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First, let me just say that the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas Special was awesome. My only complaint was the ascension bit toward the end, but they made up for it with the ending. All in all so much better than last year. And the two Doctors thing was just really great!

Now, as for Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor... I'm not sure how I feel about him. Then again I felt the same about Nine and Ten. I saw an interview with Matt Smith and his personality reminded me of the Second Doctor. His look is very much a cross between Nine and Ten, as [ profile] ciliandis pointed out. It should be interesting to see.

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Swiped this from [ profile] ciliandis, and... no surprise. :P

Which Doctor Who are you?

this quiz was made by Auntie Krizu(:>)

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Because this is such an awesome quote and perhaps my other all-time favorite, and because it really is quintessential One...

When you see this post, quote Doctor Who in your LJ.

Doctor: "What do you think of that, now, eh? A Viking helmet."
Steven: "Maybe."
Doctor: "What do you mean, 'maybe'? What do you think it is, a space helmet for a cow?"

~ from The Time Meddler.
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Swiped from [profile] ciliandis:

When you see this post, quote Doctor Who in your LJ.

"Your Majesty, there's nothing 'only' about being a girl!"
~ Sarah Jane Smith, from The Time Warrior.


May. 26th, 2008 12:16 am
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Feeling much better, even if not 100%. We tried the new pizza place down the road (and by down the road I mean only 15 minutes away at the end of our road as opposed to 30 minutes away in Plymouth). It was actually quite good! They're a bit disorganized but they're still new and the only one there that has experience in the pizza business apparently is the owner. The food was delicious. They also have cheese fries with gravy, but they call them disco fries. We had never heard them called that before so we were quite puzzled.

We just watched more Doctor Who season four and... awesome. I didn't know ahead of time but now I'm struck by the wonderful irony: the Doctor's daughter was played by Georgia Moffett, daughter of Peter Moffett AKA Peter Davison AKA the Fifth Doctor. Brilliant!
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It was by far a very interesting weekend, but I need sleep so here's the Cliff notes version:
  • Did laundry on Saturday. Not my idea of excitement, but necessary. Got it done. Yay clean clothes!
  • Went for yet another four-mile walk by myself and it was glorious.
  • Did some packing for the upcoming move. Still haven't found a place yet but we have a couple of prospects. There's a possibility of a house we might be able to rent from someone I know but it won't be available until September, which means we might end up renting a summer place. We'll see.
  • Helped [profile] painted_wolf proofread her paper.
  • Listened to some awesome new music, but you already read about that. ;)
  • Went to fellowship this morning for servie and the annual meeting. I got the "You Put Your Whole Self In" award for being extremely active and helpful. Very unexpected!
  • We spent most of the afternoon hanging out with Sarah and Randy, watching a bunch of those real-life forensic science shows and playing Zombie Fluxx.
  • Watched the first five episodes of Doctor Who season four (new series) and oh holy crap. I love Donna! I love the return of a classic species!
Very busy week ahead. Lots of meetings and traveling and presenting. Life is going to be crazy busy for a while with two jobs and all. I hope I have the energy I had when I did this sort of thing thirteen years ago (except I have one less job this time).
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Thanks to [profile] ciliandis for sharing! I had to share this right now...

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Friday while Ang was hanging out we watched a fan tribute video for the First Doctor, played by William Hartnell. It had what I would assert is THE GREATEST Doctor Who quote EVER! The Doctor and Steven are standing just outside the TARDIS. The Doctor picks up a stereotypical horned Viking helmet and the following exchange occurs:

Doctor:" What do you think of that, now, eh? A Viking helmet."
Steven: "Maybe."
Doctor: "What do you mean, 'maybe'? What do you think it is, a space helmet for a cow?"

Hartnell was by far the best Doctor for snark and "ihateyouallgoaway" factor. And as much as he was such an arrogant, grumpy old fart, he was so absolutely adorable. He really was the grandfather. :) It's really too bad that William Hartnell is no longer with us. I would have loved to see him paired up with Tennant. I think the only future self the First Doctor ever liked was Five, but as much as Five and Ten have in common, I could see One and Ten being completely at odds and trying to out-snark each other. :P

Time Crash

Nov. 16th, 2007 11:10 pm
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Manymanymany thanks to [profile] ciliandis for finding and linking to this:

Doctor 5 + Doctor 10 = OMFSQUEEEEEEEEEE!
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This "three day weekend" was a bit hectic and mixed, but last night was totally made of win.

Saturday we stayed home and did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I lounged around the apartment all day in my nightwear and a sweater it was such a lazy day and I didn't care one bit. I haven't had such a lazy day in so long that it felt wonderful. The only downside to the day was the fact that, as usual, if we're home and the guys are home and awake, Lonewolf has to come down and be social. The complete lack of privacy bothers me but otherwise it was a gloriously slothful day and I enjoyed every tamely decadent moment of it.

