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I finally made the chicken soup today. I've been wanting to make it for a little while. I started with the stock I made from the roaster chickens we had two and three weeks ago. I added the Goya 16 Bean Soup mix that I soaked overnight in cold water. I brought the stock to a slow boil, added the beans and then reduced the heat and let it simmer until the beans were almost tender. I also seasoned it with garlic, salt, pepper, some dried herbs and the Desert Gardens Habanero Seasoning that [ profile] quantumswordsmn and [ profile] chenoachem brought us this past summer. I love the habanero seasoning! It's great for soups! I then added a soup and stew veggie mix that I bought at the store which had fresh carrot, parsnip, celery, leek, turnip and greens. I also added the chicken meat and two apples at the same time. I let this cook until the carrots and parsnips were tender.

Overall it wasn't that much different than a traditional homemade chicken soup, but the apples added a nice touch of sweetness and a good contrast to the slightly salted and hot flavor of the soup. The apples and habanero worked very nicely together.

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I've done stuffed zucchini before, but tonight for dinner I tried a winter squash: acorn squash. It was my first time making a stuffed acorn squash (or really any winter squash) and it came out rather good! It wasn't entirely from scratch as I used a packet of seasoning for the ground beef and used a boxed rice for the rice, but still it came out very tasty and VERY filling. I topped it with extra sharp New York cheddar. We indulged tonight and each ate half of the acorn squash stuffed, but I think normally a stuffed acorn squash is enough to feed four people. I'm really enjoying cooking real food and eating it rather than scraping by on processed foods.

I'm actually glad I thought to add the seasoning packet to the beef because it had a sweetness to it that really complemented the acorn squash very nicely.
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I've started walking again, beyond just the walking everywhere now that we're back in town. My weight loss is stalled so I need to kick it back into high gear. I also decided tonight that I would start doing ab crunches again and was surprised that I was able to do two sets of 25 reps. Not too shabby considering it's been months since I even attempted any ab exercises! My walk yesterday was from the office up to the schools and then home. Tonight we walked all the way across campus and back, which took about 45 minutes. I think if I can get back in the habit of walking at least 30-60 minutes a day, add in three or four days of doing ab crunches, and then maybe throw in some other aerobic exercise I'll be well on my way.

I've started reading Gender Outlaw by Kate Bornstein (thanks [ profile] sk_brainstorm  for loaning it to me!) and so far it's a very easy and interesting read. I like her point of view regarding gender fluidity and breaking the gender rules. There are little things here and there that bug me, but nothing major, and I'll probably go into those a little more once I've had a chance to finish the book.

Tomorrow is the employee picnic at work. Free lunch! Woohoo! And it won't be ramen or grilled cheese or corn meal mush. I have mixed feelings about being able to spend $30 on a week of groceries for two people. The revelation in this is just how much the free market attitude has dire consequences on our nation's health. I'm not unconvinced that our nation's obesity problem doesn't stem at least in large part from speculation on commodities. Sure it's easy for poor people or even lower middle class people to scrape by and live on the cheap, but don't expect people living on the cheap to eat healthy. It just isn't possible. The cheap stuff is all processed foods that can be mass produced and come in conveniently stackable packaging that facilitates bulk shipment of vast quantities of product. The healthy stuff (which doesn't really come from local farms but gets shipped from all over the country and world) isn't as convenient to ship. Fuel goes up in price, bringing food with it, leaving those scraping by to eat whatever fits within the stretched food budget. This means pastas and noodles and sandwiches are the menu: in other words, lots of empty, processed, refined carbohydrates with little in the way of lean protein or healthy fats to accompany them.
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Swiped from [ profile] jesshartley:

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.

1. Game from an animal that someone in your family killed.
2. Ice cream from a dairy farm that makes their ice cream on the premises. Bonus points if you can eat your ice cream and see the herd of cows that it came from.
3. Wild berries that you find, pick and eat yourself.
4. Something deep-fried that was never meant to be deep-fried.
5. Pizza from a NY City pizzeria that's at least 40 years old.
6. Bread made from scratch, still warm from the oven. Preferably that you've made yourself.
7. Food from a street vendor. Bonus points if you and that vendor don't share a language in common.
8. Fish you have caught and cleaned yourself. (Ha! Me?! Catch a fish?! You don't know me very well! Certainly not for lack of trying...)
9. Birthday cake (and frosting!) from scratch.
10. Salad from someone's garden.
11. Homemade salad dressing.
12. Baseball park food. Bonus points for a Fenway Frank. Beer doesn't count.
13. Homebrewed beer.
14. Something baked in an EZ-Bake Oven.
15. Slab bacon from a butcher shop or meat market.
16. Real maple syrup.
17. Astronaut ice cream (purchased from a gift shop on a school field trip, if possible).
18. Something you didn't think you would like, but you tried anyway.
19. Yuengling beer
20. Mastroianni Brothers bread
21. Bueon Y Sano burrito
22. Guiness draft
23. Haggis
24. Beets
25. Avocado

