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Okay, so after all of those posts about my music listening and purging, I figure I should write something a bit more substantive and give an update. Mostly I'm writing about this weekend, but I'll probably also wander into other assorted updates.

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I didn't get to work on my grad school application at all this weekend, but it's almost done so I should be able to finish up in the next couple of days. Kathy heard back from CSUMB finally through email. She's been listed as an alternative. They said they had a really tough time choosing candidates for the program this year and so the placed her on as an alternate in case someone doesn't show up. They also encouraged her to apply again for next year if an opening doesn't appear and they would gladly give her tips to improve her portfolio submission.
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Yesterday I had to work providing video services for a public funeral for a local soldier who died in Afghanistan. When I say I had to work, I don't want to seem as though I'm trivializing or was only doing it because I had to do it. I was very glad to be able to help and honored to be a part of doing something positive for his family and the community. I went into it with the mindset that I had an important job to do and left completely heartbroken. It was an extremely touching service, and I think perhaps many times more now that I am a parent. I found myself grieving and heartbroken for a young soldier I didn't know, but thoughts of my son's future led me to a dreadful thought: if I'm this distraught about a young soldier I don't know, how could I handle if in 19 years I am at the funeral for a young soldier I conceived, fed, raised, taught, played with, and loved with all my heart?

Friends, family, and community members spoke of this local soldier's friendliness, his infectious happiness, his strength, and his intelligence. All I could think about was how we see these aspects in Ian even as young as he is. Then there was the slideshow with photos of the young soldier through the years, including one that I swear looked so much like Ian, which really started my fears rolling full steam. I grieved for this young man who was so loved by so many that his public service filled multiple rooms in the high school, and for his family who lost someone so dear. But I also worried that as much as we see so much potential and want to provide so much encouragement for Ian, I dread the idea of him becoming a soldier and going to war but couldn't consider trying to stop him from pursuing that future if he chose it. I would be utterly devastated if I had to suffer the loss that the soldier's family suffers now. I don't know if I would have the strength to go on after that.

I got home after the service and all of that grief poured out. All I could do was weep, hold Ian tight, let him know how much I love him, and beg him not to grow up to be a soldier. At night while trying to sleep I went through this again as I tried to get the day out of my mind and relax. I know I can't stop him from pursuing his dreams, even if it means he joins the military and goes off to war, but I don't want to be the mother in the front row at a funeral looking at my son's casket and hearing people speak about the joys of my son, a person in the past tense. I don't want to outlive my child, especially not that way.
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This weekend was interesting to say the least, in both good and bad ways. First lets get the bad out of the way. This morning Kathy woke up feeling ill. She had an upset stomach and those rotten-egg, sulfuric burps. I made her breakfast and shortly afterward it came right back up and she got horrid stomach cramps. We called the hospital and then the OB/GYN office and the doctor gave us instructions to put her on a clear diet and get plenty of fluids, take Immodium for any diarrhea (which came later), and prescribed medicine for the nausea. We also need to keep watch on the baby's movements. It got really bad, but Kathy's been sleeping most of the day and as of this moment is at least feeling somewhat better and isn't vomiting after even taking in water. So that's the bad.

The good was that although we thought we were going down for a surprise party for my Dad, it was actually a surprise baby shower for us. Yay! My Mom, sisters, Gram, and extended family and friends of the family were there for food, gifts, and conversation. My sisters ended up pitching in together to get us the travel system, which was one of the big things we really needed. Thanks Jess and Cat! We also got a bunch of bath time stuff, clothes, blankets, books, baby food, bottles, and burping cloths. Some of the clothes and blankets were handmade by family so that is wonderful! Also at the baby shower my family decided that now that the gifts were bought that it was okay for us to tell them the sex of our baby. We figured we might as well tell, but first everyone decided to pitch in $2 each for a guess at the baby's sex. We revealed our baby's sex after all guesses were in and baby got all of the money (which I very gratefully placed in the baby's piggy bank tonight when we got home). We'll definitely share the sex of our baby with everyone, but only after Kathy's parents are told next.

