful theories they promote. In order to have any credibility in the field of gender identity, the DSM must not include discounted theories or junk science. We ask that they be removed at once as members."

Please join me in sending this message!
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Real quick: I saw this on Yahoo! News and wanted to share it. This is a video from ABC News about a transman that is pregnant carrying his and his wife's child. I think this is wonderful news but also it's great that ABC News had the decency to consistently refer to him as a male. I wish him and his wife all the best in having a child!
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The Nashua Telegraph has been running a series of great articles that take a positive and informative view of transgender issues. Unfortunately they have taken a lot of heat from some people in the Nashua area that feel the articles are trash and transgendered people are deviants or perverts, which is ludicrous. In response, the Telegraph is running a poll on their website to determine if it's worth continuing the stories. Please take a moment to visit the Nashua Telegraph web site and let them know that the articles are important and they should keep printing them. The poll is toward the bottom of the front page in the middle.
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This weekend the gender marker petition passed the 100 signatures mark. It's not a huge amount, but it's a good start. If you haven't signed, please do so. There is a definite need for signatures from NH but all are welcome to sign regardless of state of residence. There is also an option to sign the petition "anonymously" so your name is not displayed on the web page in case you are concerned about that.
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I read this article on the Trans Group Blog. I think Jenn Burleton has superbly summarized why gender identity and expression is not confined to the realm of transgender concern but applies to all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, questioning and straight people alike. Please give it a read.

Crumbling the Cookie Cutter
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There is a petition to get the NH DMV to allow changes to drivers licenses for transsexuals. Currently the state requires sex reassignment surgery before they'll allow transsexuals to change their gender marker to the appropriate gender. While this may seem reasonable, it most assuredly is not. One element of the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care for transition is a minimum one-year Real Life Experience that reputable medical professionals require of transsexuals before they can have surgery. During this time it is essential for transsexuals to pass and live as their identified gender 24/7. Having photo identification that shows a different gender than the gender presented opens transsexuals to potential embarrassment, harassment, discrimination or even violence. There are also non-op transsexuals that aim to live presenting as their gender identity 24/7 but either do not need, do not want, cannot get or cannot afford surgery and this change is absolutely essential for them, as well.

Please join me and many others in urging the NH DMV to change their current policy on gender markers to allow the change without surgery. Also, please help spread the word!
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I just read on the National Center for Transgender Equality site that the New Jersey Legislature has passed a bill that would add gender identity/expression as a protected class to the hate crimes laws. This is great news! The bill now goes to the Governor for an expected signature.


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