26. At least 10 different kinds of sushi
27. Something you've grown from seed
28. Something with the head still attached when it was served
29. Crawdads/Crayfish
(Bonus points if you caught/cleaned them yourself)
30. Alcohol that was older than you were

Food Meme

Aug. 16th, 2008 03:41 pm
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1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
(go to the original post for Wikipedia links if you don't know what something is)
4) italicize ones you haven't eaten but WANT TO TRY
5) Leave the ones you haven't tried, but are indifferent about.

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So I guess I'll start with Friday night and go from there...

Friday was a kinda long day at work but not bad. [ profile] sk_brainstorm ended up coming in to work on his project some and I did some odds and ends while he was in. Later [ profile] painted_wolf and [ profile] ciliandis showed up with dinner so we all ate nachos and cake and drank pomegranate juice. Mmmmm. After work we all headed over to our place to watch Metalocalypse and... I'm in love. I <3 Dethklok! There was one downside to the night (aside from me falling asleep during Metalocalypse): somewhere along the way I lost my wedding bracelet. :( I'm going to look around my office for it. There are a couple of places I suspect it fell off. It might also be in [ profile] sk_brainstorm's car, so if you're reading this Joe would you mind checking for a purple, green and blue beaded bracelet with a heart clasp for me?

Saturday ended up being a most excellent day for me and PW to just be together and do not much of anything in particular. It was awesome! We originally planned to go to the lake, but then decided that we would go to the river, but also figured we would like to go to a couple of movies. When we realized when the movies were playing we decided to just go to Campton and get chocolates from the awesome candy store instead. PW got the only blueberry cream, so I instead tried a strawberry cream. It's not as delicious, but it was still good. PW got a couple of other tasty chocolates and I got these very scrumptious dark chocolate, pistachio and chipotle pyramids. Mmmmmmmm! They had a respectable burn, too!

After chocolates we rushed to see Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was supposedly in 3-D. I was all excited because I hadn't seen a 3-D movie in theaters since Captain EO at Disneyland 20 years ago. Sadly, the movie was not in 3-D. Apparently 3-D movies aren't as simple as putting on a pair of paper and cellophane glasses anymore. It involves theaters purchasing expensive equipment that only select, likely metro-area theaters can afford. Newsflash to the movie makers: we're in the middle of high fuel costs when people can't really afford to drive miles and miles to see a quaint 3-D movie because you require special equipment the average theater can't afford: I mean, it was a kinda fun movie and all, but... without 3-D? Meh. Poor planning.

Immediately after we went to see The Dark Knight. It was good. It was really good. I don't think it was the colossal or spectacularly amazing film most of the people I know are making it out to be, but it was definitely worth seeing. I would even say it's probably the best Batman movie yet. Heath Ledger was AMAZING as The Joker. I like the plot/moral, but I think there are other movies out there that presented the same angle on society and did it better. I loved watching it once, but it's not something I have an overwhelming urge to see again. And I agree with [ profile] fossilapostle: someone get The Bat a cough drop. I think he's come down with something.

Afterward we went home and watched more Metalocalypse because it is awesome.

Today was church, then work, then chores, then finish Metalocalypse, then start Red vs. Blue season three. We also did some sorting through packed boxes to try to weed out possessions in preparation for moving into what I think will be our smallest apartment since we've been together for almost twelve years now. We're even finally weeding through some boxes we had in storage.

Bad news first... one of the plastic bins we used for packing and transporting wasn't as water-tight as we had thought. Water got in as it was pouring when we moved that load and it was in the bed of the pickup with all the other plastic bins. We didn't realize water got in until we opened the box tonight a month later and found... Mold. Everywhere. Yuck. I had to throw out the Charlie Brown hook rug my godmother made for me when I was real little. I've been holding onto that rug for almost thirty years! :( PW lost some sentimental things, too, and will have to transcribe some entries from a dream journal in order to save them. :(

All was not lost, though. We discovered in what we thought was entirely a box of antique dishes we had chalked up as completely damaged that only one item was damaged. Half the box was actually my blue crystal dish set that we thought had been lost in one of our previous moves. Yay! I've had that dish set since I first moved out on my own almost 15 years ago. We're going to unpack, wash and use these dishes when we finally get to the new place. :)

And to top the night off... our wireless connection has been behaving all night so we could do the intarwebz thing! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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We had another day of celebration today, which once again involved dinner on someone else and a movie, but let's not Tarantino this too much. We'll start from the beginning.