The other good thing was that my Dad helped me get the truck running again and even pitched in to buy the new battery for us. The check engine light isn't coming on, so we may be able to bring it in and have it pass inspection now that all the work is done and the check engine light is off. If so, that will be a huge help. Does anyone have any suggestions for good garages in the Plymouth area? We definitely will not be going to Kirk's or KTM because of prior experiences with them. Anyone else?
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Yesterday painted_wolf and I went for another visit to the OB/GYN. We got to hear our baby's heartbeat again, and also heard the baby moving around, too. PW still isn't feeling any movement, but she most likely will soon. In two weeks we're going for another ultrasound, so we're really looking forward to that. Our next visit to the OB/GYN is in a month. I can't believe how quickly it's flying by. It seems like only just a few days ago that we found out, but PW is 16 weeks along. We're almost at the halfway point!

We've signed up for parenting classes through the OB/GYN and start those in May. In the meantime, we've been receiving so much baby stuff from friends, which is just so amazingly helpful. We're waiting on two more packages to come in, and then we're going to fill out our registries and send out a letter to friends and families with information on how to find the registries and information on how we plan to raise our child and how best everyone can help. We are very grateful for the help of [ profile] chenoachem and [ profile] quantumswordsmn with the information and baby stuff they've provided!
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Today on the walk to my office to take care of a minor chore, I started thinking about how I would explain snow to our child. I thought about how I would explain what snow is, where it comes from, what happens when it goes away, and how natural cycles work and the interconnectedness of everything in the natural world. Then I started thinking about the big words I was thinking and how I would explain those concepts to our child. I am so excited to be a parent. I've noticed it's helping me recapture that wonder of the world around me and an eagerness to share it.
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At this point [ profile] painted_wolf is starting the second trimester. It's really rather confusing figuring out how far along we are because we know the date(s) of conception and counting from there she's at 12 weeks. Going by the ultrasound, she's supposedly at 13 weeks.

We had an appointment yesterday with the OB/GYN and we got to hear our baby's heart rate for the first time: 150 bpm, which is quite healthy. We also went to the lab to get all of the genetic testing done.

PW had some symptoms in the two or three days leading up to the visit that had us nervous, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. This can all be a bit scary at times not knowing entirely what to expect, but we're also learning that things happen and to consult the books we have and not get too worried unless certain really bad signs show up.

In the meantime, we've had lots of wonderful support from people around us, including receiving lots of baby clothes and supplies from people we know who are passing along their stuff that they don't need any longer. It's really great and we really appreciate it because we'll need all the help we can get as we get started on our family. Thank you all so much!

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While everything started out very humbuggy (or perhaps bumhuggy depending if you're a Beavis and Butthead fan or not), in the end it was still nice to go visit family for the holiday. I'm doing the four-day weekend again this week for New Year, but we're definitely not traveling far. Likely we're going to the bonfire and fireworks across town. That should be nice to do to celebrate a new year!

As you may have seen in my Writers' Block response, the preparations for travel were simply put hellish. Nothing seemed to be coming together at all, and it was really bringing me down and stressing me out.

Thursday, in spite of everything, we caught the bus and rode from Plymouth to Londonderry, where my parents picked us up and brought us to their place for the four day weekend. We got to visit with my sister Jess and her family, as well as Gram, until it was almost dinner time. Jess also brought us a lovely frame for our first ultrasound, so I need to print up a reduced copy of it on photo paper so we can frame it and display it at home. Cat and her family showed up and we all had a great dinner together. For the first time ever we had ham instead of turkey and I actually enjoyed it. As much as I love turkey and stuffing for the holidays, it had also been a while since I had a good ham that I didn't cook myself. We got to spend time with the nieces and nephews (except D, who was with his Dad's family for Christmas) and just in general visiting and spendiong time together as a family. We only really do it twice a year: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Friday was for the most part a very lazy, hanging around doing not much of anything day with my parents. That was really actually a lot better than it sounds. I don't often just shut down and do nothing, and being far from home and not really having the means or need to do any work while away, it really helped me calm down. painted_wolf and I also discovered my parents are Jackie Chan fans, so we need to buy them some Jackie Chan. We watched The Legend of Drunken Master and they really liked it.

