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Oh yay. Another weird dream you all get to read about. I'm sure you're thrilled to have a glimpse at my messed up subconscious. :P Let's see if I can remember enough of the details.

*start dream sequence*
I was living in a small town about the same size and sparse population as where we are now. The road on which I lived was like an amalgamation of the road we actually live on now, Old North Main Street in Plymouth and something out of a historic photo of Glove Hollow in Plymouth. The people in town were vaguely familiar to me but I didn't know anyone very well, which is kind of how things are for me in real life, too. One of my neighbors had a dozen or so black-and-white spotted St. Bernards he walked with him down the road.

For some reason some big company wanted to buy out something in the town, maybe the town hall itself, and the one employee wherever it was they were buying. The town gathered in the old town hall (which was basically a sort-of run down old carriage house or something) and met with three suits to have a public hearing and vote to approve this buyout.

The suits were real arrogant jerks. They were going to give the employee, a middle aged woman, benefits but nothing spectacular or comparable to what she was already getting. They also proposed getting rid of Parade Day as a holiday for her as an employee. Everyone objected to this fiercely. The suits insisted that Parade Day wasn't even a legal or contractual holiday so they refused to give her the day off with pay. I had to leave for some reason and couldn't vote, so I left to do what I had to do and came back real quick hoping the hearing would still be going and I could vote. As I approached the town hall everyone was leaving. I asked a couple of the women there how the vote went and they told me the buyout was denied. I felt very relieved.

I started walking home but really it was more of a skip. The road was much like it is now: a dirt road that was kind of muddy from the early thaw but with high snow banks on either side that are stained with mud splashed up from cars driving by. As I walked/skipped I had this feeling of being nigh weightless, like walking on the moon. I was having fun jumping and making motions like a ballerina. I was taking an opportunity to bounce off a snowbank once in a while, too. As I approached home I came to this house on the road where the owner had parked their car in the middle of the road. The car wasn't an ordinary car but rather a huge Hummer limo. It blocked the road entirely and I was annoyed but determined to walk around it.

As I went around the back of the limo, the rear window was open and I realized it was filled with the St. Bernards. They were very protective, sticking their heads out and trying to snap at me. This is rather peculiar considering in real life I have this uncanny connection with dogs and even those that are usually guarded or misbehave around strangers take a quick liking to me. I noticed that the house across the street right behind the limo had this walkway and railing parallel to the road. I took the path so I was out of reach of the dogs and continued on my way, and that's when I woke up.
*end dream sequence*

I have some very messed up dreams. I don't know why, but I do. Does anyone else experience stuff like this on a regular basis?
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I keep having dreams about me going back to work in nursing at The Courville. It's not one of those dreams where I revisit my past like "oh, here I am back in the day when..." but one of those where I'm me now going back to someplace I was before like "oh, by the way, I just thought I'd come back here 15 years later and..." It's kind of interesting, though, to see what my mind does with the place after all these years: how the place looks, who on nursing has stayed around, what the new people look like.

I don't know what it is about The Courville or nursing that has me dreaming about it, but I haven't had any real interest in going back to that, either as a nurses' aide or advancing to the next step I was planning at the time: becoming a nurse. Even if I did, as great as The Courville was to me, I wouldn't go back to a nursing home. It's too damned depressing.

Has it really been 15 years?! Ugh. Wait, actually I started 16 years ago because it was junior year of high school when I graduated from St. Joseph's with my CNA certification and then the summer when I was hired at The Courville. I guess in some ways I miss working there.
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That was a very bizarre dream.

*start dream sequence*
[profile] painted_wolf and I were walking around Nashua in search of this museum/armaments store so she could do some research for school. It was supposedly modeled after some historic WWII-era German site. We got to the intersection of Main and Kinsley Street where Memorial Hospital... sorry SNHRMC... is and we crossed the road to get to this place. Approaching the crossing I had really bad gas and we were sort of hopping along, so every hop was accompanied by a poot and an awful stench that did not go unnoticed by everyone around us. Ewwww. We were supposed to be practicing our German, a language which neither of us really speaks in real life except little pieces. As we were crossing the road, PW was going slow. Mockingly I kept saying "Bitte, nicht so schnell," which is German for "Please, not so fast." Thank you Fucking, Austria and Fortean Times for teaching me that phrase. :P

We finally arrive at this museum/armaments retailer (a place I'm sure [profile] coil_kitten would have loved to visit) and the main entrance is a back alley door that leads directly into a freight elevator. PW and I were both confused as to where to go and then this young college student walks in and she directs us to where we need to go: The Chinese Era, 3rd Floor. Yeah. The elevator had five sets of four buttons. Apparently the floors were divided into four-floor sections of different eras and the main floor wasn't the first floor. No, the main floor was somewhere in the middle of the building, which must be a record height for Nashua because I don't think even the hotels are 20-story buildings!