I went to church as is pretty much usual, except I went in early to help print and prepare the order of service. It came time during the service for candles of joy and celebration, and so I got up and lit a candle, introduced myself with my new last name and told everyone that we were married yesterday and were very happy to be finally married. I had hoped to be far more eloquent, but as usual my nerves got the best of me and I was lucky just to have been coherent and not put my foot in my mouth. :P It was wonderful that the congregation applauded for us. That was a very nice, warm gesture. I did quip as I was returning to my seat that some would say it was about time after twelve years together and that got a bunch of people laughing, which helped with the whole nerves thing.

[profile] painted_wolf and I went out for a nice brunch at her diner of choice after church, and then we went in to her work so she could check in on the crabs. I got to learn a bit more about how the experiment works, so that was cool. I am still to this day, twelve years later, absolutely amazed at how intelligent and bright she is. She makes me proud more than words can say!

After the stop in at work we did some shopping, dropped the perishables off at a safe place to be kept cool until we could go home and then went to see The Incredible Hulk. Very awesome movie. I still enjoyed Get Smart more and still think it's the best movie I've seen this summer so far (with Kung Fu Panda a close second), but that's not to say Hulk was bad. It was great! It was leagues above the previous attempt at a Hulk movie which wasn't even worth the $5 we paid for it in the bargain bin. I don't want to spoil it, but I definitely will say it's worth seeing. Edward Norton makes a great Bruce Banner!

After the movie but before dinner, we returned to the truck and while sitting there I caught a quick glimpse of one of the University police walking down South Main Street. He was dressed in a long rain coat with day-glo orange trim and a rain cap on his dress hat, so my mind interpretted it at first as some day-glo pirate. PW and I had great fun for a while just imagining a pirate policeman:

"Arrrrrr! Ye be parked in a no parking area!"
"Avast ye! Ye be speedin' and I have to ticket ye now!"
"I have to confiscate ye rum now, because ye shouldn't drink it while drivin', arrrrrr!"
"Well shiver me timbers and assault me batteries!"

Next it was off to dinner. We went to the Italian Farmhouse since we had the Common Man gift card very generously gifted to us by my coworkers. This restaurant holds a very romantic significance for us since it was where we went for our first date and usually where we go to celebrate our anniversary. It seemed only fitting to celebrate our marriage there, too! We started by sharing the artichoke pomodoro. As usual I ordered an alfredo dish because I adore alfredo and don't have it often (pretty much only when we celebrate our anniversaries). This time it was the straw and hay, which is spinach and egg pasta with prosciutto and asparagus with alfredo sauce. PW got the farmhouse alfredo with chicken. We each enjoyed a glass of wine and then finished our meal with dessert. She got the chocolate mousse and I got the tiramisu. It was a very delicious meal!

After dinner we grabbed our perishables and headed home where we packed some boxes in the truck to start our move into the summer apartment tomorrow and then I returned my Mom's call. Mom and I had a very long but pleasant conversation. We're probably going to go down to visit them or they might come up here on the weekend of the 4th. I'm not sure if we'll be driving down or taking the bus, but likely the bus since at this point I think the cost of two bus tickets to Manch-vegas is cheaper than the cost of gas for the truck. My parents are cool with driving to pick us up in Manch-vegas from Nashua. It might be nice to take the bus. I don't think I've ever taken a bus that wasn't a school bus, Citybus or T.

We Do!

Jun. 22nd, 2008 12:56 am
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The marriage was wonderful! I was amazed with how short it really was! I'd say it was about two minutes of actual ceremony. I turned into a giddy mush by the time we got there and I was getting the quivery lip and teary eyes by the time I was supposed to say "I do." I think the conversation afterward with my minister was longer than the actual ceremony! So while it won't be completely official until the marriage license is returned to the Plymouth Town Clerk on Monday morning, we're married! ^_^

We decided to surprise Sarah and Randy with a visit and we ended up hanging out and chatting. After a while they asked us what we were doing and we said we had no definite plans but were thinking of going for dinner. They asked us if we would like to go out for dinner and a movie with them so we said yes and went home to change. We got back, we all decided what we wanted to do for dinner and a movie and then we went. They were awesome and treated us to dinner at the Lucky Dog as a wedding present! The dinner ended up being Mexican themed since Randy and [profile] painted_wolf both got quesadillas, Sarah got the chimichanga and I got the burrito.

After dinner we walked around and chatted more, then went to Meredith and walk around a bit more before going to the theater and watching Get Smart. Holy awesomeness! If you liked the show, I highly recommend the movie. Steve Carrell would have made Don Adams proud and the writers did a great job keeping the characters true to form. Even if you aren't familiar with the old television program, it's definitely a fun movie and you should go see it.
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You'll understand when you watch the video. In the meantime, I'm once again dealing with my insomnia so I may as well post an update. I'm sure the insomnia is stress and/or anxiety related and will pass in a month or so when we have the marriage, move and name change out of the way. I'm not going to sweat it. Be like water, as Bruce said.