Saturday we started slow and helped Mom a little around the house to get things back in order after the holiday. I also went out visiting for a bit with Mom. Part of the bad news over the holiday was that my aunt Nancy (well, good friend of the family, but she's like an Aunt to us so we call her Aunt Nancy) fell on Christmas night and hurt herself really bad. She just got out of the hospital today, but we went to visit her on Saturday which, aside from the bad situation, was nice because I hadn't seen her in years. Later in the afternoon zeppelinmage picked us up so we could go visit him, Candace and Liam for a while. We ended up having a delicious dinner together and played a few games before zeppelinmage kindly drove us back to my parents' house.

Sunday we got up, packed and headed out to visit my great-aunt Mary before leaving for home. We had a nice visit and then headed directly off for home. On the way there were the usual road-trip antics from my parents, which are very much fun, and more conversation about Jackie Chan (I really need to buy them some Jackie Chan). They dropped us off and then offered to let us use their car before they left so we could go grocery shopping while Dad watched the football game on the tele. That was awesome of them! We made the trip as quick as we could considering the very packed nature of the store, and then they hurried out and left for home.

We don't celebrate Christmas, so we didn't get or give gifts really, except my sister got us the ultrasound frame (thanks Jess!) and my Mom gave us a foot warmer/massager she had for a while and didn't want, and also gave me some clothes that didn't fit her that she thought I might like (and I do). My Dad has offered to help me by fixing the truck ofr considerably less than the garage can so we'll likely be going dow there in a couple weeks or so and I'm planning to go with some Jackie Chan for them and probably bring Rent to watch there so I can introduce my Mom to it.
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It was a thoroughly enjoyable mini-vacation, but I'm definitely glad to be home after four days away. I'm so glad we made it down and I'm really looking forward to going back for Christmas!

We took the bus down Thursday morning and were surprised to meet up with Mel and Ben at the bus stop in Plymouth. The bus ride was pleasant enough, and it was nice to just be a passenger for a change instead of the person driving that route. The scenery always looks different when one is the passenger rather than the driver. You get to see things you otherwise have to ignore. It was also my first time that I can recall taking a trip on a bus like that. All previous bus trips were either school bus trips, short bus runs on Citybus in Nashua, or the campus shuttle. These buses were like airliners on wheels without flight attendants! Thursday we were busy making the food, then eating the food, then recovering from eating the food, then more eating the food. It was us, my parents, my sisters and their families, and the couple that lives next door to my parents and their family. We all visited and had lots of conversation.

Friday we spent the morning hanging out at my parents visiting some more. We got a call back from [ profile] flightmech73 that he was home, so we went to visit him and his family. It was great getting to see them again! We spent some time having conversation in the kitchen while they prepared food for a family gathering the next day, and then we watched some of the Mork and Mindy marathon on SciFi for a while. Their kids are so full of energy (as most kids are)! He showed me a video of his nephew, whom I haven't seen since he was a toddler. He's now 16 and plays drums like you wouldn't believe! We were supposed to go visit family with my parents on Friday but it never happened. Instead we stayed at my parents and visited some more there.

Saturday we were going to visit family we didn't visit Friday but my Dad wasn't feeling well, so we stayed around my parents. My Aunt Alex and Uncle Vern showed up just as we were going to leave to visit [ profile] zeppelinmage and Candace, so we stayed late to visit with them for a while. It's good to have them nearby in New Hampshire now instead of all the way over in California! My mom let us take her car for the night so we went to visit our friends and stay the night. On the way we stopped at Payless so I could buy a pair of shoes for work. They were having a "buy one get one half price" sale so I ended up buying this pair of loafers for work and this pair of pumps so I would have more sensible dress shoes. I was so tempted to get the pumps in the brown but I figured the black would go with more of my clothes.

Sam was very kind to cook a delicious roasted chicken dinner for us all, so we ate pretty much as soon as we got there and then had some conversation. We played a long but great game of Settlers of Catan with the Cities & Knights expansion. It ended up being a close game most of the way, but [ profile] painted_wolf caught us by surprise with a win that went unnoticed until it was too late! We played a quick game of TransEuropa before bed.

Sunday morning I went to the UU church in Milford with Candace. I wanted to attend a UU service in another town just to see how another congregation holds service, and Candace was curious to see if it might be the right church for her. We both enjoyed the service very much (it was themed on homecomings since it was the Thanksgiving service). We both stayed for the coffee and fellowship after service so Candace could get a feel for the church community as a whole. I had some nice conversation with some of the folks there about the church and their services, then looked around at some of their bulletin boards to get a sense of their congregational activities. The building itself was a very old and beautiful Unitarian church with beams and stained glass windows. After church we went back to her apartment where Sam made us some tasty sandwiches for lunch. After lunch Kathy and I returned to my parents to get ready for our return trip to Plymouth.