We get to the third floor of The Chinese Era and as we're stepping off there are cobwebs and post-and-beam construction. Once inside we realize that not only is this place a museum and armaments retailer, but also an indoor golf course (not mini-golf but actual golf). The owner is having a heated argument with a customer about hanging around too long without buying anything. I remember he said at one point "I've showed you all of my armaments! What else more do you want to see?!"

In my dream, I really had to use the bathroom. I search aound and find it eventually. Apparently the bathroom wasn't much more than a water closet and doubled as storage for one wooden folding bench. Some really nice gentleman there shopping was kind enough to help me move the bench out. I drew the curtain (there was no door, just a shower curtain, how humiliating) and started to use the facilities. When I went for the toilet paper, the auto flush went off and flushed the toilet so forcefully it sprayed me and I stood up in surprise. At that point, I was sprayed on the backside with baby powder. Talk about full service auto flush! I was rightfully annoyed and was getting myself together to leave when...
*end dream sequence*

... I woke up. I have no idea what sparked that dream, but I'll blame the heavy, greasy food we had for dinner late last night.
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Okay, last night was awesome and I will definitely post more after I'm out of work, but for now...

Last night I had a weird dream that I was eating plain yogurt with bananas. I loved it. I was just eating it all up and loving every bite. I thought this was peculiar because in real life I usually eat a snack of one cup of plain yogurt with 17 grapes in it. Why grapes? Because it's the only way I can eat plain yogurt.

Usually plain yogurt's bitterness grosses me out and the only way it tastes remotely appealing is if I balance it off with the sweetness of grapes. The two flavors just work and I can get the benefits of yogurt without the added sugar. Only just barely, though. I tried plain yogurt with bananas once before but the bananas were too mild. I swallowed that snack down very reluctantly and was glad to have finished.

So tonight I just ate my usual yogurt snack and the yogurt didn't bother me at all. The usual distaste for the bitter flavor didn't strike me at all, which I also found peculiar. All I can figure is that my body decided it wanted or needed something in the yogurt so it used my dreams to tell me to start eating it again. It had been a few days since I last had this snack. Curiouser and curiouser...
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Yeah, it WAS as weird as it seems! I think I shall refrain from reading Lemony Snicket books so soon before bed. The dream was like some odd combination of Lemony Snicket, 28 Days Later and some old British war movie.

*start dream sequence*

The dream started somewhere in the middle of the course of events, but it started with me (as a teen) with a group of other children being chased. We got to a lake and then all these leeches started making a dash toward us on shore. I even said out loud in my dream, "Hey! This isn't Lake Lachrymose!" Oh yeah, and this was apparently in the English countryside and almost everyone had died from disease and injury.

We kept running and escaped those who were chasing us. We got to some obliterated neighborhood where there were all these cellar holes and remnants of houses. That's when I noticed the children with whom I was traveling. All but me were injured in some way and one was in a wheelchair. We started searching the ruined houses for anything that would help us survive when we noticed a house that, while certainly disheveled, was very much in good shape in comparison.

We went inside the house and started to look around. I found the kitchen and a cupboard full of canned food. I opened the tuna with a manual can opener (no electricity) and handed it to one of the other children after taking a bite. I instructed them to each take a bite and pass it along. I told them that while we had found a good deal of food we needed to ration what we found because we didn't know how long it would be until we would find more food in another house or some natural source of food.

Then I started rummaging through the freezer and that's when I realized that the dire circumstances had only just happened. The freezer was full of meats that were still slightly frozen. The other kids had all gone outside by now except the one in the wheelchair. I got very excited and grabbed a stroller and a basket to use as a makeshift shopping cart and started loading up on meats. I started shouting to the other kids that we were going to eat well. Then the kid in the wheelchair started getting all perverted on me and saying things like I was the only one that wasn't injured so I needed to masturbate and it had something to do with healing everyone. I was all like "Ewww! No! I'm not masturbating for you!" WTF?!

*end dream sequence*

I also had another brief dream where Kathy, Kenny and I stopped at a convenience store and we bought five cans of Dinty Moore beef stew. The cashier said something about it being so Blues Brothers and I said, "No, that would be four whole chickens and a Coke."

"Every person should have their escape route planned. I think everyone has an apocalypse fantasy, what would I do in the event of the end of the world, and we just basically - me and Nick - said what would we do, where would we head?" - Simon Pegg


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