And speaking of water... first swim of the summer and it isn't even summer yet! ^_^

But first, the day started with me being lazy and surfing the intarwebz while [profile] painted_wolf slept in. I eventually ended up cooking some breakfast and waking PW up around 11:45 am so we could make a run to the recycling center before going to the lake. We went with a truck full of trash and recyclables and it almost felt like we were in a recreation of Alice's Restaurant, only the recycling center was open so we didn't have to worry about the 8x10 color glossy photos with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one.

After the recycling center we stopped in Campton to get cash at the ATM for the lake admission. While there we saw the chocolate shop was open. We had seen this place before but never ended up there while they were open. We went in and... just delightful! Most of their chocolates are handmade in the kitchen right there in the store. I of course had to get the giant panut butter cup and the giant mint patty. PW bought a few little chocolates, including a dark chocolate blueberry creme made with fresh, real Maine blueberries. Ohmystars was the blueberry creme delicious! We both decided that next time we're each getting our own blueberry creme because they're just too good to share.

Then it was off to Wellington State Park. It was a gorgeous day for the lake, though when we first arrived it had gotten somewhat overcast and not so sunny, but it was still rather warm. The water was a bit chilly at first but I adjusted to it quite nicely real quick. PW did not adjust so well so she stayed waist-deep whle I was ll over the place swimming and just relaxing. That is, when I wasn't clinging to her or splashing her or trying to coax her into going deeper. I'm also in much better shape than I thought. The beach has two lines of "buoys" to mark the "shallow" section and the "deep" section. I usually try to swim a lap between the two sets of lines at least once while I'm there. Usually in the past I could make a lap but I would have to stop for a bit on the return trip. This time I did four laps - three swimming normal and one swimming breast stroke - all trips non-stop, though they weren't consecutive laps. This is a great sign! It did make me very much aware, though, how much I've let my upper body strength dwindle. I really need to work on this some because in time it's only going to get worse with some of the life changes I'm making very soon. We both finished with the water around the same time and decided to just sit on the sand for a while. We did some duck watching and PW did some reading.

After that we set out to find food before going to the movies. We ate at East North, which we hadn't done in quite some time, and were reminded how much we really like their soups and crab rangoons. After dinner we went into Plymouth and got there just in time to catch Kung Fu Panda. It is such an awesome fun movie! I agree with [profile] nepenthe01 that it is cute and definitely geared toward adults. Jack Black was the perfect person to play the panda in that movie and his narration in the beginning is just incredible, and I'm not just saying this because I am a shameless JB fan. The Jaybles did rock the role. Skidoosh!

After the movie we went to my office so I could do some program swaps for tomorrow's cablecast schedule. Then we watched the video I referenced at the beginning of this post (Ha! Totally Tarantino'd you!). I saw this thanks to [profile] nepenthe01. It is hilarious! Essentially someone heard this song written and performed in Hindi and decided to write lyrics as if they thought the song were in English and tried to make sense of the words as they sound. I don't know if that explains it right, so just watch and be prepared to be amused:

Then it was off to go shopping for groceries, home to put them away, a little surfing of the intarwebz again and then bedtime. I at least managed to get about three hours of sleep. I may try going back before I have to get up in 2.5 hours to get ready for church and bring PW to work.
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Tonight [personal profile] sk_brainstorm was in to work on a video project. He had a rather unsettling phone call while there so we decided to go out for dinner and take a break. It was a pleasure to have him in for Production Night and also to have his company for dinner. Now... about that... this is what happens when three gamers go out for dinner at a place where all the menu items are numbered: random meal generation! The menu items go up to 122, so...

  • Roll percentile dice and a FUDGE die.
    • Is the result < 100 on the percentile dice?
      • Choose the item corresponding to that number.
    • Is the result = 100 on the percentile dice?
      • Is the result of the FUDGE die blank?
        • Choose item 100 on the menu.
      • Is the result of the FUDGE die minus?
        • Roll a d20 and subtract it from 100. Choose the corresponding item.
      • Is the result of the FUDGE die plus?
        • Roll a d20 and the FUDGE die.
          • Is the result of the d20 roll < 20?
            • Add this to 100 and choose the corresponding item.
          • Is the result of the d20 roll = 20?
            • Is the result of the FUDGE die minus?
              • Choose item 120.
            • Is the result of the FUDGE die blank?
              • Choose item 121.
            • Is the result of the FUDGE die plus?
              • Choose item 122.
  • Repeat this entire process as desired until you have completed your meal.
Wow, That looks almost like something FASA would have designed, except it needs lots of tables to consult and, if it were Shadowrun related, lots of d6 rolling involved somehow. That's not how we ordered, by the way. We thought of this on the walk back to the office.
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Why must I crave chili cheese fries right now? That makes no sense. I don't think I've ever even had them, nevermind any time recently.