We ended up leaving with even more stuff than we arrived with, what with the Thanksgiving leftovers Mom sent home with us, the turkey pan Mom gave us, the juicer Mom gave us, the new shoes, and the new piggy bank for the baby. It's a good thing we didn't take the bus back! The weather by then had turned for the worse, but thankfully we made it home safe and sound, and my parents returned home also safe and sound. Unfortunately it meant they couldn't stay long, but it was nice to ride home with them and spend a little more time with them. Last night we went to the snack bar on campus to have food that wasn't Thanksgiving leftovers and just relaxed at home. It was so nice to be back, even as great as it was to get away. It was just the break I needed, and the Christmas break will be very welcome after I finish out my notice in Bristol.


Nov. 29th, 2008 09:51 am
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On the agenda for the day: visit Aunt Terri and Uncle Bob, possibly visit Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Tom, possibly visit with Aunt Alex and Uncle Vern when they come visit my parents (Uncle Vern is my Godfather), then off to spend the night visiting Candace and [ profile] zeppelinmage and playing games! I'm also going to stop in at Payless today in hopes of finding some nice new shoes for work that have a fairly low heel and of course black so they'll go with most everything I have that I wear to work.

I was planning to attend church at the UU church in Nashua, the same church where [ profile] quantumswordsmn and [ profile] chenoachem brought me twice before and where I first started considering becoming a UU. Since we're visiting Candace and [ profile] zeppelinmage tonight, and since they have a UU church down the street from them, I've decided that it might be nice to visit a UU church to which I've never been, and perhaps introduce friends to Unitarian Universalism. And it's a Welcoming Congregation and seemingly still has an active Welcoming Congregation Committee.

On Holiday

Nov. 26th, 2008 10:35 pm
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The bus tickets are purchased. The laundry is drying now. The rest of our clothes that were already clean are already packed. I have my makeup, jewelery and shoes for the next few days set aside and ready to go and my clothes for tomorrow are set out. Everything at work is set to run on autopilot or with minimal assistance from a volunteer while I'm away.

Four days spent with family and friends I haven't seen in a while is going to be a very welcome break from an otherwise extremely hectic schedule as of late. Then when I get back I have about two weeks until my notice is up for my part-time job and then I have some free time again to enjoy before we get very busy with our baby.

It also struck me tonight that the end of the calendar year is only a month away. It's so odd for me to think of it as the end of the year. After working in municipal government for a few years and doing all of the planning and budgeting based around a July 1 fiscal year, it just seems so odd to think of December 31st as the last day of the year. My mind now thinks of June 31st as the end of the year.
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We had another day of celebration today, which once again involved dinner on someone else and a movie, but let's not Tarantino this too much. We'll start from the beginning.

I went to church as is pretty much usual, except I went in early to help print and prepare the order of service. It came time during the service for candles of joy and celebration, and so I got up and lit a candle, introduced myself with my new last name and told everyone that we were married yesterday and were very happy to be finally married. I had hoped to be far more eloquent, but as usual my nerves got the best of me and I was lucky just to have been coherent and not put my foot in my mouth. :P It was wonderful that the congregation applauded for us. That was a very nice, warm gesture. I did quip as I was returning to my seat that some would say it was about time after twelve years together and that got a bunch of people laughing, which helped with the whole nerves thing.

[profile] painted_wolf and I went out for a nice brunch at her diner of choice after church, and then we went in to her work so she could check in on the crabs. I got to learn a bit more about how the experiment works, so that was cool. I am still to this day, twelve years later, absolutely amazed at how intelligent and bright she is. She makes me proud more than words can say!

After the stop in at work we did some shopping, dropped the perishables off at a safe place to be kept cool until we could go home and then went to see The Incredible Hulk. Very awesome movie. I still enjoyed Get Smart more and still think it's the best movie I've seen this summer so far (with Kung Fu Panda a close second), but that's not to say Hulk was bad. It was great! It was leagues above the previous attempt at a Hulk movie which wasn't even worth the $5 we paid for it in the bargain bin. I don't want to spoil it, but I definitely will say it's worth seeing. Edward Norton makes a great Bruce Banner!