Sunday I went to church and sat through a very thought-provoking sermon and follow-up discussion on suicide. I felt our minister did an excellent job of presenting a very sensitive topic in a way that challenged us all to think about it and either empathize or question what we could do to help if we know someone in that situation. After church I was supposed to help set computers back up in two of the offices at work but the carpet installers still hadn't finished, even though they were supposed to be done by then. While it was nice to not have to worry about work after all, it meant I was going to have to do this after the parade on Monday, which in turn meant a delay in getting to visit [info]ciliandis. I went on to do the grocery shopping for the week and went home. painted_wolf and I went for a lovely walk together and enjoyed the cool, crisp autumn weather on such a gorgeous sunny day. After the walk we returned home and once again were interrupted several times by Lonewolf doing laundry and wanting to be social.

Monday I had to work producing the cablecast of the Veterans Day Parade. It was supposed to go out live and record to tape, but the live feed cable failed so no live parade, only taped. Oh well. At least it was preserved on tape and people will still be able to catch the repeats. I'm actually really happy with the production as it was the first parade produced with the new portable studio and professional graphics and titling. After the parade ended and the gear was all put away I still had to wait an hour for the carpet crew to finish in the offices where the computers were going, as well as waiting for my boss to get back. We ended up getting the furniture in place and the computers hooked up in little time so we were able to get t visit [profile] ciliandis with only an hour delay.

The visit was totally wonderful and made up for the crappy bits the rest of the weekend and then some. First we got to meet Lucy, her incredibly energetic puppy. Oh my stars she is soooooooo adorable! ^_^ We had fun playing with her for a while, including tossing the squeaky hedgehog and me surprising her from behind and getting pounced frantically for like 15 minutes as I lay on the floor. After that we watched Reservoir Dogs, which I had never seen, and it was a great movie.I really enjoy how Quentin Tarantino played with the sequence of events in that and Pulp Fiction. It really is a neat effect to start at the end and go back and piece things together until it comes full circle and you get that "Aha!" moment. Then we watched Noises Off, which was absolutely hilarious. That movies is to theater as This is Spinal Tap is to rock music. We finished that just in time for a delicious pot roast meal prepared by [profile] ciliandis' parents and ate very well. After dinner we showed ciliandis "Survival," the very last episode of the classic Doctor Who series. It's an excellent episode with the seventh Doctor, Ace and the Master. Then we watched a couple episodes of Scrubs, made and read Secret Messages of Rassilon with improv sonic screwdriver markers and had an enormous pillow fight in which [profile] ciliandis and I teamed up against [profile] painted_wolf. It was a very relaxing end to a hectic weekend and a nice reprieve before a rather stressful week full of meetings and stuff.

As an aside, if you're in the Plymouth area Wednesday night, there is going to be a presentation for Transgender Day of Remembrance (the campus GSA is doing it early since they'll be on break on the actual day). At 8:00 PM in the MPR at the HUB, Mikayla Howden from TS Haven House will be speaking. I would encourage you to attend this free event. It should be very informative and interesting!

Time Crash

Nov. 5th, 2007 02:15 pm
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That is all.

PS: the photo makes me sooooooooooooooooooo happy! ^_^
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Last night [profile] ciliandis and [personal profile] risingfire joined us for dinner at PHOP and assorted mayhem and chaos. It was a splendid time!

First we went to dinner. I used my open meal for the week so I wouldn't have to worry about counting exchanges, et cetera, and so we could just have a good time without worrying if I could eat something or not. Lots of fun discussions and fangeeking and general polite jackassery ensued. It was brilliant!

After dinner we headed to watch Doctor Who at our place. The whole drive there we had a sing along to Abbey Road, which was just awesome.  When we got home we ended up looking through artwork and having more fun chatting first and then settled on watching The Five Doctors. Oh my dear stars was it an interesting experienced. We realized very quick (and [profile] painted_wolf and I should have remembered this) that everything in the damned episode was "of Rassilon." We started referring to everything we saw around us as "The ______ of Rassilon." There was The Comfy Chair of Rassilon, The Guitar Stand of Rassilon, The Alien in Disguise as a Hat of Rassilon, et cetera. We figure if we took a shot of some liquor for every time something in the episode was "of Rassilon" then we'd all be pretty well pissed before too long. If there isn't a Five Doctors drinking game already I shall have to write one because it is so doable.

After The Five Doctors we decided to play a game of Carcassonne. Unfortunately us other three left [personal profile] risingfire way behind in score (sorry!) but we all had fun. [profile] painted_wolf took the game with ciliandis a close second. We only used the 24 extra tiles from the Games Quarterly expansion and the River, but no other expansions.

Then it was time for [profile] ciliandis and [personal profile] risingfire to go, so I drove them back to Plymouth. On the way we listened to the mix CD that ciliandis made for me. It's a fantastic assortment! It starts with "Chick Habit" by April March (which some of you may remember from Death Proof) which is just an awesome song. It only got better from there. Sadly I had to leave them in Plymouth (no can has [profile] ciliandis and [personal profile] risingfire 4evar) and started the drive home.