Damnit! That's why. I must have glanced at the email from the listserv and my brain picked up on it and ran with it.


May. 26th, 2008 12:16 am
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Feeling much better, even if not 100%. We tried the new pizza place down the road (and by down the road I mean only 15 minutes away at the end of our road as opposed to 30 minutes away in Plymouth). It was actually quite good! They're a bit disorganized but they're still new and the only one there that has experience in the pizza business apparently is the owner. The food was delicious. They also have cheese fries with gravy, but they call them disco fries. We had never heard them called that before so we were quite puzzled.

We just watched more Doctor Who season four and... awesome. I didn't know ahead of time but now I'm struck by the wonderful irony: the Doctor's daughter was played by Georgia Moffett, daughter of Peter Moffett AKA Peter Davison AKA the Fifth Doctor. Brilliant!
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The day started manic anyhow as I juggled payroll for two jobs and got myself fully established as a new employee at one. While there was a little running to and fro frantically to get things submitted in a timely fashion, I managed just fine and set in to do my work for the day. Work was very relaxed, which is especially nice for a Monday.

In the afternoon I took my extended break before the meeting and went about running errands and going for weigh-in at the weight loss support group. Unfortunately I gained a fraction of a pound in the past week, but I've made up for it by losing four pounds overnight. My guess is I probably just had issues with swelling yesterday that skewed the results some, but weight also tends to fluctuate from day to day. We'll see. I'm not letting it get me down. So far I walked two miles both Saturday and Sunday, did a lot of walking around town yesterday and just came back from a four mile walk this morning (almost 10,000 steps according to my cheap pedometer!), so hopefully getting back into a regular walking routine will help. I managed to get a little time in with Kathy before going back to work. She walked around with me running errands once she got out of work. Afterward we sat outside Town Hall and ate some almonds and cranberries while chatting. Then it was back to work for a very short meeting.

After work I realized that dinner probably hadn't thawed so we should probably go out for food. The new restaurant in town was open, so we went to Thai Smile. Can I just say I am soooooooo thrilled to have a place in town that does real Thai and sushi! The wait for the food was long but we attribute that to it being the first week open in a town that has had almost nothing but pizza, subs and "Chinese" with the odd diner or Americana restaurant tossed in. Now there are three kick-ass restaurants in Plymouth: Junkyard Dawgs, Six Burner Bistro and Thai Smile! We were very patient while we waited for our food in a very obviously packed place. They were franctically trying to keep up and I was simultaneously sorry for them and elated for them. We started with an appetizer combo that had spring rolls, shrimp rolls, crab rangoons, crispy tofu and sa tay, served with peanut sauce, sweet and sour sauce and a sweet cucumber sauce. Next we shared a California roll followed by lemongrass chicken smothered in peanut sauce. The food was most assuredly well worth the long wait. We'll definitely be going back again to try all kinds of sushi and thai. I will have the mango curry. Oh yes, it will be mine. And the sweet sticky rice with mango for dessert.
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Yesterday I walked a mile in her shoes. The weather wasn't so great for it, but it started to clear up. I don't mind a little drizzle anyway. I got there early with a pair of heels prepared to walk in them in spite of my hesitation due to the weather and there still being a lot of snow on the ground (not knowing of course that the walk was actually to take place in the streets). I saw almost everyone else there was wearing walking shoes, so after registration I walked back to the truck and left my heels there. I got to chat with some folks I knew there until the walk started. Then we all lined up behind the police escort and proceeded to march down the middle of High Street, down Main Street, up Highland Street, up Emerson Street and then down High Street to return to the HUB on campus where we started. The police sirens drew a lot of people out to see what was going on. The good side of this march was that a lot of people showed up to march in protest of violence against women and a lot of people took notice of the march. The bad side is that I didn't really see any signs or anything really saying what it was we were marching for or why it was so significant. Also I was a bit disappointed that none of the men bothered to wear heels, but that's minor. I think they should have gotten into it more, but just being there for the cause was a good thing.

After the walk I met up with [profile] painted_wolf at the university library. We both decided we needed caffiene to wake us up so we headed to Cafe Monte Alto. She got a big cup of coffee with a shot of banana flavoring because they were out of coconut. Banana + coffee = fail. It doesn't work well with coffee at all, which is in contrast to how great it tastes with hot chocolate. I got a small spice chai with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. Mmmmmm. I really needed a good cup of chai after that past two dreadful chai experiences at other local establishments. We also shared a bar of German dark chocolate and it was the really amazingly delicious stuff.