After the movie but before dinner, we returned to the truck and while sitting there I caught a quick glimpse of one of the University police walking down South Main Street. He was dressed in a long rain coat with day-glo orange trim and a rain cap on his dress hat, so my mind interpretted it at first as some day-glo pirate. PW and I had great fun for a while just imagining a pirate policeman:

"Arrrrrr! Ye be parked in a no parking area!"
"Avast ye! Ye be speedin' and I have to ticket ye now!"
"I have to confiscate ye rum now, because ye shouldn't drink it while drivin', arrrrrr!"
"Well shiver me timbers and assault me batteries!"

Next it was off to dinner. We went to the Italian Farmhouse since we had the Common Man gift card very generously gifted to us by my coworkers. This restaurant holds a very romantic significance for us since it was where we went for our first date and usually where we go to celebrate our anniversary. It seemed only fitting to celebrate our marriage there, too! We started by sharing the artichoke pomodoro. As usual I ordered an alfredo dish because I adore alfredo and don't have it often (pretty much only when we celebrate our anniversaries). This time it was the straw and hay, which is spinach and egg pasta with prosciutto and asparagus with alfredo sauce. PW got the farmhouse alfredo with chicken. We each enjoyed a glass of wine and then finished our meal with dessert. She got the chocolate mousse and I got the tiramisu. It was a very delicious meal!

After dinner we grabbed our perishables and headed home where we packed some boxes in the truck to start our move into the summer apartment tomorrow and then I returned my Mom's call. Mom and I had a very long but pleasant conversation. We're probably going to go down to visit them or they might come up here on the weekend of the 4th. I'm not sure if we'll be driving down or taking the bus, but likely the bus since at this point I think the cost of two bus tickets to Manch-vegas is cheaper than the cost of gas for the truck. My parents are cool with driving to pick us up in Manch-vegas from Nashua. It might be nice to take the bus. I don't think I've ever taken a bus that wasn't a school bus, Citybus or T.
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Today we visited my aunt and uncle for the holiday and it was incredibly surreal. It was like being on the other side of my own childhood.

I spent a lot of my childhood visiting and staying with them, so their house is very familiar to me. This time visiting I ended up sitting in furniture a lot while my cousins' children ran about and were having loads of fun. The adults all sat around chatting. While I was in the dining room visiting with aunts, uncles and cousins, two of the girls there went into the living room and one said "The only place for us to sit is on the floor!" I had that sudden realization that I was once her, bemoaing the same thing.

My aunt and uncle always have a full house, especially on the holidays. The adults always get th furniture. So much of my life was spent as one of the kids running around and grabbing a seat on the floor that it was completely weird for me to be sitting in the chair or on the couch and being one of the adults.

My Pepere

Feb. 5th, 2008 12:19 am
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Tonight I realized how much I miss my pepere. I also realized how much of a hero he was to me. For those who may not know, my pepere and all of his siblings had a rare disease called Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum. It caused them all (except for one) to go blind young, lose the elasticity in their skin, develop weak hearts (which caused him and two of his brothers to die around 60 from heart failure) and other problems. My pepere was declared legally blind right around the same age as I am now.

In spite of being blind, he was fiercely independent and very capable. He could still make a bed on which you could bounce a quarter. He did all of his own chores. He worked part time at the hospital and knew his way around it just fine.

In spite of all his medical hardships he could still laugh and never once to my knowledge bemoaned the fact he was so afflicted. To him it was just life and he went on living it, doing what he needed to do to get by. One of my fondest memories of our times together was when I visited with a whoopie cushion. I got him (and I'm sure he knew what I was up to even if he couldn't see) and he just cracked up and went with the joke and we had a wonderful time with it.

I remember when I was younger (and even into my teens and early adulthood) practicing walking around and doing things with my eyes closed just trying to imagine what it must be like for him to function blind. It was never easy to do, which only made me appreciate his ability to function blind so much more. There was often the fear that I could end up in the same predicament (because we didn't really fully understand PXE) and I just couldn't fathom how I would be able to live nearly as well or as independently as he did.