On the way home I ended up rocking out to "Grace Kelly" by Mika all by my lonesome. I really must get that album. I've had a chance to hear most of Mika's album and it is simply wonderful. I must have, but I digress. Some Pepe Deluxe came on and I realized why I enjoyed them so much: they managed to capture the sound of early prog/art/psychadelic rock that I enjoy so much in early Yes (especially reminiscent of pre-Howe Yes), early Pink Floyd (especially Piper- and Saucer- era stuff) and just stuff like that in general. I love it. Thanks so much for the mix CD [profile] ciliandis! ^_^
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Okay, so Ang posted some links to Doctor Who macros in her GJ. I saw one and I just thought it needed a better caption. If any of you are familiar with Mel, the companion during the sixth Doctor (The Trial of a Time Lord) and seventh Doctor, you'll understand this completely. For those of you that don't understand, she was known and loathed for her incessant whining and shrill scream. So without further ado I give you macro...

And no, I won't drink the carrot juice! :P
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Last night after getting out of work, [profile] painted_wolf and I got to hang out with [profile] ciliandis. Once again she had left her purse up here so she needed to come get it. While up, she figured she'd make an event of it so we all gathered and did stuff, which was swellegant. She also gave me a birthday card and a gift of replica picks of destiny! Thank for the sweet card and nifty gift! ^_^

First we shared the common desire for food. We finally decided upon Plain Jane's and went. We had a great dinner and shared food and desserts and conversation. [profile] ciliandis paid the bill, which was super awesome (thanks again for dinner! *hugs*). She had the cajun blackened burger, PW had thelasagna and I had the southwest burger. We shared an appetizer of sweet potato fries with this really yummy maple/apple cider sauce they make. I got the bowl of clam chowder and shared with everyone. Even after all that food we decided dessert was too irresistible so we shared a strawberry shortcake and a white chocolate bread pudding. When PW decided she'd had enough of her lasagna, [profile] ciliandis (being the spectacular waitress she is) reflexively asked if she would like it to go, so we all had a chuckle at that!

Afterward we went to the HUB for high-speed Internet goodness and watched an episode of Doctor Who ("The Unquiet Dead," yay Dickens and zombies!). Then ciliandis shared the joy of "Death Proof" with us. It's the Grindhouse flick that Quentin Tarantino wrote. It was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the ending. Kurt Russell plays creepy killer so well.

Next we watched the Catherine Tate skits with David Tennant and Tony Blair, which are hilarious. We ended the night with a great episode (which we later realized was part one of two parts) of Scrubs. It was the first episode with Ben. Hilarious stuff!
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It was an interesting weekend. Some ups and downs, but overall pretty good.

Yesterday I had to work, which was kind of crappy. I had to leave work early on Wednesday for the PVL party so I had to make up the hours. It was good, though, because I got a bunch of stuff done. After work I met [profile] painted_wolf, [personal profile] pyrbennu and [profile] lordpagus at [profile] lordpagus' place. We all went for dinner at Mandarin Taste and then went back to wath the last three episodes of Doctor Who season 3... except [profile] painted_wolf forgot to check that the DVD was in the jewel case, which it wasn't. We stuck around for a while and random wackiness, tormenting and other assorted odd behavior ensued.

Today was a much better day despite my waking up so early fom restlessness. [profile] painted_wolf and I first went down to visit [profile] ciliandis and watched the Aeon Flux movie (which was surprisingly decent even if a departure from the shorts and series), and then watched Army of Darkness. [profile] ciliandis also cooked us these awesome grilled cheese sandwiches with sharp cheddar and salsa con queso. Very yummy!

After visiting with [profile] ciliandis we made the mistake of taking Route 25 into Meredith. Oh the traffic! We were stuck in traffic for over half an hour just trying to get to the Et Cetera Shoppe. It was definitely worth it. We found two great games real cheap, plus a pair of nice binoculars and a very interesting Hong Kong movie.

We picked up Starfarers of Catan, which is a game I've wanted for quite some time, for $7. It was almost entirely unpuched (some bits wer bagged, but the cards were still sealed and the punchboards were unpunched). It also included the 5-6 player expansion. It looked as though everything was there and the game was in great shape. In fact, judging by the bags in the game, I'm almost willing to bet it may have been Ray's at one time. Ray, did you get rid of your Starfarers at Et Cetera?

We also picked up Adel Verpflichtet for $7 (also known as Hoity Toity). It's an old Avalon Hill game of bluffing and I've heard a lot of good things about it. I may have played it with Ray at one point in time, but I don't recall. I do believe Ray was one person who told me about it, but I also believe I've read a good deal about it on BGG. It had a decent rating on BGG. It won Spiel des Jahres (German Game of the Year) in 1990, and usually Spiel des Jahres winners don't dissapoint, so I'm pretty hopeful.

The Hong Kong movie was this interesting "horror" movie called Dating A Vampire. It was definitely worth the $7 we spent on it. It had some amusing moments and certainly many campy moments. This will be shared with friends. It's too silly not to share. Yay for cheesy B movies!

I think tonight will be an early-to-bed night. I'm very tired and have to get up early to submit my payroll and loan out some equipment.
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I know a bunch of you reading this are Doctor Who fans and some may have seen this already, but it's too good not to share. Thanks [profile] ciliandis for posting this link!

"What for? What're you going to do to me? Because if you can't kill, then what are you good for dalek? What's the point of you? What are you doing here?" - The Doctor


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