We walked around downtown for a bit, stopping in the book store and then the art gallery. After a while of walking around we decided we were hungry enough to have lunch and went to Junkyard Dawgs. PW just had a soup. I ended up having far more than I really should have, but it was very tasty. We took advantage of the WiFi and hopped online to make plans to hang out with [profile] ciliandis.

We got right in the truck from there and headed down to visit with her. The drive was nice and the weather had really cleared up by then, so we had the windows partially down. We got to her place and Lucy (the dog) went all hyperspaz-happy to see us, although at first she was cautious after her recent bear-chasing experience. We went inside, gave Lucy some attention and then played with Jupe (the bird) for a while. Deciding it was too nice outside to stay inside, we went out to do stuff.

First we stopped at Lowe's because we wanted to dream over the kitchen displays and just in general look around at all the stuff. We found this kitchen display that could only be described as the Venture kitchen because it was filled with gadget factor. It was actually quite neat with all of its modern gadgetry, yet still having a bit of a retro feel to it. We eventually wandered out into the gardening section and had lots of conversation and commentary on the suburbia mindset and building fences.

Next we went to the outlets in Tilton and wandered the shop there. We realized we were hitting the same side as we usually hit so we made a point before the shops closed to head across to the other side. Before that we went into the toy store and played with all kinds of stuff. We also discovered the dancing turtles, including the one that dances the Macarena. O.o DO NOT WANT! The first stop on the other end was the chocolate shop. *drool* We each ended up getting chocolate truffles and sampled them as we wandered about the remaining shops (thank you [profile] ciliandis!). Our last stop was Old Navy, where we bought little toys from the giant bubble vending machine in the kids section just before we were disturbed by the VERY skimpy clothing they were selling for young girls. Seriously. Little girls do not need to be dressing provocatively like they should flaunt what they've got. I'm all for teaching children they shouldn't be ashamed of their bodies, but we should also teach children modesty. I just don't get why people would think that's fine for little girls. Grown women? Sure. Fine. Go for it.

To end the night we went in search of dinner. We arrived at the Chinese buffet in Laconia just as they were closing up, so instead we went to Friendly's. We each ordered a different burger and started with an order of loaded waffle fries. The food was actually quite good! Afterward we each got our free sundaes that came with the meals. I hadn't had black raspberry ice cream in years (my mom and I share that as our favorite flavor) so I got that with blueberry sauce topping. PW got forbidden chocolate topped with swiss chocolate. [profile] ciliandis got the most interesting sundae of the night. We noticed in the dessert menu a PBJ sundae, which was just black raspberry ice cream topped with peanut butter sauce. So she basically ordered that. We each sampled a taste and it did taste amazingly like PBJ without bread! There was much texting of [personal profile] risingfire to taunt her for not having ice cream and extolling the simultaneous delectability and wonderment of the PBJ sundae.

Today is a rather lazy day, though I still intend to go for a walk. I skipped church this morning because I absolutely needed the sleep. It looked like a really interesting sermon on how as a society we need to slow down and not rush about so much (and the dangers of rushing around so much), so I think in fact my momentary apathy is a bit ironic, if not apropos. PW has a meeting for work tonight so I'll probably do the grocery shopping while she's there. Otherwise we'll be watching more of The Avengers this afternoon and just in general lazing on a Sunday afternoon. Freddie Mercury eat your heart out.

Fun Night!

Apr. 2nd, 2008 10:00 am
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Yesterday was a better day than Monday, which was certainly a welcome change. The weather was gorgeous, the work situation was calming down and I managed to get some earnest work done. My work day was pretty much spent either in meetings or being a tech monkey doing all kinds of pulling cables, soldering, testing and replacing cables.

After work [profile] painted_wolf and I grabbed a small bite to eat. Portion control has worked wonders because on Monday night I had a footlong sub and a bottle of water at Subway and I felt so bloated beyond full. There was a time only a few years ago when I would regularly go in and order two footlong subs, a bag of chips, a large soda and maybe a cookie and/or soup to eat in one sitting. Yesterday I had a hot dog and a soup at Junkyard Dawgs and it was more than enough to fill me up. :)

After eating we walked around a bit and bumped into [personal profile] pyrbennu, so we chatted for a bit. [profile] ciliandis showed up. We chatted with her, too, until we parted ways with them so they could do some shopping and we could go see Jim Tyrrell at Cicero's.

Holy crap was Jim's show a blast! We had a lot of fun hanging out with [profile] lordpagus and listening to Jim play an incredible assortment of originals and covers on guitar.

I think highlights from the night included the running joke that after each Beatles song he would say "I just wrote that," his song "God Hates Penguins," and a very inventive cover where he sang the lyrics to The Beastie Boys’ "Paul Revere" over the tune "A Horse With No Name" by America. Very cool!