My pepere was in the Air Force. He really didn't talk about it, though he kept a model of a B-29 Superfortress in his bedroom. He served in the Korean War as a Senior Air Operations Specialist on a B-29 with the 24th Bomb Squadron, 6th Bombardment Wing out of Walker Air Force Base in Roswell, New Mexico. I remember him saying something about Okinawa but I can't find any information about it in his military record that I requested from the National Archive when I was in high school.

When I was real little, he and my gram (who lived across the hall from him and helped him with his medications) used to record me with him or her on her tape recorder. I actually have the tape recorder in storage still to this day. I have one tape of me and my pepere that he recorded about 30 years ago, only a couple of years this photo was taken, if that long.

EDIT: I never noted that this photo is a wallet-sized photo that my pepere used to carry in his wallet. When he passed away, it was given to me to keep as a memento.

Tonight I decided I really needed to capture the tape in digital format in the hopes of preserving it longer. It's filled with fantastic stories of my pepere having a basket full of snakes breathing fire and having a fire truck. It is insanely cute. I miss my pepere dearly. We were very close and I had been in the habit of spending almost every afternoon of the last year of his life with him afterschool. Even with all of my confusion over who I was and what I was feeling, I was overjoyed to spend so much time with him. I hope I never forget him.

My sister Cat really didn't know pepere. He died when she was only four years old. I was thirteen at the time. Jess was nine. I wonder if Jess remembers him. I know Cat has said she doesn't really remember him.

I'll post the mp3 of pepere and me when I get into Plymouth tomorrow. It's really big and would take far too long to upload here from home.
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I slept in a little (not too much) and ended up rushing down to get the turkey started. Fortunately I had prepared the stuffing the nght before, which made things a lot easier. I wasn't the only forgetful one as it turns out. My mom forgot to remove the ham from the freezer! *chuckle* She had put the ham in the oven around 5:30 in the morning in the hopes it would thaw and cook. By the time I had come down to cook the turkey it was thawed and partially cooked enough to be carved and put in a crock pot while I cooked the turkey.

While the turkey cooked I showered and got all dressed up and such. I got to watch half of A Christmas Story before my dad got home from work and the family started showing up. I really do like that movie. They kinda remind me of my family. Unfortunately it was edited for television, so...

Gram was the first to arrive. We had some nice conversation. We ended up talking politics and my dad decided that Gram and I needed to watch Zeitgeist. It's an interesting movie with some valid points. I have seen the comparisons of Christ to other religious figures and to sun worship before, so that was nothing new. I agree with some of the points regarding 9/11. I totally agree with the Federal Reserve points as it is well documented that its beginnings were founded in a major fraud conspiracy by the leading bankers of the day. I am a firm believer that money is the root of most evil. The whole "Illuminati" (they didn't come right out and say it, but...) and one-world government conspiracy theory was a little too far fetched for me. It was very interesting. It definitely gets one thinking. I have some issues with some of their presentation and one part in particular where it is very obvious they were chopping up a video clip to make it say something they wanted it to say (the former LA police officer).

About half an hour into it [profile] painted_wolf woke up and came down. Apparently dad had gone up to get something from my parents bedroom not knowing [profile] painted_wolf was still in there, and she had just gotten up to get dressed and... well, he was more embarrassed about it than she was. lol

My sisters still hadn't shown up by the movie's end. My mom really needed help with cooking the veggies so gram, [profile] painted_wolf, dad and I pitched in and finished dinner while mom rested. For dinner it was pretty much just my parents, gram, my sisters and brothers-in-law, the nieces and nephews and my cousin M. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the turkey and stuffing, which was nice. I really enjoyed having ham after so long without having any.

After dinner my cousin's friend showed up, but we didn't get to talk much. They ended up disappearing into my cousin's room so they could talk in privacy. My cousins from my dad's side showed up shortly after and we had some more wonderful conversation over apple cake. When they left, gram left and then we left shortly after. Mom sent us home with all kinds of leftovers. She packed ham for [profile] painted_wolf and turkey for me. [profile] painted_wolf is definitely tired of turkey whereas I am the type that could eat turkey al year and never get tired of it. We also brought home the ham stock so we could make soup. We still have the turkey stock from Thanksgiving so we can make soup from that at some point, too.