If you are in the Plymouth, NH, area on April 15th, stop in at Cicero’s between 7 - 9 pm (the little coffee shop that just opened between Tom’s Brothers and Plymouth Book Exchange) and stay for a night of great music. He takes requests and has a VERY impressive repertoire listed from which you can choose songs. Hopefully we’ll see some of you there on the 15th. If you can’t make it, he’ll be there every first and third Tuesday of every month and he also has a list of upcoming gigs on his MySpace profile.

After Cicero's we went back to meet up with [personal profile] pyrbennu and [profile] ciliandis for some food, conversation and Venture Brothers. Much fun was had! That is, until I fell asleep. Ugh. I've been sleeping like crap lately, waking up frequently throughout the night and getting up well before the alarm sounds. [personal profile] pyrbennu was very kind and gave me some tea in hopes it would help. Sadly it didn't, but it was a very nice gesture and the tea was delicious! I will certainly try it again tonight in the hopes I just need to give it an opportunity to work its way into my system.
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I'm cross-posting this here as well as on [profile] geek_chef, so if you see this twice my apologies. I know some of my friends also cook, so...

I just had an odd thought and I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried this. I love boiled dinners. Usually I put cabbage in the pot. I just got the crazy idea that I might try brussel sprouts instead of cabbage. Has anyone else done this? If so, how did it work out? Does anyone have any thoughts in general on this?
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Today was a marvelous day!

It started very lazy. We lounged around. We did very little. We did have a tickle fight. Then we watched some Torchwood. I <3 Ianto!

Tosh: "... we could feed the world!"
Ianto: "We could make a single."


I had to get into town to do a couple of things for work real quick and then we watched another episode of Torchwood real quick before heading to dinner.

Dinner was amazing. We ordered everything we ate off the specials list because quite frankly the items were far too tempting. We shared the mussels in cream sauce with tomatoes as an appetizer and I had the onion potato cream soup, as well. Both were absolutely delicious. [profile] painted_wolf ordered a dish that had pan-seared duck in a cranberry walnut glazed with garlic oregano mashed potatoes. I had the chicken and portabella alfredo and it was to die for. Huge chunks of portabella mushroom! PW also ordered the special pinot grigio to go with her dinner and it was very tasty. It was a very mild wine that suited the duck quite well. The Italian Farmhouse does a scrumptious duck, by the way. We've had it twice and both times it was absolutely perfect. For dessert PW got the chocolate cannolis and I ordered a marbled cheesecake topped with creme brulee. It was most assuredly decadent.

We did our grocery shopping on the way home and then watched more Torchwood so now we're finally caught up. If you haven't seen it yet or perhaps missed it, pay attention to the door that opens in the beginning of "Reset." Does the new mayor of Cardiff look familiar? She should for Doctor Who fans. ;)

All in all it has been wonderful. I may try to convince PW to play a game or two of Blink. We'll see.
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This weekend was yet another excellent weekend!

Friday night [profile] ciliandis once again joined us for a sleepover (sorry again for the cot mishap!) After hanging out while [profile] painted_wolf played in Dan's Abberant game, we went back to our place and just did the hanging out thing. [profile] ciliandis shared some awesome music with us, including The Best of James Bond and Shivaree. While the two of them played played spider solitaire in character (OMGA was that hilarious) and painted_wolf nearly injured herself in the wonky chair, I worked on creating the Mrs. Peel Mix (probably one of two or more since I really need to make one with some Shivaree).

Saturday [profile] ciliandis and I went for a great morning walk and just talked about childhood and how some of those weird quirks we had as kids tend to resurface and we notice them and think "hey, I thought I was over that!" When we got back, I taught her how to play Milles Bornes and she completely whomped me. After that [profile] painted_wolf taught her how to play poker while I cooked everyone breakfast. Then all three of us ate and played poker (the two of them in character) and had a great time.

We eventually got ourselves ready to go out and went to return PW's overpriced Vertebrates text (which they promptly insisted we had to refund on the card with which we purchased it and wouldn't see the money for days, gee thanks). Afterward we went to the dollar store and found all kinds of groovy things, then to WalMart to goof off and get a couple of things and finally to Hannaford to buy food for dinner.

We had a wonderful meal of tacos and nachos. Okay, sure it wasn't the healthiest of meals, but it had been soooo long since I had either and we mentioned it while shopping and immediately we all realized how tasty it seemed. We ate our tacos and nachos and watched Rent which was amazing. I loved it! And I wept like mad, especially toward the end. Angel is awesome! Joanne was really cool, too. :) Afterward we drove [profile] ciliandis back to Plymouth to get her car and go home.