All in all it was a wonderful visit with family. I really enjoyed it!
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So far it's been a wonderful visit. We left Plymouth after I got out of work around 4:00 and headed right down to Nashua. My cousins came over and my sisters and their families and the kids all opened their Christmas gifts. It was such a wonderful experience to see them opening gifts so enthusiastically and to se them so joyous about simple things like Star Wars t-shirts and Spiderman stuff and trains. I also got to hold my newborn niece Maria for a while and it was bliss. She's so tiny and soooooooooooooo cute! ^_^ After gifts the kids ganged up on memere (my mom) and pig-piled her on the dining room floor, so that was fun to watch.

After things settled down and everyone left, my cousin M. came home and we sat around talking for a while, which was nice. She offered [profile] painted_wolf and me homemade empanadas and they were very tasty! While chatting I took the opportunity to chop celery, onions, herbs and bread for the homemade bread stuffing. By the time I finished, M. left and I started cooking the stuffing so it would be ready to go in the morning when I cook the turkey. We're having ham and turkey this year because we weren't sure if we were going to have enough ham for everyone. We had three turkeys in our freezer (hey, they were something like 39 cents per pound at Thanksgiving so you're darn right I was going to buy a few 15-pound turkeys at $5 each!) so I grabbed one and brought it with.

My mom's gone downstairs to sleep for the night and my dad will be getting up in half an hour for work. Once he's up, we can go to bed since we're sleeping in my parents' bed tonight. I have to get up early in the morning to get the turkey cooked before dinner. I'm looking forward to this! :D
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[Error: unknown template qotd] and I don't celebrate Christmas, we are having dinner with my family on Christmas Day. It's a wonderful opportunity for for us to spend time with all of my nuclear family. This year my mom is cooking a ham, but since my cousins Sarah and Patrick will be joining us, maybe also my cousin Melissa and definitely her friend Trish, we may not have enough food. This year I will also be cooking a turkey and bread stuffing so hopefully we'll have plenty of food to go around.

I am extremely proud of my parents for inviting Trish back. Trish is my cousin Melissa's friend. She's a lesbian and her family completely rejects and ostracizes her for it. She shared Thanksgiving dinner with us and she said it completely made her holiday. She's very excited to be joining us again for Christmas and I am really looking forward to spending time with her. And that, my friends, is what I feel Christmas should be about: helping others who need someone to care about them and spending time together to share in the joys of life.

New Years should also be a wonderful time. Candace, Sam and Liam will be joining us all the way from North Carolina. We haven't seen them since Liam was only a couple of months old. He's now two! Also Ang and Al may be joining us. No matter who shows up, there will likely be lots of board gaming happening, most likely including Carcassone.
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Announcements such as these make me immensely proud of my state sometimes. We were the first state in the nation to pass legislation legalizing civil unions of our own free will, not because the courts forced us. Mind you, I would still have preferred legalized same-sex marriage, but this is a good step in the right direction. So, without further ado...

Press Advisory/Release 
Re: New Civil Union Law in Effect 1/1/’08-State House Ceremony Planned 
Release Date: December 12, 2007 
Contact: Gail Morrison: 286-4596 
Jen Major: 455-5628 
Beginning January 1, 2008, RSA Chapter 457-A, entitled “Civil Unions,” will go into effect. New Hampshire Justices of the Peace are then authorized to perform civil union ceremonies for the first time. 
In celebration of this historic change, a group civil union ceremony is planned for New Year’s Eve on the State House steps in Concord. Organizers State Representative Gail Morrison, Sanbornton and Jen Major, Gilmanton indicate that same gendered couples who previously have obtained their licenses from their town or city clerks and who have arranged to participate will gather and register on the State House Plaza beginning at 11:00 p.m. The actual vows will begin precisely as the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2008. 
Rev. Mary Wellemeyer, Manchester, will perform the shared portion of the ceremony. Additional justices or clergy are sought to assist couples wishing to exchange individualized vows as well. Readings and music are being planned for the celebration. 
Those who wish to receive forms so that they may participate should contact Gail Morrison, 286-4596, or Jen Major, 455-5628, or they may email request for pre-registration form to agree [A T] metrocast [D O T] net before December 22.
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My sister posted photos of the newest member of the family, my niece Maria! She was born on December 12, 2007.

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For the most part it was a relaxed weekend even though I did some running around. We got some stuff done, which was very good.

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