Today was a very fruitful day. I went to church, participated in the discussion and vote on the capital campaign and then returned home for my walk. PW was upwhen I got back so we went for a walk together in the falling snow, which was actually quite nice. When we returned home I had lunch and we got right to task making our lists of what we each wanted in a wedding, compared our notes, listed what we agreed on and what we still needed to decide and started drafting a potential guest list.

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So far once again the weekend has been absolutely splendid! Friday night [profile] ciliandis slept over and we listened to music, played Totally Renamed Spy Game and shared tea, biscuits and a carrot cake cheesecake ball. Yesterday we watched some Doctor Who, The Avengers and Torchwood (first episode of season two!) and went shopping. [profile] ciliandis cooked us an amazing dinner of chicken in a creamy coconut sauce on a bed of saffron yellow rice and served on garlic naan. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Thanks [profile] ciliandis! ^_^

And on the subject of Torchwood season two...
John Barrowman + James Marsters = yummy :)

I'll have to see how James Marsters character works out. It almost seems to me like they're trying to reproduce the relationship between the Doctor and the Master but it's not the same. I find it funny though that in Buffy, James Marsters as Spike had the Billy Idol look. Now in Torchwood his Captain John character has a sort-of Adam Ant look. lol

I have today and tomorrow off and we aren't going anywhere, so I'm going to do some cooking and cleaning. We really need to get caught up on laundry. I pulled the turkey out of the freezer a couple of nights ago so I'm going to cook that up. We also have some turkey stock and ham stock in the freezer from the holidays, so I'm going to boil down the frozen ham bone with the ham stock and the carcass from the turkey I'm cooking with the other turkey stock and make a couple of soups. I actually might use the turkey stuffs to make turkey a la king since [profile] shivakat was so kind to share her delicious recipe for it!

Other than that, most likely there will be a lot of chilling out at home for the next couple of days and watching/listening to/reading stuff.

And I may finally make that Emma Peel mix CD. Oh! And I should probably put together the old computer with the TV card so I can demonstrate it for the church adult education thing I'm teaching next month.
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I slept in a little (not too much) and ended up rushing down to get the turkey started. Fortunately I had prepared the stuffing the nght before, which made things a lot easier. I wasn't the only forgetful one as it turns out. My mom forgot to remove the ham from the freezer! *chuckle* She had put the ham in the oven around 5:30 in the morning in the hopes it would thaw and cook. By the time I had come down to cook the turkey it was thawed and partially cooked enough to be carved and put in a crock pot while I cooked the turkey.

While the turkey cooked I showered and got all dressed up and such. I got to watch half of A Christmas Story before my dad got home from work and the family started showing up. I really do like that movie. They kinda remind me of my family. Unfortunately it was edited for television, so...

Gram was the first to arrive. We had some nice conversation. We ended up talking politics and my dad decided that Gram and I needed to watch Zeitgeist. It's an interesting movie with some valid points. I have seen the comparisons of Christ to other religious figures and to sun worship before, so that was nothing new. I agree with some of the points regarding 9/11. I totally agree with the Federal Reserve points as it is well documented that its beginnings were founded in a major fraud conspiracy by the leading bankers of the day. I am a firm believer that money is the root of most evil. The whole "Illuminati" (they didn't come right out and say it, but...) and one-world government conspiracy theory was a little too far fetched for me. It was very interesting. It definitely gets one thinking. I have some issues with some of their presentation and one part in particular where it is very obvious they were chopping up a video clip to make it say something they wanted it to say (the former LA police officer).

About half an hour into it [profile] painted_wolf woke up and came down. Apparently dad had gone up to get something from my parents bedroom not knowing [profile] painted_wolf was still in there, and she had just gotten up to get dressed and... well, he was more embarrassed about it than she was. lol

My sisters still hadn't shown up by the movie's end. My mom really needed help with cooking the veggies so gram, [profile] painted_wolf, dad and I pitched in and finished dinner while mom rested. For dinner it was pretty much just my parents, gram, my sisters and brothers-in-law, the nieces and nephews and my cousin M. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the turkey and stuffing, which was nice. I really enjoyed having ham after so long without having any.

After dinner my cousin's friend showed up, but we didn't get to talk much. They ended up disappearing into my cousin's room so they could talk in privacy. My cousins from my dad's side showed up shortly after and we had some more wonderful conversation over apple cake. When they left, gram left and then we left shortly after. Mom sent us home with all kinds of leftovers. She packed ham for [profile] painted_wolf and turkey for me. [profile] painted_wolf is definitely tired of turkey whereas I am the type that could eat turkey al year and never get tired of it. We also brought home the ham stock so we could make soup. We still have the turkey stock from Thanksgiving so we can make soup from that at some point, too.

All in all it was a wonderful visit with family. I really enjoyed it!


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